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If this is actually a hand drill you might be able to replace the brushes.

If this is a chain saw and has no torque then:

Saw teeth may need to be sharpened.
Clutch may be worn out and needs replacement.
Saw needs a tune up.

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Adjust the Clutch

The clutch setting is is the most important feature to have dialed in. You`ll see a list of numbers from 1 to 10 or 20. These are used to set the clutch to deliver a torque range. The higher the number on the collar, the higher the torque and the larger the fastener that can be driven.

Variable torque settings makes your drill more versatile and allows you to complete a wider variety of jobs with the same tool. For example, if you are driving screws into a soft material like wood your best bet is to turn down the torque.
A drill/driver powers a constant 550 in/lbs of torque at about 1,500 rotations per minute (RPMs) with permanently engaged gears for high-speed hole drilling or driving simple fasteners.
Similarly, the torque produced by a motor can be increased or decreased through the use of gearing. An increase in torque comes with a proportional decrease in rotational speed. The meshing of two gear teeth can be viewed as equivalent to the interaction of a pair of levers as shown in Figure 5.
If you choose a drill with a torque of between 25 and 50Nm, you can use it for all the usual jobs in and around the house. With more than 50Nm, even professionals will have enough power for heavy screw work.
Drill Clutch

A clutch is designed to slip once the appropriate level of torque is achieved so that the screw being installed will not hurt the material it is being installed into.

The primary reason your screw won`t go into the wood is that it`s reached a particularly dense section of wood, and needs a bit more force. To mitigate the issue, drill a larger pilot hole, use a better quality screw, or get a more powerful drill/driver.
Without brushes to cause friction and slow things down, brushless drills pack more power and torque. They can reach higher speeds, too. “You can expect a 15 to 35 percent increase in performance compared with a brushed motor drill,” says Banta.
The most common reason a drill won`t penetrate a wall at all is because the drill is spinning in the wrong direction. If the drill bit enters the wall and then hits resistance, the typical cause is a metal plate or masonry obstruction.
A common misconception is: the higher the torque rating, the faster the drill will complete an application. That`s not necessarily true. Torque is the force the drill produces to turn an object, not how fast an object will turn.
The most simple means of increasing torque is to run an open exhaust and intake and tune properly.

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Ray i was asking for torque specs for a Briggs and Stratton flywheel bolt model 31P977 it is a 20 hp motor. how many foot pounds of torque do i tighten it to. i would use a torque wrench.
ANSWER : 50 ft lbs should do it

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How to get owner's manual – Troy-Bilt Pony Garden Tiller
ANSWER : Most of the time u can go to the place of sale and get one or just call
the company and get or go one line with tyap code and modal number a
and see if that helps.

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Ryobi cordless drill. I was using my cordless 18V drill last week and all of a sudden the switch on the drill quit working, I put on a new battery but when you press the switch, NOTHING happens, it acts as though the switch is defective. Can this switch be replaced at a cost less than buying a new ryobi cordless drill. Thanks for any help.

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My drill wont spin it just smokes and buzzes
ANSWER : Your brushes in the motor are shot. Or the drill got wet and the bearings are seizing up.

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Won't seal and hold pressure – Ace Hardware Acer Spray and Go Sprayer
ANSWER : Try smearing some Vaseline on the gasket that goes around the pump shaft at the top.

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Sprayer hose split after 2 uses – Garden Brand Outdoor Garden Utility Sink – Gb4000
ANSWER : Manufacture defect–operator abuse–

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2003 cavalier spark plug torque settings – Champion International Champion& Small Engine Spark Plug 8 Pack
ANSWER : Nobody torques spark plugs, just put anti-seize on the spark plug threads and hand tighten the spark plugs.

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What are the head and rod bolt torque specs on a honda gx390 engine
ANSWER : One hundred ten inch lbs on the rods and 45 ft on the head bolts

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