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Triggerless Steering

No triggers to pull or levers to break! A simpler way to effortlessly steer. Turn the machine and the wheel intelligently disengages to assist you through the turn.

One way to prevent snow clogs in your snow blower is to use a non-stick snow blower spray. Like cooking spray, it keeps surfaces slippery and makes it difficult for snow to stick. Simply spray the aerosol liquid on the your snow blower`s auger and inside the discharge chute.
Remember the choke is closed for starting.

Close it only 1/2 or 3/4 for temps of 30 degrees or warmer. And don`t close it if you`re restarting the snowblower less than five minutes after engine shut off.

The Anti-Clogging system, Quick Stick chute control, dash levers, sub zero deflector and impeller material, electric start, and power steering all come standard on Toro`s Power Max HD snow blowers.
To shut off the engine, remove the key from the ignition or move the key to the middle position. To disengage the auger, release the auger lever.
Use a snow blower non stick spray on your auger and chute

If you don`t have snow blower spray available and you need to get the job done today, try using a cooking spray or WD40.

To shut off the engine, remove the key from the ignition or move the key to the middle position. To disengage the auger, release the auger lever.
To shut off the engine, release the blade-control bar. Important: When you release the blade-control bar, both the engine and blade should stop within 3 seconds. If they do not stop properly, stop using your machine immediately and contact an Authorized Service Dealer.

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Snow blower wont start
ANSWER : Clean the fuel out and the carb , make sure you are getting spark close the choke to start then shut if off or it will foul the plug

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Starts and stops starts and stops blowing snow, is the belt lose or waren or streched ? model 3650 6.5
ANSWER : Take the black cover off of the side (left) and look at the belt. It is probably worn out.

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Blades wont turn – Toro Power Max 726 OE Snowblower – 37771
ANSWER : Check and see if you have a broken belt. first.

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I have a Toro 51598 electric leaf blower. Last year a breaker in the electrical box tripped and the blower naturally stopped. But, the episode seemed to have damaged the variable-air-flow-dial which on the blower – it was either on or off, nothing inbetween worked. This year, after some solid hours of operation, it just stopped working regardless of where where the variable-air-flow-dial was set. It is worth replacing that variable-air-flow-dial and some related components, or is there likely something else wrong with it? The bushings seem fine.
ANSWER : These machines are considered “disposable” items and most service centers won’t even repair them, saying that it is not “cost effective.” I have never come across a parts list for one other than maybe the plastic housing on them (they may exist), but costwise you may be better off getting another tool unless the Toro is still under warranty.

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Toro power max 724 – auger lever wont stay engaged when the drive lever is engaged
ANSWER : Adjust the cable for the auger , easy

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I was able to start my 5HP Toro but it is running rough. It wouldn’t start at first so I drained the gas and put in fresh. After several pulls it started. I started it because we are expecting a snow storm. The way it is running I’m fear that when it has a load on it will die out. Is there something I can do to clear up the problem?

Toro 5 HP Snow Thrower – Couldn’t find on product list so I put in lawn mower.

ANSWER : Try taking off the fuel bowl and check for debris or ice in it.If there is hardly any fuel in it you may have a plugged or pinched fuel line,try blowing back through it[might get a littl gas in your mouth],turn off the fuel and remove the line at the carb and the tank.If niether of these pick up a new spark plug and try that.

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Vibration when auger is engaged in Toro 726 oe
ANSWER : Be sure to check pulleys for a rock or anything else lodged in there
then check rear bearing for alot of play up and down

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My timecutting z420 won’t start. No sound when I turn the key.
ANSWER : If the battery is good, then you could have a bad key switch or something in the wiring is making bad contact. And if all that is ok, then it is the starter. I’n not sure but there might be a fuse somewhere. Check for that first.

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