Pressure-Pro Hot Shot Series 4000 PSI Hot Water Pressure…

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There r three devices which can cause overheating.1)-thermastat(stuck in close circuit2)-pressure switch and or flow switch stuck in close circuit. 3)-fuel solenoid stuck open located at fuel pump

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One can run warm water through a cold water pressure washer safely up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit – 65 degrees Fahrenheit. You cannot run hot water, especially at extremely high temperatures, through your cold-water unit. You could potentially melt the seals in the pump, and overheat the unit.
Hotsy manufactures hot water washers to heat the high pressure water up to 120° F or more above ambient inlet water temperature. If the ambient water temperature is 70°, the water after running through the combustion chamber`s heating coil would raise the temperature 120° or more to around 190° – 200°.
Hot Water Pressure Washer Hot water pressure washers clean faster and deeper than cold water and are especially effective in removing grease, grime and oil.
Company was bought by Karcher North America as part of acquisition of C-Tech Industries in 2004. 8. Hotsy`s are now manufactured alongside Landa and Shark machines in plants across US, Canada, Italy and Mexico.
In summary, the choice really depends on what you`re cleaning. For general dirt or cleaning a large area, a cold-water pressure washer will more than satisfy your needs. However, to remove more stubborn substances such as oil and grease, or for a sterile clean, a hot water pressure washer is the right fit for you.
In fact, a hot water pressure washer can do everything a cold pressure washer can — and more. The only problem with hot water pressure washers is that they are often more expensive than cold pressure washers because they have more components.
Oil, grease and soot are dislodged more quickly and can be removed more easily. The emulsion of oil and grease in water is accelerated. A heated surface also dries more quickly. In practice, higher water temperatures can reduce cleaning times by up to 35% – with significantly better results.
If you`re planning to improve its cleaning performance with warm water, though, it`s worth noting that the K4 will only work with water up to 40˚C.

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My electric stea pressure washer wont ignite burner
ANSWER : There can be multiple problems with the burner.

Here is a link to a page for troubleshooting burners.


Oil appears to have come out of the oil filler cap. Is this a sign of overfilling the oil, or something else?
ANSWER : Id definitley say its over filled. try checking the dipstick

Hotshot over heating – PressurePro Pressure-Pro Hot Shot Series 4000 PSI Hot Water Pressure Washer
ANSWER : There r three devices which can cause overheating.1)-thermastat(stuck in close circuit2)-pressure switch and or flow switch stuck in close circuit. 3)-fuel solenoid stuck open located at fuel pump

1750 psi Electric Pressure Washer: My pressure washer is losing pressure and is pulsa…
ANSWER : If the pressure washer is pulsating then that is a sign of check valve failure. You may be able to clean of replace the check valves. Replacing the head is the wrong way to go. This is completely unnecessary. If you can tell me the model number of your pressure washer then I can assist you better in pointing you in the right direction.

Won’t heat It pumps water but when you switch heat on it won’t ignite and it just smells like diesel. What part needs to be replaced?
ANSWER : Sound like its not getting a spark at your electrodes.

Need help in getting Honda engine on NorthStar pressure washer to run.
ANSWER : Could be low water pressure I have found.Also, I purchased a can of “stuff” at Lowes today which allows you to circulate a liquid substance which lubricates the pressure pump….the pump could be frozen up…I have a rotating nozzle which I bought…and it had frozen up…this stuff works

Kranzle electric washer will not suck up soap
ANSWER : Hi, if it has a chemical injector on the machine then the pressure at the lance will have to be lowered for it to pull in soap. it works on a similar principle to how carburetors on cars pull in fuel, bernouli principle. high pressure at one side of an orifice going to low pressure at the other side which causes a negative pressure ( vacuum) which should pull in the soap. there should be a non return valve at the orifice (hole) which prevents the water back feeding into the soap container, it is quite common for this valve to get stuck, it is just a ball, spring and o ring , and the ball sticks to the o ring. if it is this system then take the soap pick up pipe off the injector and just push the ball off it’s seat with a bit of wire.If it is a high pressure soap system then that is different, but they usually work with an injector in my experience.try taking the high pressure hose off the front off the machine and running it, if it has an injector on it it should pull in plenty off soap.hope this helps ,andy

How do you bypass the cut off switch – Dewalt 3800 PSI Pressure Washer
ANSWER : Connect the white and black wire together