“Chain Saw – 16” Bar, 3 Hp

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By putting the brake back together I am presuming you took the brake off without making sure it was dissenguaged?? If this is the case,remove the bar and chain,put the brake handle in the forward position, slip the side cover on at an angle that enguages the spline at the top, Hold the cover on tight and pull the brake handle back to unlock the brake.Then just put it back together. If you actually took the brake band and spring apart, I would have to know the model you have to tell you how to do that..

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Kickback is the term to describe the unexpected upward motion of the guide bar. Kickback occurs when the end portion of the nose of the bar (the kickback zone) strikes an object and the chain momentarily snags, or is pinched.
The chain brake is principally operated by the top-hand guard being pushed forward to engage the brake, and pulled back to disengage. The spring-loaded action allows powerful braking under emergency conditions and can halt a chain under full power in a fraction of a second.
When you want to press the clutch pedal, lift your foot and press down by pushing from your knee. Once you`ve changed gears, release the clutch pedal by anchoring your foot on the floor (the same way you would anchor your right foot to toggle between the brakes and the throttle) and flexing your ankle backwards.
All chainsaws must have chain brakes that comply with ISO 6535:2008 Portable chain-saws — Chain brake performance.
Chain Brake: Located on the top handle of the chainsaw, the chain brake is used to stop the chainsaw chain from rotating around the bar. There are two ways to engage the chain brake: by pushing the handle forward, or by force of inertia that occur when the saw kicks back.

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I am assembling the chain saw that I bought online. There was some difficulty in taking off the clutch cover. Before I did that, I had disengaged the chain brake. Now I find that I cannot put the cover back on because the chain brake seems to be activated, and the brake is too small to get it around the ring to remount the cover. I cannot move the brake one way or the other to activate the spring-loaded mechanism. Do you have a solution?
ANSWER : Try Look at eReplacementParts.com and the parts diagrams

How do I get the brake band ,located inside the chain cover, assembled back onto the chain saw. clutch assembly. The band brake diameter seems too small to fit around the clutch housing.
ANSWER : You need to load the brake, clamp it in a vice, be carefull not to damage the cover, if the hand gaurd is connected to the brake pull it fully back until the locks off, this may take a fair amount of force as it is compressing a large spring, if the hand guard is on the machine, remove it and use this as a tool to load the brake, the only other way is to remoce the clutch and sprocket, now refit the brake onto the saw, now pull the hand guard fully back to load the brake.

I have a chain saw 55 husqvarna and while the motor turn he stop suddenly often of the time when I put the brake and the motor is truning slowly he stop
ANSWER : Check to make sure the brake binder is not engaged…which is the same as saying: check and make sure the kickback brake handle is fully cocked. The handle should be oriented rearward towards the forward hand grip. If it is forward, pull it back stongly until it lockes in place. (Hint: also make sure the binder is released/brake cocked always before attempting to remove the brake assembly from the saw drive engine subassembly.)

I borrowed a poulan wild thing chainsaw (2375) the the brake seemed very tempermental and then stoped working altogether I took the brake assembly off and found that the iner pastic around the bottom of the brake ring was worn away, the center of the brake cover was deformed from heat, and the plastic peice holding the spring in place was broken.

I bought a new brake assembly after putting it on I started the chainsaw with the brake off when I engaged the brake the chainsaw motor stopped. I tried this a couple of times getting the same result.

So I took the brake assembly off and I noticed that the lower part of the brake cover where the drum runs was worn already.

I noticed the drum has some play but I looked a anouther chainsaw and it had the same thing.

Any ideas?


ANSWER : You might have a problem with the clutch, it is possible that some of the debris from the affected brake got into the mechanism not allowing the clutch to operate properly. Does the outer ring on the clutch turn freely? If not that is probably what is stalling the saw when the brake is engaged.

Parking brake wont release on a 310e back hoe, replaced the parking brake switch and that was no help
ANSWER : Sounds like the whole stop brake system is seized up. Lot of wd40 and elbow grease should do it.Good luck.

How do you reset the brake on the 455 rancher model
ANSWER : When that saw kicks back, it hits your arm, and the brakes go on. To turn them off, push the brake forward. It will release. Hope this helps.

Can’t put the clutch cover on the husqvara 455e
ANSWER : If the brake band is now smaller than the clutch drum, the brake has activated, you now need to load the brake, there is a couple of ways to do this, you can remove the hand guard from the saw and use this to engage into the brake mechanism and firmly pull back to load it, or you can remove the clutch and drum from the saw, the brake will easily go back on, you can then load it on the saw in the normal way, to remove the clutch, there are a couple of cut a ways in the clutch centre where you can insert a screw driver, you can then strike the end of the screw driver with a suitable hammer to jar the clutch off against the compression of the saw, it is a left hand thread.

Took off cover to put chain on and can’t get the cover back on the brake band doesn’t sit right
ANSWER : You need to release the brake mechanism in the cover so that the brake band will expand enough to pass over the clutch drum. You should have released the chain brake before removing the cover, but that doesn’t help now. Use a wide heavy screwdriver to release the mechanism. Hope this helps!