6500 Self-propelled Sprayer Operators Manual

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1979: The 6000 Hi Cycle Sprayer offers the operator new levels of comfort with its Sound-Gard cab.
In terms of miles per hour, the most common application speed ranges between 10-16 mph for self-propelled sprayers. Any faster and a grower risks not achieving uniform coverage, or creating spray drift.
Since Deere & Co acquired sprayer manufacturer Douven and its factory at Horst, southern Netherlands, for its first foray into the European crop care market, the facility and John Deere product range has grown in scale, sophistication and sales volume.
The world`s oldest existing tractor, the Hungarian-built 1896 Mechwart`s, was discovered by Graeme Quick shown with curator Klaus Kerrmann, in the German museum where the tractor now resides.
We at Aerohill Engines offer a cost effective and highly reliable engine remanufacturing solution for your John Deere 6000 Sprayer which should be equipped with a John Deere 219D engine.
Even on areas around 100m2 (an average room), a paint sprayer is faster. Set up and masking do not take long once you get some experience, and cleaning out a roller at the end in many cases can take longer than a sprayer. Typically, a paint sprayer is around four times faster than a roller.
Reach up to 40-60 feet away with this nozzle. Great for cleaning the sides of buildings or homes without ladders, scaffoldings or telescoping wands.
Self-propelled high clearance sprayer is most suitable for spraying on tall crop like cotton. The machine can also be used for spraying on sunflower, wheat and other crops.
Most boom sprayers are made with the following basic components: agitator, control valves and gauges, hoses, pump, strainer and tank.
The foot sprayer develops sufficient pressure to operate with two discharge lines with any length of hose. The Adarsh Foot Sprayer Agriculture Spray Pump is suitable for spraying with High-Jet Spray Gun to spray on tall trees.

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ANSWER : Your owner’s manual will tell you. If you have one come back and we will find you one.

How do i replace a clutch on a JD 3020 tractor
ANSWER : Break it in half, then get with it.

Looking for information on a John Deere tractor S/N CH0850S017329 and the current estimated value of this tractor with approximately 2,700 hours on it.
ANSWER : Can you please post the model number of the tractor? Thanks

Our john deere 400 is eating the belts for the front pto drive
ANSWER : Flat idler to left of belts is most likely seizing up during use.

Free belt diagram john deere freedom 42 – John Deere 42 in. EZ Trak Bagger

We have a John Deere 2140 Tractor with front end loader attachment. How do we engage the PTO, or where is lever.


ANSWER : Located between the gear lever and ratio lever on the centre console

How do I replace the drive belt on a john deere 265? There doesn’t seem to be a clear answer anywhere. Please help
ANSWER : You can look at the manuel that came with the mower or if you did not get one, go to the JD mower web site and look up you model and download the needed documentation. If that is not possible contact the local JD mower dealer and get a copy of the mower deck docs and look at the instructions for belt replacement.

Which way do i install thermatate in john deere 4020
ANSWER : Looking at stat top part looks like a handle around it