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Almost all lawn mowers I have seen are four cycle.If the is a oil fill at the base or fill tube to get oil into engine base then it is a four cycle.Thank you.

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The easiest way to tell a 2-cycle engine from a 4-cycle engine is the number of fuel tank and/or oil sump fill ports. A 2-cycle engine has one fill port with a cap that has fuel pump and oil can icon. The cap will usually state the oil to fuel mix ratio.
The vast majority of the small engines Briggs & Stratton manufactures are 4-cycle engines, which require four strokes of the piston to complete a crankshaft revolution.
Explanation: The two-stroke engine is identified by the absence of valves. Almost all two-stroke engines do not have valves.
Engines used in lawn mower applications usually have the model numbers stamped directly into the blower housing, muffler heat shield, or a few inches above the spark plug, as well as the fuel tank and the base of the engine block. Depending on the style of engine shroud used, the engine code numbers may be covered.
A four-stroke engine is an internal combustion engine that utilises four distinct piston strokes (intake, compression, power, and exhaust) to complete one operating cycle. A complete operation in a four-stroke engine requires two revolutions (7200) of the crankshaft.
A 4-Stroke engine is the kind of engine that is common on lawn mowers.
Some lawn mowers have two-stroke engines, and these require oil in a different way than four-stroke engines. All two-stroke engines burn gasoline and oil at the same time. In the case of lawn mowers, two-stroke engine oil is mixed with the gasoline before it goes into the tank.
How to Identify a 2-Cycle Small Engine. The easiest way to determine if your small engine is a 2-cycle or 4-cycle is the number and type of fill ports (where you add either oil or gas) on the engine. If the engine has a single fill port for both the engine oil and gas, you have a 2-cycle engine.
Adding mixed gas to a four-stroke engine will not damage it when it is done in small quantities. Adding large amounts of mixed gas to a four-stroke engine may potentially gum up the spark plug and damage it and can also result in lowered performance; thus, it should be avoided.
Four-stroke engines are the most common internal combustion engine design for motorized land transport, being used in automobiles, trucks, diesel trains, light aircraft and motorcycles.
Engine trends for the above mentioned 2 stroke engines

Note that the largest engine is a four cylinder motor: hence the lower power-to-weight ratio.

You can easily find out what kind of engine is in your car by checking the VIN, which can be seen in the owner`s manual or under the hood. The VIN can also be found on the front of the driver`s side dashboard in most cases.
Figuring out the tire dimensions on your specific lawn mower is a great first step. There are two common sizing systems and your model is likely one or the other. With the two number sizing system: The first number is the tire width in inches. The second number is the rim diameter in inches.
There is no difference between “2-cycle” and “4-cycle” fuel except that 2-cycle engines use the fuel as a lubricant, so oil has to be mixed in with the fuel (gasoline). 4-cycle engines are usually made to closer tolerances so having oil mixed with the fuel can gum them up and cause overheating.
If you pour 2-stroke oil into the oil fill on the 4-stroke engine, not much. It is probably a little thin and so it won`t lubricate as well as your engine manual might specify. I doubt you would notice for 1 oil change. If you keep doing it, you are likely under-lubricating the engine and that will increase wear.
In general, 2-stroke engines tend to be lighter, louder and less expensive. Four-stroke engines don`t need to have their fuel and oil mixed together, therefore you don`t need to be concerned with adding the correct fuel to oil ratio. Four-stroke engines are generally more expensive, more complex, and more powerful.

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I have a homelite f2020 series petrol trimmer i would like to know the petrol and oil ratio mixture please
ANSWER : I use 50:1 with Sthil 2-stroke oil in ALL my 2-stroke equipment. This ratio does not smoke at all, and does not foul plugs.

Never had a problem yet. At this mix ratio, you can also use it in 4-stroke engines, which means you only need 1 fuel can on site. Also eliminates the possibility of using the wrong can to fill the trimmer.

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How do I mix two stroke engine fuel
ANSWER : Put oil in your petrol can add the exact amount of petrol put the cap on shake well use and store out of sunlight

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Was just given one of these with no manual…. what is the oil to gas ratio??
ANSWER : Is it a 2 stroke or 4 stroke? if it has a plug on the bottom above the blade to drain oil (look under the deck on the bottom of the engine) it is a 4 stroke and you do not mix gas / oil in this type of engine. It works just like your car, change the oil every 2 months and keep good gas in the tank. If the engine has no oil plug to drain oil it is a 2 stroke and you do need to mix the oil / gas. is should mix at a 1 to 32 ratio. use low ash oil.

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How to measure 2 stroke oil gas – Troy Bilt 31cc Quickshift Blowervac, Model No. Tb310qs
ANSWER : Depending on the mix of oil to gas you can purchase a small bottle to add to the gas. I believe it is 8oz. to a gal. of gas. This should give you approx. 50:1 ratio. Hope this helps.

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What fuel does the homelite yard broom 2 take
ANSWER : Depends if its 2 or 4 stroke if its 4 stroke the just regular gas if its two stroke then mixed gas and the ratio is 32:1

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Fuel and two stroke mix pls oil type for chain pls
ANSWER : For almost all modern two-stroke engines, a 50-to-1 mixture is recommended. That requires about 2 1/2 oz. oil for every gallon of gasoline.

Use only two-cycle oil for your mixture. This oil is made especially for these engines and can be purchased at gas stations, hardware stores or any other place where you buy regular motor oil.

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Need fuel/two stroke mix quantity for ryobi edge trimmer
The fuel mixture is 40 to 1 or approx 2.8- 3 oz. of two stroke oil to a gallon of gasoline…

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Need to know the right gas to oil mixture for a Homelite Vac Attack UT08107A
ANSWER : All Two Stroke Engines will use a 50 to 1 Ratio using Today’s Two Stroke Oils

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