“Chain Saw – 16” Bar, 3 Hp

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You need to disangage you chain brake band as it is engaged and wont go over the the clutch hub sprocket

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If your chainsaw does not start, the fuel may be too hot. To prevent this from happening, always use fresh fuel and reduce your operating time when the weather is warm. If your chainsaw will not start, place it in a cool area away from sunlight for at least 20 minutes.
This operation is crucial to the overall functioning of riding mowers, and thus PTO clutch repair may need to be immediately performed on riding mower models that have a failed clutch. Fortunately, you can fix your clutch irrespective of your experience with PTO clutch installation.
If the springs are broken, the clutch pads won`t retract, preventing the chain from stopping. If the clutch pads are sticking, the clutch drum will stay engaged and continue to turn. If the springs are broken or the clutch pads are sticking, replace the clutch assembly.
Frequent causes why the clutch doesn`t disengage correctly include faults in the release system (clutch release bearing, slave cylinder, clutch lever), a jammed pilot bearing, or non-compliance with important installation requirements.

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Hi, I took off the clutch cover for my Husqvarna 136 saw and I can’t get it to go back on. Any suggestions?
ANSWER : You need to disangage you chain brake band as it is engaged and wont go over the the clutch hub sprocket

Husqvarna 235 is not oiling.Hole and groove on bar have been cleaned. The saw does drip oil with the bar off when running.All parts are clean but bar is not getting oil.Hope you can help,thanks.
ANSWER : With saw running and high speed hold saw close to a piece of wood and check for oiling. If still no oil, then use air pressure at hole in bar to clear.

Husqvarna 350 chain saw not getting fuel – Husqvarna Chain Saw 20" Bar
ANSWER : Hi you will need to put on its side and fish out the fuel line, if it is like strechey rubber when you hold it you will need to replace the fuel line and filter. If this doesnt work you might have to rekit the carb or replace it. replacing it will be better since you will be paying about as much if a shop does the rekit and it is only about a 50-50 chance the carb got clean. hope this helps

I have a problem with my Husqvarna 136/141 saw. As soon as I either operate it to max feewheel speed or require full power when sawing the engine stops. This first occurred when cutting a large oak beam recently. I have changed fuel, removed and checked fuel filter, stripped carb to check for main jet blockage, but the fault remains. Any ideas?
ANSWER : Spark plug? Do you change it? The coil?

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Husqvarna Model 136 chainsaw will only run for a short time with choke closed. Engine quits shortly after choke is opened.
ANSWER : Take apart the fueling system and carb. Something is blocking or gummed up. One thing that sometimes works is to remove air filter, rev the unit up, and place hand fully over the intake, and remove before unit stalls. This sometimes will clear the blockage.

What information can you tell me about a Husqvarna chainsaw model 61 with serial number 6136460. Does it indicate the year?
ANSWER : Most of the CDI modules have been superseded to part no# 544018401check with your local dealer to verify.

Carburetor problem How to adjust carburetor husqvarna 136?
ANSWER : HiHigh speed H=3\4 turnLow speedL=1 1/4 turnidle speed t adjust accordingly. regards savumihai71

Cannot get the saw started – Husqvarna 450 e-series 18" Chain Saw
ANSWER : Check for spark check fuel filter carb kit if sitting for while new plug