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Sorry but with no make /model we can not look for the solution either .

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The idler pulley is a common part that`s found on the majority of the vehicles on the road. Its primary function is to provide tension and guide the engine drive belt. These belts wrap around the various parts of the engine such as the power steering pump, alternator, water pump etc…
The main physical difference between an idler pulley and tensioner pulley is a simple adjustable bolt! However, in terms of function and purpose, an idler pulley is responsible for guiding a belt drive in an engine or mechanical system, while a tensioner pulley is responsible for tensioning the drive belt.
The idler pulley`s function is to make sure the belt stays aligned so that the belt stays on the crankshaft and accessory pulleys. The idler also changes the direction of the belt when the belt cannot be routed to all of the accessories.
A broken or seized pulley can quickly lead to a torn belt, or in less serious cases, the belt falling off of the engine. An engine without a belt can quickly run into issues such as overheating and stalling, as it`s the drive belt that allows the engine accessories to function.
Tensioners can be divided into three general categories; fixed, adjustable, and automatic.
13.2 Tight Side/Slack Side Idlers should be placed on the slack (or nonload-carrying) side, if possible. Their effect on belt fatigue is less on the slack side than on the tight (or load-carrying) side. If spring-loaded idlers are used, they should never be placed on the tight side (see Spring-Loaded Idlers).
Use the extension/breaker bar on the grooved pulley tensioner arm, rotate the tensioner counter clockwise to remove the pin/bolt. Slowly allow the tensioner to rotate in a clockwise direction until the tensioner reaches the low stop. Remove the three bolts that attach the tensioner to the engine.
Tensioners, idlers and dampers work together to synchronise the timing belt`s rotations in your engine. While tensioners prevent slackness in the timing belt, idlers route the timing belt around ancillary features, and dampers work with the idlers to prevent the timing belt from coming loose.
There should be no movement or play from side to side. Misalignment – Misaligned pulleys will cause belt chirp noise problems and are caused by worn bearings. Cracked or Broken Pulley – Check for obvious physical damage.
A tensioner pulley uses a spring loaded arm or a hydraulic actuator to apply the proper pressure and help keep the belt tensioned and aligned. On a drive belt system, the tensioner pulley is spring loaded to maintain proper tension and alignment of the serpentine belt.
Idler pulleys are produced in a variety of styles such as, V-belt, plain, flat, and cable style. V-belt idler pulleys are designed for strength and durability. The use of radial supporting ribs provides additional belt support and prevents groove deformation.
A tensioner bearing consists of a base, tensioner arm, spring, and pulley. It provides pressure to a timing belt that drives other pulleys while easing the strain on that belt.

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Refer to brake pad arm assembly :I don’t understand what keeps the
brake pads from always riding on the idler pulleys. the springs keep them against the pulleys.
ANSWER : Hi, the spring on the brake rod pulls the lever forward when the brake is applied and a short lighter gauge spring pulls the lever back. This spring may be missing. Regards Phil.

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2005 Craftsman DYT 4000 18.5hp Briggs: As I was cutting I heard a whirling sound as if a belt was slipping on a pulley. The sound went away after a second or two, and then the deck began to vibrate. By that time I had shut the mower down. This occurred without hitting anything in the lawn. After examination, a pulley appeared to have loosened on top the mandrel. When I removed the top bolt I realized the bolt was not loose at all. The pulley itself was loose due to the grooves from the mandrel scoring a circle in the pulley where it is normally notched. Of course, the mandrel also had the notches round off in the corresponding area. When I dropped the deck and removed the belt, the blade and mandrel turned easily. I thought it would have been locked in place. After looking over the entire deck I noticed that the idler pulley spring was missing. Could this one little $2.00 spring have caused all of this damage? I can’t find any other reason for it.

Also, I have purchased two new heavy duty mandrel assemblies and a replacement pulley and spring. Are there torque specs for the mandrel housing bolts, and the mandrel top bolts? Should I use anti-seize or lock-tite in these areas? Thanks…

ANSWER : DCJohnson, let me start by saying that the only thing you may want to put on the bolt would be a anti-weather, some of these come as anti seize, but it must be patroleum based. You definatly dont want lock tite in these areas due to the climate changes. This could prevent you from EVER getting that bolt out with a wrench again.

As for the tourque specs, the ft-lb specs really aren’t that important, especially if you dont have a tourque wrench, which will guess you have. SO to get that out of the way, i would say roughy 35 ft-lbs of tourge would be fine. This is how i always judge my tourque by hand

1. Hand tighten the bolt until you feel your bicep working to turn it.
2. Then pull the wrench to you with the force equivillent to pulling yourself out of a chair or equivilant position. (typically 1/2 up to 1 full turn after reaching a tightened state.) you will know when its tight because you will here creeking sounds form the bolt. DOnt go more the 1 full turn if you do hear the sounds


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I have a 42 in troy built can’t keep the deck belt on. seems to be to loose.
ANSWER : Check for loose pulleys and spring tension

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Have forgotten the location of idler pulley tensioning spring. Does it come in contact with the rear bracket bolt #01053-50820. I cannot tell by looking through my book.
ANSWER : Sorry but with no make /model we can not look for the solution either .

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My belt keeps falling off and I don’t know how to make it stay on.
ANSWER : I have the same mower. Check the idler pulley that tension the belt when you pull up on the handle. Make sure it turns freely.when there is no tension on the belt. Depending on how long you’ve had this mower, your belt could have stretched and needs to be replaced. I hope this helps.

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Cannot get the recoil spring on model 18r back in housing!
ANSWER : If it goes into a metal housing that is like a can lid with short sides and has one area that is open onthe side and the whole thing has a small hole in the center of the flat side….Take the metal housing, lay it flat on a table or other flat surface. Figure which way the spring would go. Lay the small end of the spring in the housing with the spring wire going out the open slot. Now all you do is wind the spring in by turning the housing. You must keep the spring in the housing with your other hand, maybe a flat piece of wood or something to hold the spring from jumping out. Once you have it all in the housing, reinstall it. If the spring is backward, CAREFULLY pull the spring out until it is no longer under tension, flop the spring over and go again…Good luck…Lee

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I have a Craftsman Ride-N-Mulch (model 502.258170) and the idler pulley continues to sag and drop below alignment with the other pulley’s resulting in the drive belt coming off. Noticed that the idler pulley bolt had some stripped threads at top of bolt, so I replaced the bolt. That fixed the problem temporarily, but the pulley is sagging again causing the belt to come off. Any suggestions on how to fix this pulley alignment issue?
ANSWER : I would replace the “idler pulley” along with the “belt drive idle arm”. Here is a link to the parts for your mower. They are parts 42 and 43 on the list.

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The transmission drive belt came off the pulleys on my Troy-bilt Pony riding lawn mower Model # 13WN77KS011. There is a spring dangling from the idler pulley and the belt is off all pulleys. I need the diagram for how to re-install the belt and where to connect the spring for the idler pulley as well as instructions for setting the tension on the idler pulley and how to reconnect the variable speed lever.

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