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Keep your garden in its best shape with the RYOBI Cultivator Expand-It™ universal attachment. Aerate soil and remove weeds by simply connecting the tiller attachment to any of the RYOBI power heads. The 10 inch steel tines allow for easy tilling while the large shield provides protection to the user from debris.
The purpose of a lawn tiller is to break up hard and compact soil, whereas a garden cultivator like the Husqvarna T300RH petrol cultivator serves to mix up soil that is already loose and stir in compost or fertiliser so that it is ready for planting.
So there are different types of tillers you can buy and they go by many different names – but they all more or less do the same kind of job – they dig and break up soil into small pieces. Some of the different names you will find are tiller, rototiller, rotovator, cultivator, tiller/cultivator and mini tiller.
A cultivator will help you mix potting and regular soil together; break up small weeds and grasses to prevent them from taking over your garden; or work light amounts of fertilizer, manure or compost into your soil mixture.
Cultivators should be used for mixing soil that`s already been broken up, such as when compost or fertilizer is added after tilling and before planting. Cultivators can also be used after planting to control weeds.
Manual cultivators

These types of cultivators are most often used to cultivate the top two inches of soil. They work very well in loose and compacted soil and can be used to weed out any unwanted weed growth on the surface.

Differences between plowing and cultivating

While plowing turns over the soil, bringing the lower soil up to the top, cultivating is loosening the top layer of the soil. In Farming Simulator, the more time-consuming plowing is rarely necessary, though. In most cases, cultivating will suffice.

Cultivators can also be used for weed removal.

Because of their shallow working depth and small size, cultivators are great for removing weeds in beds and around plants easily, safely, and quickly.

Many people use the terms “cultivator” and “tiller” interchangeably, and think they`re the same thing. They`re both used for the same purpose – digging up and stirring the soil.
Hand cultivators are small, handheld gardening tools that are suitable for digging and breaking up the soil from the depth. It can be helpful for you to loosen the soil and remove weeds without putting much strain on your back and arms.
A field cultivator is commonly utilized with a tractor to help prep a field for planting. Agricultural producers use this attachment to dig deep into soil, turning it up and mixing the topsoil to bring nutrients to the surface.

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Sparkplug gap for ryobi 410r 31cc tiller – Ryobi Cultivator
ANSWER : -Most small power equipment’s spark plug are pre gap. You don’t have to.

Good luck


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Unable to start Ryobi 410r cultivator
ANSWER : After starting close the choke , push the lever back in

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What is the mix for gas and oil in a ryobi tiller, model # ry60511a, 25cc
ANSWER : To make your day a little bit easier, you can buy the one gallon mix bottles of oil from Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart. Just goto the lawn and garden department and there you will find these bottles of oil. One bottle to one gallon of gas.

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Ryobi 410r cultivator needs intital carb adjust ments,where do i start,how vmany turns on idle and high idle?
ANSWER : Screw in lightly till seated then back out 1 turn each. low is for idling and turn in or out for best idle then run full throttle and do the same for it, get highest rpm then turn out 1/8 more on the high jet.

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Gas tank leaks on a 410r how do we take it off.
ANSWER : Remove the screws holding the recoil cover off I would think and go here for parts and use your model numbers to find your

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No spark small gas engine – Ryobi Cultivator
ANSWER : Remove the small wire from the side of the coil and spin it over if still no spark the coil is bad if you get spark with the wire off then check the wires for rubbing or shorts making the wire ground out and shut the coil off

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Ryobi No Fire at spark plug – Ryobi 30 Cubic Centimeter Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : Have you checked just the plug wire for spark. If you’re not getting any here, then you may have a bad magnet-or. So if the spark is happening only at the wire and not through the plug. Change the plug. Also check the cut off switch. It could cause the no spark, to keep it from starting.

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My Ryobi portable table saw BTS20 just quit working in the middle of a cut.
ANSWER : Me id look at the under side of saw , id bet the saw just tripped out in use and needs to be reset , id also bet the reset is marked in red some place around motor

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