PTO fuse keeps blowing
If i unplug PTO is does not blow the fuse
If I unplug the PTO switch it do not blow fuse,
I can not find any grounded wires.

Question: is this most likely a PTO switch, and need to be replaced?
This was new switch this year

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Kubota, 3-cyl.
Deck Size: 61 in.

52″ mower, 21 HP Diesel, 2033 Hrs.

Gasoline-powered, liquid-cooled Grasshopper mowers with 3-cylinder, 962 cc (29 or 32 hp) engines, and cutting deck from 52 inches to 72 inches. Diesel-powered, liquid-cooled Grasshopper mowers with 3-cylinder engine choices of 719 cc (21 hp) and 898 cc (25 hp), and cutting decks from 48 inches to 72 inches.
Grasshopper engineers continuously research and test new product features and improvements at our 350,000-square-foot manufacturing campus in Moundridge, Kans.
Specifications: 8.75L x 7W x 7.125H. 540 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) Weight: 29.5 lbs.
Featuring a massive 120” cutting width, five 25″ flex decks, and zero turn maneuverability, the WZ1000 is the world`s largest zero turn mower with the accuracy of five small push mowers.
The Grasshopper zero-turn 900D 1.3L riding lawn mower provides more power, durability and maneuverability than any mower in its class.
The Grasshopper Company division of Moridge Manufacturing has built a worldwide reputation with zero- turn radius mowers and grounds maintenance equipment.
The Grasshopper 725DT is a True Zero Turn™ Front Mount™ mower powered by a 25hp (898cc) Kubota MaxTorque™ liquid cooled, horizontal shaft, diesel engine with mowing speeds up to 10.0 MPH and 6.55 acres/hour (based on a 72″ cutting width – actual results may vary). This opens in a new window.
Built tough, with a thick 1.8mm steel cutting deck, smooth rolling ball bearing wheels and a reliable 159cc Rover engine.
STIHL RZ 552 Zero Turn Mower with 24HP Kawasaki Carbureted Engine with 52″ Commercial-grade Deck.
Built tough, with a thick 1.8mm steel cutting deck, smooth rolling ball bearing wheels and a reliable 159cc Rover engine.
D1105ER-GEN Engine fits the Grasshopper 928 Zero Turn Mower. This engine rebuild has been re-manufactured with Kubota OEM parts and tested to meet Kubota specifications.

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Lawn scarifier motor runs slow than starts to smoke
ANSWER : What sort of scarifier is it?

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Electric motor runs but well below full power, and over heats quickly. Can I fix this?
ANSWER : It could just need the bearings cleaned and lubed, but it might need them replaced or their could be partial shorts in the motor windings, which would likely make it junk. Perhaps try the bearings, but either bring it in or replace it beyond that.

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What kind of oil does it use for Remington 16’electric saw.
ANSWER : Use any bar and chain oil. Can be bought at most big-box-stores (Home Depot, Lowes) or stores that sell outdoor power equipment. Don’t use motor oil, you’ll have a mess when you store the saw.

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I have a Toro 51598 electric leaf blower. Last year a breaker in the electrical box tripped and the blower naturally stopped. But, the episode seemed to have damaged the variable-air-flow-dial which on the blower – it was either on or off, nothing inbetween worked. This year, after some solid hours of operation, it just stopped working regardless of where where the variable-air-flow-dial was set. It is worth replacing that variable-air-flow-dial and some related components, or is there likely something else wrong with it? The bushings seem fine.
ANSWER : These machines are considered “disposable” items and most service centers won’t even repair them, saying that it is not “cost effective.” I have never come across a parts list for one other than maybe the plastic housing on them (they may exist), but costwise you may be better off getting another tool unless the Toro is still under warranty.

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I am having problems obtaining a 16″ chain for a
ANSWER : Hi Lucas,

You can buy online,check this link

Hope it may help you.

Have a nice day!

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Electric chainsaw What kind of oil to put in i t regular motor oil or something else
ANSWER : A light weight motor oil is fine. I have used it for years with no problem.

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16″ Electric Chain Saw: what kind of oil is used for electric chain saw…
ANSWER : I assume you are asking about the oil for the chain. Any good quality “Bar and Chain Oil” will do fine. Do not use motor oil you use in your car engine as it will not properly lube the chain and will result in quicker dulling and early demise of the chain.

You can get the “Bar and Chain Oil” at most hardware stores or Farm Supply stores.

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My husband just bought at Toro Snow Thrower #38588. Now hw wishes it had an electric starter. Can he purchase an electric starter and add it to this model, or is he out of luck?
ANSWER : I don’t recall seeing a kit to upgrade for this model. He may just have to live with it.

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