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My SunSetter awning was not closed before it snowed and temperatures dropped. Now we can’t get it closed. We’ve cleaned snow off but I seems frozen.

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If your sensor isn`t retracting, it likely means it`s not detecting the wind speed. The solution: Replacing your awnings batteries is a simple solution. You will also want to check that the tracks and arms are aligned and working correctly because your awning may not be retracting due to another issue.
Manual retractable awnings

A manual retractable awning has a detachable crank instead of a motorized component. In order to either extend or retract the awning, you have to turn the crank by hand. The crank hooks into place and can be rotated to turn the roller mechanism and move the fabric awning.

Contrary to popular belief, retractable awnings do not have to be removed during the winter months to keep them in great shape, even if they are not made of winter weather-friendly fabrics.
Lay the roof on the ground/carpet with the inside facing inwards so as to protect the roof coating. The side panels are pulled out to the sides and then folded into the middle. The awning is then folded across a few more times until it fits the awning bag.
Our Traditional Laminated Fabric is 100% waterproof, and will protect you from rain and passing showers, as long as water does not pool on the fabric.
It`s easy to fix a sagging awning — just crank the handle in reverse until the fabric tightens and be mindful of how the material is rolling. For the best results, make sure the cloth rotates over the top of the roller tube rather than spooling underneath it.
On a hot day, you can fully open your awning for optimum shade. As the weather cools, you can leave the awning closed and enjoy the sun. Retractable awnings have many other advantages, however. First, the fully enclosed hood keeps the fabric protected and increases motor life.

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Our Chamberlain garage door will open, however when trying to close it will flash 10 times and not move. The only way to close the door is to push and hold the garage wall mounted closer until the door is completely closed. If released before the door is completely closed the door will reverse and open again. We cannot close the door using the in car remotes. However we can open the door using the car remotes. So the problem is closing the door.
ANSWER : Hi, W/D here.Check the alignment of the photoelectric door eyes, located at ankle height on either side of the door. Usually, something is preventing the light from reaching the other side (receptor), and check to make sure that the eye lenses are clean. (You cannot actually see the light beam). Check that the lights are on and (usually) green on both sides of the door. These are the indicators that show you that the sensors are working. If one has been knocked out of alignment, it can be re-aligned using a string line, and observing the lights on the light and receptor. Somewhat more common is that one of the wires is either touching the other, or has come loose. Usually, the wires are just twisted together at the eyes. Lastly, if you have no lights lit on the eyes, and adjusting doesn’t resolve the issue, one may be defective. Replacements are available at Lowe’s/Home Depot, and others.Check your lights first, and look for something blocking the path of the light.Best Regards, –W/D–

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Water flow problem
ANSWER : You probally have some ice still in the feed line to the house. You may have to pull the pump and thaw the line. It should be in the very top of the line. You may be able to force hot air down the caseing. Or ifit is bad you might have to dig up the line from the well to the house and re wrap with heat tape. Good luck.

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New mantis worked perfectly last season. Stored it for the winter. Tried to start it this spring. Pull cord is frozen up. Can’t pull it out.
ANSWER : First, call Mantis and get their advice. It may be covered under warranty (I believe it comes with a 2 year warranty). If not under warranty remove the spark plug and try to pull the starter rope. If you can pull it out squirt a little 2-cycle oil in to the spark plug hole and pull it out several times before reinstalling the plug. Then try to start it again. If you can’t pull it out after removing the plug try removing the engine cowl that contains the starter rope and see if you can pull it out then. If you can’t then there is something wrong with the starter rope mechanism. Try some oil or Liquid Wrench on the spring to see if you can free it up. If you can then the piston may be seized. Again, squirt a little oil ni the spark plug hole. Take a ratchet wrench and socket to put on the crankshaft nut. Try to turn it. Do not apply to much force. I would send it back to Mantis for repair or replacement unless you are mechanically proficient enought to take the engine apart. If you have been using the correct fuel/oil mixture this should not happen.

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Won’t start My craftsman lawn tractor has been sitting in a storage building for several years. I am now trying to get it going. It trys to start some of the time but won’t start. The cylenoid kicks in but there are sparks coming out of the starter on the bottom where there are no wires. I have put in a new battery and a new ignigtion switch.
ANSWER : I would disconnected the spark plug wire, remove the plug and (if possible) engage the blade drive and see if the engine will turn freely.
If it doesn’t, then you know why the starter is frying.
If there was any fuel left in the system for those years, it may have turned to varnish and the engine then would require having its carburetor cleaned, the tank drained and flushed with fresh gas and the lines between them rinsed out too.

Also, check the spark plug for cracks (often it will show as dark jagged line in the insulator, had a couple of those) and after doing what you think is enough, pull the plug wire from the plug and preferably in a dark place, see if you can get a spark from the cable to some ground point.

If nothing has been found so far, remove the starter, attach its case to chassis ground and hit the ignition switch briefly to see if it is perhaps frozen.

Starting fluid (ether) is always on hand for stubborn small engines and can save a lot of time; if the engine won’t fire with that, there are more serious problems.

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Can I install just I section of a metal wrap for my window awning or do I have to replace the whole awning wrap

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The start pull rope will not pull – Poulan Pe550 Gas Edger
ANSWER : The engine is siezed (frozen).

Take the whole thing apart. You will be surprised, with a digital camera and some time, you can take pictures at each step then open up the entire unit. Take the piston out and turn the shaft with a pair of large pliers if needed. There are very few parts in these little units. No cam-shaft, no valves, no lifters… Just a crank shaft and piston set in a case and cylinder sleave with a carburator attached.

It is worth giving a try, othewise it is junk. If you don’t want to do it, let a neighbor kid try – you might make him want to become an enigineer some day (that is how I got my start).

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Why does my primer bulb when pushed stay push in and won’t retract? PE550 Weed Eater Carburator?
ANSWER : You may have a clogged in tank fuel filter, lines in the tank broken off of the fuel filter and line fragments clogging the fuel lines. . Fuel lines get flaky when they deteriorate. Your primer bulb may be leaking also. The check valves in the carburetor control the flow of fuel in and out of the primer bulb. The carb may need cleaning. In other words, a complete fuel system assembly inspection will be needed. If the bulb is on the carb, the check valves in the base assembly below it may be sticking. Remove bulb and spray in there with WD-40 to free frozen or sticking check valves. The valves are very small and malfunction occasionally
Start your inspection at the fuel tank and work your way to the carb. Pull the cover off the carb on the end opposite the end with the vent hole in the cover. You will be pulling off the fuel pump cover. Inside the carb body you will find a very small round fine mesh screen. Clean it well with carb cleaner and when you reassemble, spray some WD-40 in that area too.

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My poulan pro is basically new “lightly used” and now the chain will not turn. It seems that the gear at the base is frozen. Could this bee a clutch issue?
ANSWER : All machine stoday have a chainbrake, it sounds to me like the brake has actuated on you r machine, grab the front hand guard, now pull it firmly back to the main top handle, it should click and the brake will come off.

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