I did ask a question, as to why I’m not getting water from the gun only for the first 3 seconds then it goes to a small flow.I have plenty of water to the machine, and the burst out of the gun is normal then stops to a tiny flow. I have trouble shot everything except talking the gun apart. New water supply hose, new nozzle, water supply lines to the gun are fine checked both, fitting and gaskets are in good condition, and fits are tight. Took off the auto cool down valve. It was releasing water at first now it is not. After 5 to 6 shots with the wand the water is warm. Any help, I did make the

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Brute by Briggs & Stratton® products are designed to be tough, hardworking, and reliable just like what you would expect from a product by Briggs & Stratton.
If the pump is leaking, the cause may be minor and easy to repair. Check the seals, packings, and O-rings for wear. These can easily be replaced, saving you the cost of a new pump. However, major leaks such as the ones caused by cracked or damaged plungers, can lead to pump failures.
In nearly all instances, pump failure is the result of improper installation or operation rather than normal wear. One of the most common causes of pump failure is improper or unnecessary service, often as a result of the operator attempting the service.
The washer pump on a car is intended to last a lifetime. In some cases, defects and other issues will require the unit to have to be replaced. The last thing that you want is to have your washer pump not functioning properly due to the danger that it can put you and your passengers in.
Give Your Pressure Washer a Break

No matter how powerful your pressure washer might be, it`s never a good idea to leave your machine running for too long because doing so will increase the risk that it will overheat. Instead, most professionals suggest using a pressure washer in intervals of three to five minutes.

Running a pressure washer without water can cause irreparable damage, sometimes instantly, sometimes gradually over time. Either way, you are better off not risking rendering your machine unusable.
Red: 0-degree spray, ideal for hard-to-remove dirt and oil. Yellow: 15-degree spray, optimal for stripping a deck or siding. Green: 25-degree spray, ideal for cleaning dirt and debris from cars, driveways or concrete. White: 40-degree spray, perfect for areas near windows or light fixtures.
To get the job done right, you need a pressure washer rated at least 3,000 PSI with a flow rate of at least four gallons per minute (GPM).
Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5% (Bleach, Chlorine)

Sodium Hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, is the most common and extensively used chemical used by commercial pressure washers.

With its headquarters in Schwaikheim, near Stuttgart, Kärcher Futuretech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG.
The Executive Partners Josef Kranzle and son Ludwig Kranzle, together with their highly committed staff, ensure that customers all over the world receive competent help and advice. All Kranzle appliances are tested according to the CB scheme and the TÜV/GS test procedures and certified accordingly.
Briggs and Stratton manufactures the machine and licenses the Troy-Bilt name for the pressure washers and generators.
Briggs and Stratton manufactures the machine and licenses the Troy-Bilt name for the pressure washers and generators.

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My Honda 2600 psi power washer will not pull to start. It was running great then I allowed the neighbor to borrow it. He ran the washer till it was out of gas and proceeded to refuel and at this point it would no longer start. The pull cord is out about 4-6 inches out and I am concerned about taking the casing off myself.

Fearing that it may throw more off on the unit. If i take the casing off are there any spring loaded parts that will dismount?

What should I do? Spark Plug? Turn wrenches?

Please let me know

ANSWER : You should be fine to take the recoil off, there shouldn’t be anything that shoots out at you. You might want to check the oil level on the engine, many of the Honda engines won’t start unless there is enough oil in them. If your oil level is fine, check to make sure that your motor is getting spark.

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Low pressure Will not keep pressure
ANSWER : Faulty pump. check each valve for obstruction or fault

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Power washer won't start – Briggs & Stratton Power Products 1539 Pressure Washer
ANSWER : Have you checked for spark? You can remove the plug, touch it against the block and crank it and see if you have any spark (best done in as dark a place as possible). If you don’t have spark, start by replacing the plug.

If you have spark, you can spray some starter fluid or gas into the cylinder, replace the plug and try to start it. If it runs for a few second, then you have fuel flow problem (dirty carb or filter, etc.).

Hope these basic tips get you going in the right direction.

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The pull cord will not pull..I can’t start the engine. What can I do?
ANSWER : Remove the spark plug and see if it will then turn over. If it does then the motor is not seized or has water or fluid it is trying to compress.If the above lets it turn over freely the problem lies with the cord being trapped on the pully that is spring loaded.This task is better investigated by someone with experience to avoid losing parts and not beoing able to reassemble.

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WATER COMING OUT AT BOTTOM OF WASHER – Karcher K2.26 Electric Power Washer
ANSWER : Dear Sir,
In this case the seals surrounding the pistons (3 in number)..are faulty.
You can open the cover first ( by using a TORX T15 screw driver). Start machine in this way with all attached…( never run a power washer with out water and never store a power washer with pressure in it). When you start machine with out cover you can more easely see from where water is coming out. Mostly the case will be that water is coming out from between the head and the bottom part of machine. If water went into the bottom part…then the oil is ruined also.
So this case needs that all seals to be changed. One must inspect the pistons….because if the pistons are scrathed and pitted…then it is useless to put new seals. Thus new pistons must be put with new seals…and other gaskets renewed.

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I have used the McCulloch (FH180A) three times over the course of two years. On my fourth use the pressure washer just surged on and off and I would get a tiny spray from the gun each time it surged. In other words it would do nothing. Please help… very frustrated. Thanks
ANSWER : Sounds like the problem could be low input water flow or pressure. There could be crud on the intake where you hook up the garden hose, there could be some other sort of blockage. Try hooking it up to the hose and pull the trigger (with the power switched off) and wait to see if water comes out the tip. Also look at the tip(s) themselves. sometimes a piece of crud gets into the hose and then clogs the tip.

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My power washer does not let the soap come out when you turn the soap control on
ANSWER : You have to use the SOAP nozzle (Black Tip)  It is a low pressure nozzle.  The venturi effect prevents the psiphon under high pressure

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My generac power washer just shuts off after about 5 minutes of runnung good.

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