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I have a Craftsman 2-cycle weed trimmer (25cc). The fuel lines broke off from deteriation so I replaced all of them. Now when I try to prime the fuel to start, nothing is being suctioned from the tank. In fact, I tested the primer bulb and it appears to be pushing air into the main fuel line (line goes from the carb into the tank with the little filter at the end) and suctioning air from the purge line (line goes from the carb to the tank). It appears that the primer bulb is working in reverse. It starts up no problem when I pour a little fuel directly into the carb, but won’t continue to run
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Make sure the line is near the botto ofthe tank.Thanks you for asking and I hope it helps.Please leave me a 4 thumbs up.

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Wear and Tear

Depending on how often the little machine starts and its age, the inside of the bulb will eventually get gooey, causing it to stick. If a brittle bulb cracks around the seal, air will leak out the side rather than force fuel from the tank into the bulb, also causing a collapse.

An air bulb, or primer bulb, on a weed eater forces gasoline into the carburetor to start the engine. Each push of the bulb sprays a fine mist of gasoline along with air needed for starting. Air bulbs are made of plastic or rubber and eventually deteriorate, crack or break with usage.
Primer bulbs do not work well if there is lots of air and no fuel. I spent over one hour getting my new boat primed. You might try running the hose and bulb to a can of gas (lots of things can go bad with can of gas, be careful) and see if the motor will fill and firm up the bulb.
The bulb is NOT suppose to stay hard. It only delivers the fuel to the engine. Then the two check valves open and allow fuel to flow. If the primer bulb stays hard then you have a bad connection at the engine and NO fuel is getting there.
If the annealing time is too short, primers do not have enough time to bind to the template. Use an annealing time of at least 30 sec. If the annealing temperature is too high, primers are unable to bind to the template. The rule of thumb is to use an annealing temperature that is 5°C lower than the Tm of the primer.
ANSWER: The primer bulb, which is located in the fuel line between the gas tank and the engine, is used to fill the carburetor with fuel when the engine is started cold.
all primer bulbs are not the same size!
Checking the Fuel Mix

The most common problem with a strimmer not starting is that there`s a problem with the fuel mix. Double check that you`ve used 40 parts fresh unleaded petrol to 1 part 2-stroke oil (40:1). Check the petrol you`ve used isn`t stale.

The (clear) fuel intake line runs from the top of the carburetor (straight nipple) and goes to the short post on the back of the primer bulb. The return line (blue) comes from the long post on the back of the primer bulb and goes into the bottom of the fuel tank.
Remove the air filter and spray carburetor cleaner into the intake. Let it sit for several minutes to help loosen and dissolve varnish. Replace the filter and try starting the trimmer. If this doesn`t solve the problem, consider disassembling the carburetor to give it a more thorough cleaning.

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Need to replace fuel lines….does the prime bulb connected to return fuel line or the supply fuel line
ANSWER : Hi stglass900…

Normally the big line will be the line the fuel filter is connected to inside of the tank, and is connected to the primer bulb.
The smaller of the two lines is the return line to the fuel tank from the carburetor after it is pumped thru the carburetor by the primer bulb.
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Craftsman weed trimmer primer bulb is working in reverse
ANSWER : Make sure the line is near the botto ofthe tank.Thanks you for asking and I hope it helps.Please leave me a 4 thumbs up.

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Primer wont work fs45
ANSWER : Rebuild carb

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809117565 bulb primer not priming
ANSWER : Probably needs new fuel lines to/from and in the tank. Have you been using ethanol gas? It eats up the fuel lines on 2 cycle motors. After you get it fixed, use only pure gasoline. I’ve had to rebuild two of mine so far!

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What else should i try
ANSWER : Make sure lines are connected correctly. On the back of primer it is stamped In & out

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Troybilt trimmer primer bulb collapses. it will start occasionally but will only run a few minutes.i have replaced the primer bulb and gas lines and still have the same problems.
ANSWER : It should have a small vent in the fule tank cap if its blocked the primer bulb will be sucked in as the fule pump can **** any fule from the tank
check the tank cap first,,,,,

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The gap for weed wacker

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Why won’t the Prime bulb fill on blower and how to fix?

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