ECHO, Inc. PB-251C Handheld Blower

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The fuel filter might be clogged. A clogged fuel filter is most commonly caused by leaving old fuel in the leaf blower. Over time, some of the ingredients in the fuel may evaporate, leaving behind a thicker, stickier substance. This sticky fuel can clog the fuel filter and cause the engine to stall.
If there is a lack of air in the engine during the combustion process, it can make the engine hard to start. To prevent it from clogging, cleaning or replacing your air filter should be a part of your normal maintenance routine. The air filter in your leaf blower prevents debris from entering the engine.
If the carburetor is new or has been rebuilt, you should set it to “factory” adjustment. You can do so by adjusting the idle mixture screws to 1.5-2 turns out, and the idle speed screw to 1-1.5 turns in. Warm the Engine Up. The engine`s running temperature directly correlates with proper air and fuel mixtures.
The spark plug gap for all ECHO products is . 024″-. 026″ or 6mm-8mm.
The fuel is fresh ( > 89 octane : RON ) and properly mixed at 50 : 1 with “ISO L-EGD” or “JASO FC/ FD” 2 stroke oil.
Blower motors are designed to circulate air, so they won`t work if there`s no air to move. You should always check the filters and vents surrounding the blower to make sure that the blower isn`t having a hard time working. Look into your air filter`s housing and check the markings on your filter.
There should be two screws on the front of the carburetor, which are used to adjust the air and fuel mixture. These often look like flat-head screws, and you can use a screwdriver to turn them, adjusting the amount of fuel and air mixing in the carb.
Fuel screw turned in (clockwise) gives a lean mixture and turned out (anti-clockwise) gives a rich mixture. Air screw turned in gives a rich mixture and turned out (anti-clockwise) gives a lean mixture. Lean means more air, less fuel. Rich means more fuel, less air.
The valve at the top is called “Choke”, it regulates the amount of air that flows in the carburetor. If this choke is closed, the little amount of air flows down through the pipe and the venturi sucks in more fuel.

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Even though I have the carb. set in choke, and press the bulb many times, it doesn’t seem as if and gas gets through. I eventually put the carb. setting in Run and pull the crank many times before it starts. The blower is 2 years old, used on about 12 lawns per week. The problem stared in mid summer. Any suggestions? Thank You.
ANSWER : Here is a Link to one of my Luck!Jim

Echo 251 pb leaf blower doesn’t blow/vaccum at full power. Very weak. Took everything apart and cleaned, still have problem.
ANSWER : Check to see if their is a little screen in muffler cloged

I bought a new echp pb-251 blower last year. towards the end of last season the blower seemed to run sluggish. I attributed it to the cold weather and stored it properly with fuel stabilizer. Now here in Texas our lawn equiptment really doesnt stay put up for very long, and i use my leaf blower to round up my leaves during the winter. — Long story short, I had a problem with power and replaced the spark plug and air filter with no good results. I took the blower back to Home Depot and they charged me to have someone look at it. It was returned running fine with “carbureator adjustment screw out of adjustment as the Problem found”. Now it is two weeks later and after only using the blower one time i am having the same problem again. it starts and runs but has no power when you pull the trigger. Where is the adjustment screw on the pb-251 so that i do not have to turn it in to get charged for something that should work again. Echo I love your products I have bought three weedeaters from you and three blowers ….very dissapointed in this one.
ANSWER : Hi, there is a wire screen in the exhaust outlet that blocks up with carbon deposits. It can be removed and cleaned with a wire brush. If blocked it will give you the problem you have and also make the blower quieter than it should be. Regards Phil.

My blower only runs with 3/4 choke even after warm up.
ANSWER : Look on the carb for 2 screws side by side. where those screws go into the carb, it will be stamped with an “H” and “L”. Open the screw that is next to the “H”, counterclockwise about 1/4 turn at a time with the engine running, that should solve it.

I have a pb-251. replaced carb, air filter, hoses, spark plug and cleaned spark arrestor. start easily. runs fine for 2 minutes and then stalls if I give it the gas but will idle all day long.
ANSWER : Loosen gas cap. Probably a bad Vent in the gas cap

My Echo Leaf Blower (PB-251) will not run at high speed. It is running to rich. Help please. Charlie
ANSWER : I’ve been fighting with an Echo PB-251 blower and an Echo SRM-225 string trimmer since near the end of last lawn season (this is the forth season I’ve had them). Along comes a thread on a firearms forum and lo and behold the answer to the problem is spelled out in terms even I can understand.

After reading that thread (which attributes the problem of the engine bogging down when throttle is activated to collapsing fuel lines) I was going to just replace the fuel lines, but I discovered that there are kits that include new fuel lines, rubber grommets, filters, clips and cap seals for about $13.00 each. Hell, the kit for the SRM-225 even provided a new primer bulb. Ten minutes after the UPS truck delivered them to my door I had both machines running like new again. If you’ve tried other things and it still hasn’t worked I highly suggest you try this.

Won't start – Echo Pb – 413t Backpack Blower
ANSWER : Adjust the carb,altitude can effect the engine

Will only develop power (and run somewhat properly) when the choke is engaged about 90%. Starts fine.
ANSWER : Sounds to me as tho you may have a loose carburetor or another part that is letting air into the system. Check all bolts and screws for tightness. Also, you may need to clean the carburetor or put some cleaner in your gas. Not too much, only about a tablespoon, but check the screws/bolts first.