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This can be from accumulated debris on top the deck, a worn cam / brake arms or rust where it pivots. Look at it this way. That mechanism on top the deck has to work freely or there is excessive force required from the cable.
Belt-the number one cause for your blades not to engage is that your belt is either stretched or loose causing it to slip or fall off completely. Belt could have snapped also. When you are trying to process too much grass/leaves they could pack up under your deck and push off your belt.
Most lawn mower blades have a round center hole that is used to connect the blade to the spindle.
It may be a bad spindle bearing that is seizing up when you engage it which puts too much load on the engine and makes it die. You may hear some squealing sounds from the spindle and the belt may smoke. Most all these spindles can be taken apart and you can easily replace the bearings.
Blade Buster. Blade Buster. A safe, sure way to hold the blade of your push or riding lawn or riding lawn mower stationary while loosening and removing blade bolt. Easy to affix and operate – makes the job of blade removing easy and safe.
Most mower engines won`t start without a blade attached.
Most lawn mower blades have a round center hole that is used to connect the blade to the spindle.

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The mower deck clutch cable broke so blades will not engage and lever is loose on my Sears Craftsman 42-inch lawn tractor (917-271-742). I fished out the top piece of the cable, about 12 inches down to a rusty point where it broke. If I get the clutch kit (175067), which includes the cable, spring, etc., can I replace it from the top, or do I need a lift to get to the mover deck from the bottom? I do not have a lift or ramp that would work. What would I need to remove to get to the location where the cable/spring assembly hooks up to engage the blades?
ANSWER : I just got the kit 175067. Have the old one off except for where it’s attached to the lever, schedule and weather has kept me from going further. Very simple to reconnect things at the pulley and above but not too sure how to connect the rest onto the lever and haven’t had a chance to get a good look at how the old one might be connected yet. Should be a simple fix.

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I have a Craftsman FS5500 48″ lawn mower. The PTO makes a noise (squeak) for a second when I pull up on the red blade engage knob. The blades do not engage. PTO does not turn. When I push the red button down to disengage there is a brief squeak from the PTO.

It worked well the past month then a little problem 2 weeks ago. It seemed to disengage after mowing a while. Then after sitting for 15 minutes the blades would engage. I used it earlier this week and the PTO won’t turn at all.

Just purchased from the last and original owner a month ago. He said the oil would need to be changed this summer. Could that be part of the problem? Engine runs great!

Also, I need an owners manual, not able to find from the previous owner.


ANSWER : Hi,The problem is probably in the button that you pull and push to engaged and disengage the PTO… If you wiggle the button or try to pull it slowly, you may find a spot where it will work. But the button has gone bad and will need to be replaced.If you are comfortable with wiring, you could jumper the wires and getting it working, but it would be a very temporary and possibly dangerous fix…

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How to remove the blade on a tiger saw quick-change,model#737?
ANSWER : At the base of the blade where it attaches in the saw you will see a round in shape with ridges fixture. Turn it so the slot is in line with the blade. Then you will be able to remove the blade. If the fixture does not turn, move the blade up and down while you turn the fixture.

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When I hold the bar down that engages the blade it will not cut?
ANSWER : Is the blade sharp?

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I have a craftsman 16 hp 42″ deck the clutch cable to engage the blades was missing were do I connect the cable to on the mowing deck?
ANSWER : On the top of idler pulley

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The cable to activate the blades appears to be frozen. How do I free it or replace it?
ANSWER : Try to spray some WD-40 between the cable and sleeve.Then use some small pliers to gently wiggle the cable,then try to engage the blades again.If this does not work try it 2 or 3 times.Also make sure the belt is tight and that the cable is not broken or frayed,and that there is no debris on top of your cutting deck or trapped in the lever you engage the blades.If you have to replace it.The front end of the cable is pretty easy and relatively exposed.You can remove it with a pair of pliers,be careful not to stretch any springs attached to the cable.The rear end of the cable is a bit difficult to get too and will take some time,but it is not hard to replace.

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Mowing deck makes ticking noise when blades are engaged.

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Replaceing mower deck belt on 20 hp 42 mower model no 917275660. Got the belt on. How do I get the cluch spring back on.
ANSWER : Are you refering to the spring attached to the end of the cable that runs up to the lever on the dash to engage the blades? All you needed to disconnect was that cable on top of the idler arm that’s held in place by a ‘hairpin’ and the left pulley cover to put the belt on.

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