I have a 20071 Recycler with the 6.5 Techumseh engine. It will cold start, but once the engine gets hot it loses fire. There is no spark until the engine cools. What is the issue?
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Have you checked the fly wheel? Can not have any rust present.


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Other things that could cause this issue are bad fuel, weak/colapsed/kinked fuel line, faulty spark plug, faulty ignition/coil, oil over full, clogged air filter, plugged/dirty carburetor, worn engine parts internal rings/valves/etc.
A damaged fuel system is the most common reason an overheated engine may not start. A faulty system can cause the motor to get hot and produce heat and vapor, which creates difficulty for the fuel to circulate in the engine. Blown head gasket. A blown head gasket could also be a significant cause of overheating.
Repeated overheating of the spark plug tip can cause the plug to prematurely fail. Overheating can be caused by many things like pre-ignition and a malfunctioning cooling system. Pre-ignition can lead to heat building up in the combustion chamber causing the spark plugs to fail.
The Spark Plug is Faulty

An issue with the spark plug is one of the most common reasons for a petrol lawnmower cutting out. Even if the spark plug looks to be in good condition, it may need replacing. Your spark plug should be replaced after every 25 hours of use.

As the fuel level drops, a vacuum begins to form in the fuel tank because air can get in to fill the space the consumed fuel occupied. After about 10 or 15 minutes, the vacuum will become strong enough that fuel will stop flowing to the carburetor and the lawnmower will die.
Your lawn mower runs for 30 minutes then dies if you are having issues such as a bad spark plug, air problems, a malfunctioning carburetor, or a faulty gas cap. You may even encounter the issue that your lawn mower runs for 5 minutes then dies.
In extreme heat, your car may not start because of issues with your fuel. When your engine is too hot, fuel cannot circulate well, making it difficult for your engine to start. To keep your engine running at the correct temperature, make sure to maintain your coolants.
ProRacing Hot Start Fix is a device intended to help to start a warm and cold diesel engine. If you are interested in this device, you probably have the same problem as dozens of other users of diesel cars. TD, TDI, TDS engines and other, above 45 degrees do not start heater plugs.
The heat rating of each NGK spark plug is indicated by a number; lower numbers indicate a hotter type, higher numbers indicate a colder type.
Loose, Dirty or Disconnected Spark Plug in Your Lawn Mower: Check it out, clean off debris, re-connect and tighten. Dirty Air Filter: Clean or replace. Fuel Not Reaching the Engine: Tap the side of the carburetor to help the flow of gas. If this doesn`t work, you might need a new fuel filter.
A Dirty Carburetor Can Cause a Lawnmower To Start Then Die

By far, the most common issue that causes a stalled motor is a dirty carburetor. The carburetor on your engine is the thing that draws in air and mixes it with the fuel. Contrary to what the movies might make you think, gasoline itself is not very flammable.

Condensation inside the gas tank is one culprit, but moisture can also enter the system through a loose or ill fitting gas cap. The best solution is to drain the mower`s gas tank and refill it with fresh gasoline. A clogged fuel filter can also cause a mower engine to die.
If your lawn mower starts, runs briefly, then dies these are the four most common reasons that`s happening: Dirty carburetor / clogged carburetor bowl. Old gasoline that has gone bad. Dirty or defective spark plugs.
A full gas tank and oil reservoir are the essential first steps when checking why the lawn mower won`t stay running, but the problem could also be a dirty filter, clogged carburetor, improper fuel mixture, or a dirty spark plug.
The most common reason for a surging lawn mower engine is a blockage in the fuel supply, but there are other possibilities: Bad gas. Bad spark plug. Dirty/faulty carburetor.
Common signs include reduced engine performance, black smoke coming from the exhaust, backfiring, overheating, or hard starting.
That said, a severely overheating engine can cause the cylinder walls or the pistons themselves to warp, bend and deform. This will cause the perfect seal between the piston and the rest of the engine to lose integrity. Oil could be forced past the piston rings and into the engine, where it will burn the oil.
The most common reasons for a hot start include insufficient airflow through the compressor, incorrect fuel scheduling and slow engine acceleration.
Mobile app launch time benchmarks

The Android Developer Guide currently considers the following startup times to be maximums for acceptable performance: Cold launches should take less than 5 seconds. Hot launches should take less than 1.5 seconds. Warm launches should take less than 2 seconds.

Warm startup takes 2 seconds or longer. Hot startup takes 1.5 seconds or longer.
This silver or chrome-colored finish on the threads is designed to provide corrosion resistance against moisture and chemicals. The coating also acts as a release agent during spark plug removal. NGK spark plugs are installed at the factory dry, without lubrication or anti-seize.
Bosch plugs get hotter the higher the number, colder the lower the number. Starting with part # FR6DC+ (heat range 6), a colder plug would be # FR5DC+ (heat range 5), a hotter plug would be # FR7DC+ (heat range 7).
If the tip of the spark plug is too hot it can cause pre-ignition leading to detonation/knocking and damage may occur. If it is too cold, electrically conductive deposits may form on the insulator causing a loss of spark energy or the actual shorting-out of the spark current.
Cold starts need outstanding spark plug performance. A leading cause of hard starting is degraded spark plugs, and while being an inconvenience, this also results in more serious effects such as increased fuel consumption and emissions.

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Honda gx200The water blaster just stopped and I change the spark plug but still only a very small spark that is when it sparks?Coil buggered?
ANSWER : Very small spark okay as long as its blue and not bright yellow.try using starting fluid if runs might want to see if carburetor is getting fuel.

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Engineer starts, and stop – Mtd 22" Yard Machine Push Mower
ANSWER : Clean fuel system
carburetor main jet, float bowl
check cable/linkage adjustments

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Starts when cold but not when hot – McCulloch Points Pro Mac 6 Or 6a Chainsaw Chain Saw
ANSWER : Check the air cleaner for plugging. Don’t use the choke when it’s hot. Check the condition of the spark plug and the quality of the spark which should be blue and snappy. The internal insulator should be a tan color if running correctly (plug gap 0.020″). You may need to inspect the diaphragm in the lower part of the carburetor–it should be flexible with no holes or cracks. Turn the L jet needle CW somewhat until the engine will try to stall when the throttle is pulled, then back it up about 1/8 to 1/4 turn CCW until the engine will ‘follow the throttle’. Hope this helps!

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Mower won’t start. Toro mower..engine won’t turn over. Cleaned sparkplug…checked air cool. Followed instructions for cold engine…prime witrh three pushes of the bulb..wnon’t even hint at a start..
ANSWER : Something everyone over looks is oil. Did you check the oil? You seemed to mention everything else but. If you have a low oil switch with low oil it will not start

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Question on craftman riding mower
ANSWER : With the ground wire off the coil and it turns over, you have a bad coil these engines are notorious for this. GOOD LUCK…..

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No spark at plugs after replacing coils it has spark advance what do I look for next
ANSWER : Check for the switching pulse at the coil input terminal. It should be less than the battery voltage but not zero, or pulsing in sync with the engine (if you know the spark dwell angle, you can calculate the voltage by multiplying it by the number of cylinders, dividing by 360 degrees, then multiplying by the battery voltage). If you don’t get any indication that the coil is being switched to ground to generate the spark, your distributor contact (for mechanical ignition switches) , magneto or electronic ignition module could be the problem. Before changing whatever one of these you have, double-check the wiring to the coil – a misplaced, broken or loose wire will have the same effect.

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What is the spark plug gap for a ryobi string trimmer model # ry30550 ?
ANSWER : I can’t say for sure, but it’s PROBABLY about 0.035″.

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What is the proper gap of a spark plug on a 28 graham brothers truck
ANSWER : Depends. It depends upon which engine (Dodge six? Dodge eight?) the truck has. It depends upon how much compression the engine has, and upon how strong the coil is. A good starting point would be around 0.035″. If that gap results in a persistent miss, especially at higher engine speeds, try 0.005″ more or less – if the miss gets worse, go the other way. When the plugs fire consistently at all speeds, your gap is “correct”.

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