Gxv160 55hp 55 Hp 25mm Dia Lawn Mower Engine

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Honda GXV160 Petrol Lawnmower Engine (5.0hp)
The GXV160 engine is suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications such as lawn mowers, construction equipment and other industrial applications.
Honda GXV160 Petrol Engine 4-Stroke 7/8″ shaft.
Reliable, Lightweight Power

Specifically designed for home-use power equipment applications, the GC160 provides an ideal source of power for a variety of consumer products.

Honda engines have been made in China for a number of years but engineering was handled in Japan. That is changed. The worst news may be that almost all large scale production of small engines in the world are now either owned by, manufactured by, or in some way managed by China.
Power Output: 4.8 HP – 5.5 HP @ 3600 RPM.
Honda uses 4-stroke engines for all of its power products because they offer cleaner exhaust gas emissions, better fuel economy and lower noise levels.
Being a 4-stroke engine, it means that it meets the worlds most stringent environmental legislation and emits very few emissions, has low fuel and oil consumption and reduced vibration and noise levels.
The spark plug gap should be set to between 0.028 and 0.030 inches (0.70 to 0.80 mm.)
Honda GX690 V-Twin Engine 1-1/8″ Shaft.
Gas Engine Motor for HondaGX160, 160CC 4-Stroke 6.5HP Go Kart Garden Tiller Cultivator Air Cooling Single Cylinder OHV Gasoline Petrol Engine Motor Replacement (6.5HP 160CC, Red)

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Wont start no ignition put new plug in and fuel filter
ANSWER : Flush gas tank, fill with fresh gas and Stabil. Replace air filter. Remove bowl from carb clean bowl and holes in bowl screw.

My Honda 160cc lawn mower engine cut out when I hit a large clump of grass. Now I cannot get it to start. Has always started with no problems. What to do?
ANSWER : Has probably broken flywheel key ….. putting it out of time

Honda mower won’t pull start
ANSWER : You will need to find out if you are getting a spark. generally cheap to fix it you just need to find out which part isnt working first

Craftsman mower honda engine, leaves circular marks in lawn, new blade did not help
ANSWER : Try raising the deck up a little.Thanks for asking and I hope this helps out.Please leave me 4 thumbs up.

I have a Husqvarna 5521CHV lawn mower. it stars easy but then cuts off in a few seconds. but will restart easy.
ANSWER : I don’t have a solution but have the same problem. When choke opens the engine shuts down.

Mower start up and runs, but starts to cut back, and smokes just a little bit. The mower stops smoking when it throttle up. It will continue to run but not at full throttle. I can hold a finger gently over the fuel primer bulb and it will throttle up for a small time.
ANSWER : It sounds like she’s being deprived of the correct fuel / air mixture due to a dirty carburetor (the biggest problem with mowers when gas is left to sit for a period of time). If you do not know how to take the carburetor apart and clean it thoroughly, then I suggest taking it to the local shop (hardware store or mower shop) and having it tuned up. It’ll probably be just fine and worth the money. Hope this helps and good luck.James

I need a repair guied to tare apart this engine
ANSWER : Model Number Search : eReplacementParts.com

Go to this site, it is one of the best I have found for Honda parts.
Put in your model number and you can find all parts in good exploded views.

Replacing crank shaft – Honda Gxv160 55hp 55 Hp 25mm Dia Lawn Mower Engine
ANSWER : Unless you have experience on how to tear down an engine, you’re bette off leaving this to a machine shop or small gas engine shop.