16 Inch Gas Chain Saw MCC1635AK

Pulled the plug on my saw and there was oil in the cylinder, how is that possible?
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It’s not bar oil but oil you mix in with your gas. The typical ratio of gas to oil is 40:1. The mix that your using may have excessive oil in it causing it not to completely burn during ignition. It would also cause your exhaust to smoke a lot as well.

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But how does a chainsaw oil pump work? The crankshaft drives the pump, which draws oil from the tank and pushes it onto the guide bar via the outlet hole. The movement of the chain then distributes the oil along the entire length of the guide bar.
In all but very exceptional cases there is nothing wrong with the chainsaw and what appears to be an oil leak is simply oil that has sprayed from the chain as it rotates at high speed, draining from the saw body and guide bar.
If your chainsaw is using too much bar oil, you may need to clean the bar and chain and rid it of built-up dirt and debris. You can do this by spraying a degreaser onto the bar and chain and letting it sit for a few minutes before wiping them clean with a rag.
Bar and chain oil is stickier than regular motor oil, so it stays on the chain longer. Motor oil flings off the chain more quickly, so if you try Terry`s tip, be prepared to refill the oil on your chain saw more quickly than with regular bar and chain oil.
Bar oil itself lasts indefinitely; it`s the containers holding the oil that determines the shelf life. Bar oil will stay in most bottles for between 3 and 7 years. The oil base determines the length of time; synthetic oils will last the longest, whereas mineral and plant-based oils have a shorter shelf life.
The first is engine oil. The chainsaw shown here has a two-stroke engine, so it needs two-stroke engine oil mixed with the fuel to help cool and lubricate the moving parts inside the motor. The second type of oil, called bar and chain oil, is for lubricating the chain as it cuts.
Absolutely. 10w40 is thick enough to mostly stay on the chain. Regular bar and chain oil have additives that keep the oil from slinging off the chain. This is why it is always recommended to use regular chain oil.
How Does Your Engine Get Flooded? A more common mechanical ailment for cars that employ a carburetor rather than fuel injection, a flooded engine occurs when your engine is overcome with too much fuel.
Many people wonder if a flooded chainsaw will fix itself? The answer is yes, but not always. By letting the chainsaw sit for about 20 minutes it will allow some of the fuel inside the engine to evaporate.
Lubrication of the chain and bar on your chainsaw plays a vital role in promoting longevity in the chain. All chainsaws have an oil tank which is designed to store special oil until it`s pumped through to the guide bar by the oil pump.

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Oil is not lubing the chain on bar, what would be causing it?

When using the chainsaw, the chainsaw siezes, and makes the engine run sluggish. The bar and chain we not is not getting oil. The oil reservoir is fulled.

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ANSWER : Sounds like the ports on the bar are possibly clogged with debris or the oil lines going down to the bar are clogged. Check both of them to see if that might be the problem.

I have a husqvarna 137 chainsaw. The problem is with the bar oil. When the saw runs oil is flowing but where the rubber corner piece which allows the oil to flow out of appears to be just dripping the oil straight out. It looks like it should fill a small reservoir behind the metal plate and the oil then moves upwards where the chains drags the oil through the oil hole on the bar which is moving outwards as in the top chain on the bar. However the chain-brake area is just getting messy with oil splattering all over and the bar not actually getting oiled. I have fitted a new metal plate to see if the corner of the original was not sealing properly but that has not helped. The bar holes are clean. Any suggestions as I can’t see what it could be?
ANSWER : It’s the rubbers. I had the same problem with my 137 and 141. The rubbers shrink over time and the oil never makes it up the channel. The replacement part is one piece and less prone to leaking than the original 2 piece design.

Ms 170 leaks bar chain oil out bottom, no oil on chain
ANSWER : Your clutch drum bearing has gone bad, letting the clutch drum to move around and cut into the oiler behind it, so now it just pumps the oil out that hole. You have to get that fixed to use the saw, otherwise you’re going to cause catastrophic damage to the saw very soon.

My 290 isn’t oiling chain. I tried adjusting oil flow and still no oil?
ANSWER : You have to remove the bar and clean it out

Oil leaking out on yardman mower – Yard Man YardMan 11A41K3001 21Inch 173cc Kohler OHV Gas Powered BagMulchSide Discharge Lawn Mower (NonCARB Compliant) ()
ANSWER : You haven’t supplied a lot of information but generally when this happens it is due t the mower being tipped the wrong way.
If you must look under the mower then tip it back with the handles to the ground and front wheel in the air.
Now to rectify your problem; The air-filter will probably be saturated with oil. It will probably be the cartridge type which is not serviceable. Purchase a new filter (take your old filter so the sale person can compare like for like). Before you refit the new filter, take out the sparkplug, it will probably be saturated in oil – wash it in petrol, let it dry then refit it. The engine should start and belch out great quantities of smoke. Don’t be alarmed this will burn away. Once the smoke has cleared, check the oil level, fit the air filter and mow your lawn.

How to adjust bar oil flow as bar heating up too much even though chain is sharp
ANSWER : Not all Husqvarna models have an adjustable pump, if it is adjustable there will be a slot head screw either at the side of the sprocket, or just under neath the sprocket, there will be a small symbal of a drop of oil and a + and – sign.

No bar oil circulating… ran without the bar on and there is not enough bar oil coming out. checked the reservoir and cleaned bar- no gunk… how do i get the plate off to inspect the tiny compartment where the bar oil is let out at the chain? at the crank shaft i see that it is reversed threaded, but do i have to undo the spring clamp system or can i just unthread the breaking mechanism or whatever it is on the end of the crank shaft… if so do i have to use the trick with the spark plug and string to keep the shaft from turning while unscrewing the top part?
ANSWER : The item on the end of the crankshaft is the clutch (inner part) and also part of the chain brake (the outer part of the clutch drum). There should be an oil-volume adjustment screw located under the case near where the chain returns to the engine. Turn it CCW somewhat to increase oil volume. Be sure to clean the small oil passages that run from the large holes in the drive end of the bar out to the chain groove on each bar edge. The correct way to set it is have everything assembled, start the engine and run at speed for a few moments with the bar tip near some cardboard–it should throw off a thin line of oil. Hope this helps!

2700 Series Presser Washer, and I need to change the “engine” oil. There on two oil “yellow” fill point, and the manual talks about changing the pump oil. How exactly do I change the engine oil?
ANSWER : Look for a drain plug on the base of the engine.Take the fill cap off also, and it’ll drain easier.