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I found an IPL for your saw here:

Type “YourModelNumber” into the “Search for your unit by Model:” window, then click search.
Click the “YourModelNumber” – Remington Electric Chain Saw “View Model” link.
Click “View Owners Manual” or “View Illustrated Parts Diagram” link.
Type “YourPartNumber” into the “Search for your parts by Part #:” window, then click search.
Your saw Illustrated Parts Breakdown
Item 18; pn 113004-01; Sprocket Gear changes to pn 122513-01; Price $24.
Item 19; pn 059606-02; Drive Gear Price $7.25; Back Ordered – forever?.

Master Distributors
pn 122513-01; Sprocket Gear Kit (pn 113004-01, 075676 (Bearing) & 059606-02) ; $18.99 Appears to be available. I would waste little time ordering this.

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The chain sprocket must be replaced if the depth of the wear marks reaches about 0.5mm, i.e. the wear limit. A seriously worn chain sprocket can cause the chainsaw chain and guide bar to wear at an increased rate, as well as reducing cutting performance too, so it`s important to keep an eye on.
There are two types of sprockets – spur sprockets and rim and sprockets. These can sit inside the clutch (inboard) or outside the clutch (outboard). With some chainsaws you have both options. With other chainsaws you can only have one or the other.
If your electric chainsaw won`t start, try examining it for these issues: Not pressing the safety button at the same time as the trigger. Tripped electrical breaker (for corded chainsaws) Frayed or damaged electrical cord (for corded chainsaws)
Modern chainsaws run two different types of sprockets; spur sprockets and centre drive sprockets. There are hundreds of variation of each of these types of sprockets.
If the chain sprocket is damaged, it creates a irritating noice and the mileage also drops by 6-8 kms… So itz better to change the chain sprocket as soon as possible…
The sprocket size represents the first two digits in the chain designation. Example: 40A14 is size 40. The number of teeth represents the last two digits in the chain designation. Count the number of teeth.
To measure the chain size, if you have just the sprocket, use calipers to measure between the teeth. Measure from center to center of where the chain roller would set between the teeth that will give you the pitch. Once you know the pitch you can determine what chain size you would need.
Are chainsaw chains interchangeable? Several manufacturers produce chainsaw chains, and the different brands are not interchangeable with all models. If you replace your chain with another brand, you must know the exact gauge, length, and pitch of the old chain.
Sprockets are distinguished from gears in that sprockets are never meshed together directly. There are several different types of sprockets, including silent chain, roller, and ladder sprockets. Spur Gear – Spur gears are the most common type of gear.
This most commonly is a result of a dull chain and exerting to much pressure on the bar and chain trying to make the chain saw cut. This could also be either a lack of bar and chain oil ( tank empty, restricted oiler hole ) or an inferior type of oil that is being slung off the chain and not lubricating.
Restricted Fuel Lines

The engine can be suffocated from gasoline when at peak demand for fuel if there is any slight restriction or debris in the fuel lines. The fuel line may be clogged from stale fuel deposits, more reasons to cause your chainsaw to cut out when applying throttle.

In general, a smaller front sprocket, and/or a bigger rear sprocket will translate into a higher final drive ratio, and lead to better acceleration at the cost of top speed.
The chain sprocket must be replaced if the depth of the wear marks reaches about 0.5mm, i.e. the wear limit. A seriously worn chain sprocket can cause the chainsaw chain and guide bar to wear at an increased rate, as well as reducing cutting performance too, so it`s important to keep an eye on.
How long should the drive sprocket on my saw last? You should replace drive sprocket systems after every two chains, or sooner. It`s important not to run a new chain on a badly worn drive sprocket.
The first cause could be track tension, the track may be too loose causing the sprocket to not grip the drive pins in the track, secondly the track you have been supplied may not be the correct pitch for your machine, causing the sprocket to jump over the drive pins and grind the teeth away.
Most common sprocket size today is 25T or 28T with 23,7mm bore. There are two basic sprocket types – bolt drive and spline drive. Bolt drive sprocket is attached to the crank arm with a bolt. Spline drive sprocket is placed straight onto the 48-spline spindle and usually lasts longer.
For more top end and faster top speed, use a large countershaft/front sprocket or smaller rear sprocket. This creates a taller gearing ratio that`s best for high speed situations without many tight turns like wide open desert racing.
When identifying a sprocket with a part number, standardly the chain pitch will be written first, then the hub style or code, and followed by the number of teeth the sprocket has. If the sprocket is multi strand there will most often be a letter prefix at the beginning of the part number.
The pitch of the chain must match the pitch of the drive sprocket / drive rim and this must match the end sprocket of the bar. If these elements don`t match then damage will occur.
No need to break the chain! If you loosen the chain up all the way you should be able to simply slide the sprocket off the shaft with the chain still wrapped around it, once you get the nut off of course. You`ll need a pretty good cheater bar and torque wrench to get the nut off and back on again.
Sprocket size is shown: chain pitch “by” the number of teeth. For example, 3/8″ x 7 references a sprocket that is 3/8″ pitch with 7 teeth.
Sprocket size is shown: chain pitch “by” the number of teeth. For example, 3/8″ x 7 references a sprocket that is 3/8″ pitch with 7 teeth.

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I have a 107624-02 saw. Motor of saw runs but chain does not move. Trouble shooting diagnosis: Gear train failure. I removed the assembly of the chain bar gear. The “spring steel” strap that is supposed to hold the large gear in apparently lets the gear slip to the outside so the gears do not mesh, and the chain does not move. The gears look OK, so it doesn’t appear they are worn and need replacing.
However, if they need replacing, how does one get the small one out, which may be attached to the motor drive shaft. There are no details in the owner’s manual. In troubleshooting, it simply states “see authorized service center”. I prefer to repair it myself, for which I need details of the gears assembly.
ANSWER : Try at eReplacementParts.com : Power Tool Parts and Tool Repair Diagrams also look at ToolPartsDirect.com – Your Tool Repair Supply Store.

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The model “no” is 124802,,
type =0610-01
code =94062259
Where can I buy one from ? ,,I live WA PERTH
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(( if the shaft looks ok on a roll test,, it could be the mount and metal portion of the shaft and you could get lucky and try and use a breaker bar to flex and bend it back into the proper position ).


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