30.1CC Chainsaw With a 14 In.bar and Chain

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Yes, you can use the 16” bar on the 14” chain saw, and visa-versa. Helpful?
ECHO CS-400 (18″) 40.2cc Gas Chainsaw.
The professional-grade ECHO chainsaw CS-310 comes equipped with a 16 in. bar and chain. The rear handle chainsaw is both lightweight and delivers powerful performance.
Chainsaw Bar Sizes

The length determines the type of work it is best suited for as well as amount of volume it can handle. While you can take a chainsaw with a smaller bar to cut a tree in two passes, keep in mind that the chainsaw engine needs enough power to complete the work.

Thes 18″, 3/8″ Low-Profile chains fits saws from many manufacturers including Husqvarna, Jonsered, Makita, Echo and Ryobi.
Chainsaw Chain with 52 Drive Links.

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Troubleshooting chainsaw hit some dirt now wont cut and smokes at chain little oil to bar and chain
ANSWER : You need to clean the chainsaw areas where the dirt has gone with a water hose. You may have clogged up the oil thing that puts oil on the chain. Hope this helps! And yes, dirt will make a chain dull. You might have to replace the chain or have it sharpened.

Echo chainsaw how do you remove the clutch from an ehco cs400evl?
ANSWER : OK I looked at Echousa.com and see that there shoule be a hex nut on the side where the clutch is. It doesn’t specify whether it is left or right hand thread. but what I used to do is we have a plastic plug to put in the cylinder to stop piston from moving and then putting a ratchet on the hex nut. without the plug you can try an impact wrench to BUMP the nut in forward and reverse to remove it. Make sure the switch is off before attempting either action. You can look at the manual or parts explosion at the site I listed

Chain not moving on a running chain saw. – Echo 30.1CC Chainsaw With a 14 In.bar and Chain
ANSWER : Hi. Possibly the chain brake is engaged. It is the thing just in front of the forward handle. Try pulling it back, before starting the saw. It should click into place. This device is supposed to stop the chain in the event of a severe kick-back. If that’s not it, you are probably looking at a new clutch or maybe sprocket.

ANSWER : If the engine has good compression, and good spark, it should at least ‘pop’ several times. Check the flywheel ‘key’ as it may have sheared causing the ignition to be out of time. Hope this helps!

Cleaning the fuel filter
ANSWER : I would try cleaning the carb. sounds like there is something stuck in the jet to me.

Echo 14 in chain hard to start – won’t keep running and began to smoke
ANSWER : Hard starting can sometimes be caused by a clogged air filter which is where I would start. Clean the filter, if you have the operators manual it explains how to do this, if you don’t have the manual check Echo’s website to see if you can download one. Next check the manual and see if the carburetor can be adjusted, but be very careful to follow the instructions in the manual exactly or you could do irreparable damage to the needle jets in the carburetor.

How to install bar and chain on cs 310 echo – Echo 30.1CC Chainsaw With a 14 In.bar and Chain
ANSWER : A CS-310 OM follows:
There is a very good, model specific, procedure beginning on page 12.

There are 2 listed based on serial number I think, you can download the other and an IPL here:
If your saw is not listed type “CS” in the “Model:” window, click “Search” and select your saw from the list provided.

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Engine smoke when chain brake on
ANSWER : It sounds like the band is too tight and the smoke is coming from a burning clutch. You need to get your owners manual and loosen the band before you burn the parts up.