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Where does the governor spring attach

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The governor spring wants to open the throttle and the governor tries to close the throttle. The interaction of the governor spring and mechanical governor holds the throttle at the desired engine rpms based upon a force balance and the load / operating conditions.
The governor spring is directly connected to the throttle plate.
The function of the electronic governor is to hold the engine speed as closely as possible to a desired speed. It will do this even though loads on the engine, such as driving on ramps or engaging pumps and augers, change. The governor system consists of two components – the actuator and the electronic controller.
Explanation: A Hartnell governor is a spring loaded governor.
Adjusting the governor helps maintain a steady engine speed no matter the terrain and other conditions that could effect the engine workload. While the manufacturer highly recommends against this, it may be necessary to keep your engine running well.
It is a device used for maintaining a constant mean speed of rotation of the crankshaft over long periods during which the load of the engine may vary. Governor maintains constant speed by controlling the supply of working fluid as load varies.

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The RPM’s are to high and I can’t not turn them down. I tried to adjust them by turning the adjustment bolts. NO LUCK
ANSWER : You need to adjust the governor spring. Did you recently do some work on it? If so, you must have got that particular spring on wrong. What hp is your motor?Jim

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I have a craftman 4 cycle mini tiller, running to slow. need to run at a faster speed. do not where to adjust.
ANSWER : If the carb has the “fixed” throttle control. Find the governor control lever with the small, long coiled spring attatched to it in the middle. It may be hooked to a metal tab that is on the back carburetor bolt. Bend the tab to your left to increase set speed or to the right (towards governor lever) to decrease.

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How do I hook up the two springs on the choke mechanism
ANSWER : It would help to know the make, model, and HP of the engine. However, if the avatar shown is similar to your machine, here is a pic of the spring placement on the carb.If this is the kind you have, you can easily see where the spring ends go. However, where the springs join to make a “V” is a bit obscure. They join to a loop in the hard link which connects the governor to the throttle plate.Hope this helps.**WARNING**Make Sure the throttle moves freely. If the linkage becomes pinched your engine may run away and either become damaged, destroyed, or may even do harm.

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Rpm maxes out and I can't bring it down – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : Check that throttle linkage is ok and free, check that throttle plate is free to move and not jammed – check that srew in the throttle plate is not allowing plate to restrict and jamb throttle

check the governor springs and links are in the correct places and are free to move , check that governor is working ?

if its not migght be governor is adjusted wrong or slipped
or its flown to peices

if unit is ohv model have seen the the ocilating balancer
torque link rod break and cause a engine to go to full throttle
as sson aas the engine was started

please let me know model and type numbers off the engine in question and its make ie briggs etc

and will try help further

cheers paul

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Why would the engine idle at a very high rmp and the idle control seems to be function but has no effect on the rmp of the motor
ANSWER : Check to see that there is no binding or issues where the governor linkage and the throttle linkage interact with each other at the carburetor. Check to see if any of the springs are missing also.It will be evident if so, linkage falling down.

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How do i rewind the recoil spring on my craftsman lawn mower?
ANSWER : Normally these small engines use a clock spring to retract the rope.
Remove the cover on the top and you should find the spring either broken or the tab where the spring end has broken off or jumped out of the mount.
You will need to pre-load the spring with enough tension to retract the rope.
Remove the pull handle from the rope, load the spring and then wrap the rope around the pully holding the pully and spring in the loaded position. place the end of the rope through the hole and tie up the handle. The rope should pull and retract without being installed on the engine.
Best explained here…

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Cannot get the recoil spring on model 18r back in housing!
ANSWER : If it goes into a metal housing that is like a can lid with short sides and has one area that is open onthe side and the whole thing has a small hole in the center of the flat side….Take the metal housing, lay it flat on a table or other flat surface. Figure which way the spring would go. Lay the small end of the spring in the housing with the spring wire going out the open slot. Now all you do is wind the spring in by turning the housing. You must keep the spring in the housing with your other hand, maybe a flat piece of wood or something to hold the spring from jumping out. Once you have it all in the housing, reinstall it. If the spring is backward, CAREFULLY pull the spring out until it is no longer under tension, flop the spring over and go again…Good luck…Lee

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Spring is broken
ANSWER : Craftsman rider mower brakes failed all of a sudden a spring broke but I can not find where the spring attachs on the blueprint

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