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With easy-to-operate mechanical foot lift and dial selector, not to mention the 17,000 feet per minute blade tips speed, you can maneuver this machine around the tightest corners with ease and speed.
Features for the Gravely ZT 42

This mower has a top speed of 6 mph, meaning that you can quickly cut your lawn without sacrificing any quality.

Whenever the blade is engaged, it rotates on a crankshaft to cut the grass. But if there is interference in this rotation, the engine can overload and shut off or lose power.
Features for the Gravely ZT HD 60

Top speeds of 8 mph allow you to get your job done fast while the 9 different cutting heights of the 60″ steel cutting deck offers the control you need to get the perfect cut with every mow.

The all-new Gravely Pro-Turn 360 commercial zero turn mower features a 60-inch, 7-gauge X-Factor 3 fabricated deck. Parker HTJ transaxles deliver a top speed of 11 mph and have a 12cc pump. Filters are easily accessed from the rear for easy maintenance.
Gravely, of Brillion, Wisconsin, is a manufacturer of powered lawn and garden implements which it describes as “walk-behind, zero turn and outfront mowers”.
Maintenance lapses become evident when the mower turns over slowly or begins to falter at start-up. The fault could be a dirty spark plug, air filter or carburetor, or it could be related to the quality of the gasoline used. Slow starting can also be the result of a failure to clean the blades.
Zero-turn mowers have dual-hydrostatic transmissions controlled by two levers, which are key factors in their responsiveness and tight turning radius. To move forward in a straight line, you press both levers forward, making sure to keep them even.
Sharpening your blades three times throughout the growing season is ideal to keep them operating properly. On average, taking routine sharpening into consideration, a set of mower blades will last you around 100-200 hours under normal operating conditions.
Engineered from the ground up for zero-turn mowers, the Gravely 764cc V-twin engine redefines performance.
It was built to commercial standards for power and durability. The only thing that makes it a residential mower is its address. POWERFUL ENGINES Kawasaki® FR Series or Kohler 7000® Series engines deliver all the power that you`ll ever need.
Features for the Gravely ZTX52

The Hydro-Gear EZT transmission offers unparalleled control while reaching speeds of up to 7 mph to get your job done quickly.

Today, they are built in Brillion, Wisconsin, which is a small town of around 3,000 people. There are many different types of Gravely® mowers, making it easy to find the perfect one for your needs.
The path to purchase took months, and Ariens Co. purchased Gravely in 1982. For a decade, the two brands manufactured in separate states, but today, both brands are manufactured in Brillion, a town of just over 3,000 people in east-central Wisconsin.
AriensCo owns multiple brands but no longer operates all of their brands. AriensCo continues to operate: Gravely. Ariens.
The blade speed of lawnmowers ranges from 2800 to 3600 RPM. Even though the range will drop by a few hundred RPM once it is actively cutting the grass, there is still a required speed to efficiently cut the grass. There are only two possible outcomes: the lawn mower blade spins too slowly or too quickly .
The standard has been 3600 Rpm blade tip speed. That does a nice job of cutting the lawn provided one doesn`t go to fast forward. Commercial grade mowers don`t have those limiting speeds. If you run the tip speed up, it is easier to get a clean cut with faster forward speeds.
The standard has been 3600 Rpm blade tip speed. That does a nice job of cutting the lawn provided one doesn`t go to fast forward. Commercial grade mowers don`t have those limiting speeds. If you run the tip speed up, it is easier to get a clean cut with faster forward speeds.

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Lawn mower motor runs good, the drive wheels run good but the blade won’t stay enguaged. Thanks
ANSWER : Check your cable that controls the blade engagement.

When I hold the bar down that engages the blade it will not cut?
ANSWER : Is the blade sharp?

<!– from fixya rte –>How do I engage bagger on zero clearance – kawasaki 48'' Toro Com Zero Turn Lawn Mower 21hp Kawasaki ()
ANSWER : That should be covered in your manual. I’m not sure what a zero clearance mower is actually, are you assuming and making up a name for it?

How much oil is needed to fill the engine? – kawasaki 2010 Gravely Zt 42 Xl Zero Turn Mower Kawasaki ()
ANSWER : Start with a qt. check dip stick an add acordinly szm230

Lawn mower will start and run for 5 seconds and shut down
ANSWER : Will it stay running with your choke on? if so then clean your carb. if not then look for a blockage from tank to carb. ie fuel shut off, deteriorated fuel line. plugged filter etc

I have trouble starting a toro walk behind mower
ANSWER : All, I thought my carb was shot, so I replaced it. Still, start but no run (and had to use starting fluid). THEN!!! I noticed the spring to the “rev limiter” (just below and towards rear of carb) was not “tight”. The stupid bracket that holds the end of that spring had been bent down ~1/16″ and that caused all this heartache. CHECK YOUR REV LIMITER!!!

Engine runs, blades turn but mower will not move
ANSWER : Look in front of back tired on frame, not deck, there are. 2 rods, 1 on each side, rods look like a L, it’s going through a little eye opening, push it backards, mower should move. If rod is pulled through opening and locked in, mower will not move..its a safety. Feather on mower

Carb problems wont stay running unless i unplug and plug in the anti diesel switch the plug on the fuel bowl
ANSWER : Check and see if all your carb jets or clean sound like some dirt got into one