10hp 3ph Single Phase 220440v 60 Hertz Hh C Series Pump

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Don’t knw what your problem is but here is a page that gives you the information, normally 3 phase on single phase motor but if you can change the winding settings you might here is the page hope it helps.

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Flow rate up to 200 l / min (12 m³ / h).
10 Hp Monoblock Fire Water Pump, Max Flow Rate: 500 Lpm.
10 HP of motor is 7460 Watts.
10 Hp Single Phase Borewell Submersible Pump, Discharge Outlet Size: 3 Inch, Capacity: 1000 Lpm.
Max. Discharge – 620 LPM. Max. Power rating – 10hp (Single & Double stage)
10 HP Single Phase Monoblock Centrifugal Pump, Max Flow Rate: 24l/min, 2800 Rpm.
Max Flow(Gpm): 56.
With a discharge range of 9.33 lps and a head range of 42-61.6 m, these pumps can easily meet the needs of any application.
These pumps are equipped with 60 to 420 lpm of flow rate.

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i looking for water pump 10hp single phase borehole 150feet under ground 1500gpm submersible please can you rang run on single-phase 240v
ANSWER : Don’t knw what your problem is but here is a page that gives you the information, normally 3 phase on single phase motor but if you can change the winding settings you might here is the page hope it helps.

Pump runs for a few minutes becomes hot and stops then starts again
ANSWER : Pump motor is overheating or drawing too much current and the safety is shutting the motor down. After a period, it automatically kicks back in (quite common). Replace motor (and safety which probably comes with, or is actually contained inside motor).


Running pump stopped
ANSWER : I assume that the plug in is working properly. Always check power supply first. Is there a GFCI circuit that it is plugged into. Then check the pump to make certain it us turning. How long had it been on before unplugging it. It could be worn out. Sometimes it takes a jolt to start the motor again. How big is the motor. Possible bad capacitor. Could be a solid state motor, then it’s bad. Is it a magnetic motor, that could be turning the wrong way.

My utility pump hums but the impeller doesn’t turn,if I turn the impeller by hand it sometimes will turn.Can this be repaired?
ANSWER : Probably easier and cheaper to just replace the pump

My Sump Pump is running and wont stop. It usually go for like 30 seconds a few times per day, but it wont stop. I unplugged it and waited 30 secs, plugged it back in and it’s still going.

Any suggestions?

ANSWER : Check your float and the switch. It sound like it is just sticking. If it were bad the pump probally would not start

Do I have to lengthen or shorten the length of the float cord on my sump pump if I want it to kick on sooner? Thanks
ANSWER : Shorten. By shortening the cord, the float will trip the switch at a lower maximum depth of water. The pump will run more often as a result, but the maximum water depth will be lower.

I am getting oil out of the pump. Can this be a leak of coolant and can it be fixed.
ANSWER : I am sorry to hear your getting oil, this is not a good thing. If you remove the pump from water and disconnect it from any power source, try removing the lower housing and take a look around the impeller if you can. If the leak is coming from around the edge of the main housing your in luck, it is probably the main seal that can be replaced without too much trouble. If the housing is cracked or leaking near the bearing I am sorry to say it would be best to start looking for a replacement pump.

Sump pump hums and then kicks breaker. Will not pump. I cleaned everything, still have problem
ANSWER : Pump motor is jammed causing overload and resulting breaker trip. Try to turn the pump shaft by hand, it should be very easy to turn. If there’s any resistance check for blockage.