30.1CC Chainsaw With a 14 In.bar and Chain

Good spark to the plug and getting gas but will not hit a lick
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You need to play about with the timing adjustment.You can adjust the timing by two different methods.The first is to adjust the space on the spark plug.The other is to adjust the gap between the contact, and the coil/magneto.There ya go, FixedYa !))Don’t forget to rate, thanks.

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The professional-grade ECHO chainsaw CS-310 comes equipped with a 16 in. bar and chain. The rear handle chainsaw is both lightweight and delivers powerful performance.
The carburetor might be clogged and needs to be cleaned.

A chainsaw`s carburetor mixes air and fuel to start the internal combustion engine. If fuel has been left in the engine for too long, it can become sticky and clog the carburetor, preventing it from starting. If the clog is minor, clean out the carburetor.

The Timber Wolf 59.8cc, 4 HP professional-grade saw is setting a new standard for toughness. More powerful than comparable competitive saws with optimum performance, easy starting, easy operation and quick maintenance.
Yes, you can use the 16” bar on the 14” chain saw, and visa-versa.
Thes 18″, 3/8″ Low-Profile chains fits saws from many manufacturers including Husqvarna, Jonsered, Makita, Echo and Ryobi.
The hardest worker on any property. Available with a 16 in. bar, the popular 34-cc CS-352 is a more powerful version of the ECHO CS-310.
Both Stihl and Echo chainsaw companies feature great design overall. Both use high-quality materials. Echo chainsaws are designed to be lighter in weight than Stihl. This is done by incorporating aluminum into the build of their saws making it a more comfortable chainsaw to operate.
STIHL currently recommends that you do not store or use fuel older than 60 days, and preferably no longer than 30 days, even with a stabilizer. Read more about storing your outdoor power equipment.
ECHO is the largest subsidiary of the Yamabiko Corporation of Japan.
Oregon 16 in. Chainsaw Bar & R56 Chain, Fits Echo, Craftsman, Poulan, Homlite, Husqvarna, Ryobi and more (623000) 16A041R56-21 – The Home Depot.
Echo chain saw model names start with “CS-” followed by a number indicating the approximate engine displacement. For example, a CS-450 has a 45cc engine, and a CS-800P has an 80.7 cc engine. All Echo chain saw motors are two strokes.

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ANSWER : If the engine has good compression, and good spark, it should at least ‘pop’ several times. Check the flywheel ‘key’ as it may have sheared causing the ignition to be out of time. Hope this helps!

Chain not moving on a running chain saw. – Echo 30.1CC Chainsaw With a 14 In.bar and Chain
ANSWER : Hi. Possibly the chain brake is engaged. It is the thing just in front of the forward handle. Try pulling it back, before starting the saw. It should click into place. This device is supposed to stop the chain in the event of a severe kick-back. If that’s not it, you are probably looking at a new clutch or maybe sprocket.

Can’t keep pole saw running. It starts fine but when i go to do something it shuts down
ANSWER : It sounds to me like you have a blockage in the high jet. There are 2 jets in the carb a HI and a LOW. If you can determine which is the high jet turn it in gently while counting how many full turns and any partial turn and write it down. (example 2 and one half turns) Then remove the high jet needle valve. Spray some carb cleaner into the hole you took the needle valve out of using the little tube that comes with the can of carb cleaner. then put the needle valve back in and turn it gently till it stops again. Now turn it back out the same amount that you wrote down. It would not hurt to do the other jet as well…

How to take out the piston in my chain saw – Echo CS400 18" Chain Saw
ANSWER : The cylinder must be removed from the crankcase (be sure to clean the exterior of the engine and all parts with compressed air first). That involves removing the carburetor, muffler, cylinder head, and possibly the entire outer case parts. If the piston/ring(s) requires replacement due to scuffing, the cylinder will likely need to be replaced also. Many modern engines use a chrome plated lining for the cylinder interior and any piston damage will affect the cylinder plating also. Use great care when installing the new piston in the cylinder as the ring(s) are quite fragile. Also look for direction marks on the piston as some engines use an offset pin. Be sure to lubricate everything as you go with saw oil to prevent start-up damage. Hope this helps!

How do you adjust the chain size? – Poulan Pro 16-Inch 38 cc Anti-Vibration Chainsaw #PP3516AVX
ANSWER : A link to a Poulan PP3416AVX OM follows (may not be your saw):
There is a mention of chain tensioning on page 2, a more complete explanation begins on page 7 (Assembly) and continues through the bottom of page 8.

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Cleaning the fuel filter
ANSWER : I would try cleaning the carb. sounds like there is something stuck in the jet to me.

I have a 16 inch chain saw and want to buy a new chain saw blade does anyone know what other manufacturer’s blade will fit
ANSWER : Oregon mfg. makes a full line of replacement chains and bars (blade). Check with home centers, hardware stores, and saw dealers. Bring full details of the saw with you, or the saw itself. Good luck!

Why does the echo start but die when i move from cold start to run?
ANSWER : Fuel issue, carb adjustment, fuel lines, carb rebuild.