This unit was in storage for about 3 yrs but was drained of all fuel. Now won’t start. Have narrowed problem down to fuel delivery. Gas tank & fuel line are clear. Disassembled carb and flushed with carb cleaner. Can get it to fire by putting a few drops of fuel directly into cylinder. Runs for few seconds and stalls. Are there there internal passages in the carb that need servicing? All other carb functions seem to be normal (float, needle & choke & throttle plates). Any help would be appreciated.Thanx;Harvey

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If your pressure washer is refusing to work or even turn on, the culprit could potentially be the power switches. Most pressure washers use two micro switches that disconnect both the live and neutral connections between the supply and the motor. These switches can jam cutting the power out from reaching the motor.
Stale fuel that`s been sitting in a gas pressure washer may need to be cleaned out. If your gas-powered Generac, DeWalt, or Craftsman power washer won`t start, it could be because of old fuel. Fuel that`s been sitting in your gas pressure washer for 6 months or more can oxidize and become contaminated.
Pressure Washer Won`t Start: Dirty or Clogged Carburetor

Remove the air filter and flush the carburetor with carburetor cleaner to remove any built-up dirt or carbon residue. Use a toothbrush to get into tight corners. If that doesn`t work, you`ll have to rebuild or replace the carburetor.

If the pressure washer does not start, then the first thing to check is the fuse in the plug.
This problem is likely due to low oil levels. Disassemble the pump, check the oil level and top it up. Running your pump without oil can cause it to overheat, requiring total replacement. If the oil is cloudy or dirty, water may have gotten into the crank tank due to worn-out seals.
A first step when troubleshooting any appliance is to confirm that it`s drawing power. If your washing machine isn`t showing any signs of life, check that the machine is plugged in. You can also test the outlet with another appliance, such as a phone charger.
If the pump is leaking, the cause may be minor and easy to repair. Check the seals, packings, and O-rings for wear. These can easily be replaced, saving you the cost of a new pump. However, major leaks such as the ones caused by cracked or damaged plungers, can lead to pump failures.
Turn on the water. The pressure washer hose will fill with water, so it is important to purge the system of excess air before starting the unit. Simply squeeze the trigger on the gun and the air will release.
Each time the power cord is plugged in to an outlet, the Reset button on the GFCI module must be pressed down to connect to electricity. Check to see if the Reset button has been pressed. Next, confirm the small plastic window below the Reset button shows RED in the window.

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How do I remove and clean air filter? – Briggs & Stratton Lawn-Boy 10640 20-Inch 6.5 HP Gas Powered Lawn Mower
ANSWER : There should be a square of plastic on the side of the engine which is opposite of the muffler. It has a small hex head with a slot cut in it. Remove this plastic cover and the air cleaner should be inside of it.

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Oil quanity I have 20 hp craftsman briggs and stratton twin how much oil when you change out oil
ANSWER : Usually 1 qt

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Wshat is the valve clearence for a 24 hp briggs and stratton engine model 446677 type 0470E1 code 050405yh
ANSWER : About a mm or .004″.

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Craftsman pressure washer 3100 2.8 has been sitting outside and can’t get it started
ANSWER : I would first start with fresh gas

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Can you put synthetic oil in a briggs and stratton motors
ANSWER : Every time i tried they started to leak

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17hp b/s intek OHV after 30 min mowing starts running rough
ANSWER : If gas is in the oil the needle and seat in the carb are bad or some thing in it. the gas will go in to the crank case and load the cylinder with gas. you can take the carb apart to see if something is in the seat. or replace the carb

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My Powercraft 9686 pressure washer has always been stored in my garden shed. It is 4 years old and when I used it last September the power washer had lost considerable pressure, as it was leaking water.

Can I fix it for a reasonable price?

Thank You.

John O D

ANSWER : Put some silicon spray in inlet/outlet then reattach hoses then run it will proform after a while do this everytime you store it pryer to sroring away………..

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42′ Poulan 20 hp-I was mowing & there was a loud pop,mower ideled down & quit. It will turn over but won’t start.
ANSWER : Check compression, should be over 90psi to start. And check spark. The loud pop I am going to assume came from the exhaust, which if you lost spark would cause excess gas to ignite. Causes of no spark, bad coil, or defective and or damaged safty swith.

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