Champion Cooler UltraCool Portable Evaporative Cooler CP35

I am looking for a new pump for the cp35 evap. cooler

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So without any liquid passing through, the friction will wear down the components, which damages the pump. If there is too much friction, this also causes overheating. Generally speaking, dry run pump damage is one of the worst ways you can damage your evaporative cooler.
With no direct water source available, the water will evaporate in a filled tank within two to 10 hours of operation, depending on the water capacity of the evaporative cooler, ambient conditions, temperature and humidity.
Anything that blows air through your house should have an air filter to catch as much dust and debris as possible. Unfortunately, these air filters can get clogged over time, making it hard for the unit to blow cold air. Check the filter, and if it`s dirty, replace or clean it, depending on the type you have.
The pump is important as it brings water from the reservoir through a distribution pipe and across the evaporative media. This is key to the process of evaporating the water off a surface to create cool air. (We suggest allowing the media to get completely wet, or fully saturated, before turning on the fan switch on.)
You can run one without the other with no damage to the product. That said, however, you will not receive the same degree of cooling by only running the fan. For evaporative cooling to happen, water must be running over the evaporative media.
Run the Pump Before Cooling Off

Swamp cooler pads need to be fully saturated in order to deliver the coolest air possible. Run the pump for 5-10 minutes before turning on the cooler all the way for faster, more efficient airflow.

Evaporative cooling systems require regular service checks just so they can keep all parts in good conditions. This regular checks provided by a professional air conditioner service man would ensure that the system is functioning correctly.
In drier, hotter climates, the unit will use more water. And, of course, if you choose a higher speed fan setting, then more water will be used too. On average, the water tank lasts around 6-8 hours during the hotter day hours – and 8 – 10 hours during the cooler nights.
First, make sure the water source and electricity source are connected and working. Second, check to see if the Kuul evaporative media is damp. If not, adjust the water flow with the water adjustment valve. Third, make sure there is water in the tank.
The pump actually plays an important role in the evaporative cooling process that takes place within Portacool portable evaporative coolers. Without a pump or water, there is no cooling effect, basically giving you an industrial-sized fan.
The only way to accurately determine if your Liquid Cooling Pump is functioning, is by checking the Pump RPM. This will only be possible if the pump cable is connected directly to a fan header on the motherboard.
House Size: In order to choose the pump`s CFM, there is a simple equation you can use. Simply take the house`s square footage, and divide by the height off the roof; the number you get should at least equal the CFM your evaporative cooler pump produces.
Evaporative coolers use both electricity and water. How much water is used depends on the size of the unit, the humidity of the day, and the fan speed that the unit is set to operate on.
If your evaporative cooler has a dump style drain valve, the water will be dumped every 6-12 hours (depending on what your coolers setting is) and then again after it has been turned off. This controls the quality of the water that is being used. Your evaporative cooler may have a leak.

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Sump pump hums and then kicks breaker. Will not pump. I cleaned everything, still have problem
ANSWER : Pump motor is jammed causing overload and resulting breaker trip. Try to turn the pump shaft by hand, it should be very easy to turn. If there’s any resistance check for blockage.

I have a 1/2 horse wayne shallow well pump. At times the water in the house slows to a trickel. This will happen for about 40-120 seconds then the pump seems to kick on and the pressure is restored. I have replaced the high low switch and the problem persists. Please let me know any thoughts on the problem. Thank You
ANSWER : Check air in your water tank should be less than you’re cut in pressure..

I have a pressure booster pump installed which turns on automatically when we open the tap and turns off by itself when we close the tap, but when power goes and comes back(common in india), the pump will turn on even with no tap opened and does not turn off automatically and goes on running, some kind of airlock problem I think, when we just shut off and on water input several times, it again starts working well
ANSWER : Check to see if the output pipe has water in it when the pump swutches off the pump needs to be primed at all time what we normally find cases like this is the pump is higher than the supply or there is an air pocket on the output where the pressure sensor is

My pool pump makes a buzzing noise but there is no water circulating into the pool and no suction what-soever. What could be the problem?
ANSWER : First, Check your voltage at the terminal with a voltmeter. If it is within 10% of what is stated on the name plate, try the following suggestions. If is is more than 10% off, call an electrician. Common problems that cause this humming with no suction in these pool pumps are:-Take the pump apart and look for rubbing that could be causing your pump to tighten up. -Check for a seized motor. If the motor has seized up, you will have to have it repaired or replaced.-It could be a winding switch or capacitor problem. Again, a pro will have to service it.

The pump will not continue to run after starting, it runs for 5 seconds and then stops, until the next attempt to detect water, the pump is sitting in three feet of water. The pump will not continue to run after detecting water.

We have a Flotec 3/4 HP submersible pump, it was already here when we moved in, we have lived here for 3 yrs, so we dont know how old it is. After living here for 2 yrs, it started to get very noisy, like a groaning noise. We replaced it w/ a l/2 HP Wayne(our mistake) We got water in the basement b/c the wayne pump quit running. We put the Flotec back on. Trying to find a replacement, but stores are all out. Question is, do you think we can rely on the Flotec that is making the strange noises? Thanks, Chris
ANSWER : Take strainer off to see if fravel stucj. if not, motor bearing may be shot. I would replace. I like wayne.

Grundfos MQ3-35 hums loudly and does not pump. Alarm light does not go on. Pump seems “happy” but when a tap opens and the pump turns on, there is no boost in pressure and the pump just hums loudly… definitely a different noise from normal operation. Seized? Vapor lock? Any help is greatly appreciated.
ANSWER : Hi, seems like the capacitor gone bad or a seized motor. I just fixed mine cranking the motor manually with the use of a flat head screwdriver. In the back of the motor there is a rubber plug about the size of a dime. Take it off an insert a long flat-head screwdriver and crank the motor clockwise a few turns. Remove the screwdriver and try to operate the pump as usual. Good luck …

Water pump keeps on running my mastercraft jet pump keeps on ruunning/ will not shut off i have a mastecraft jet pump 3/4 hp aprox 5 years old/ pumps ok however not shut off, i must turn off from switch it sits @ 2 ft above water level, pumf fto aprx 50 ft tank is located aprox 40 ft away from pump, @ about 5 ft above pump. press siwtch is new, foot valve new, tank press set to proper specs [2 lbs below switch settings] can anyone help?? pls reply [email protected]
ANSWER : YOU NEED A FLOAT SWItch to have the pump work unattended. I have two new switches and no use for them, Where are you?