on did not help. Hope you can help!
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You may have to replace the choke cable assembly. Sometimes they rust to outer sleeve

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An engine that will fire and run with the choke closed but dies when the choke is opened likely has debris at least partially blocking the fuel passages in the carburetor. In this condition the closed choke provides enough extra fuel to enter the engine to overcome the lack of fuel flowing through the other passages.
Why would the engine only run while the choke is on or with repeated manual priming? An engine that requires the choking (partial or full) after initial engine warm up is an indication that the engine fuel air mixture system is out of adjustment.
When the automatic choke malfunctions, it can cause the engine to run rough or even fail to start. Common symptoms of an automatic choke problem include the engine not starting, running too fast, or running too slow.
If the choke is left on for too long, excess fuel flows into the combustion chamber, causing it to seize up and stall. If this happens, the lawn mower will need to sit idle for several hours to allow the fuel to drain out of the chamber. Turn off the choke and try again later.
Use Carburetor Cleaner

Fortunately, you can generally do this without even taking the carburetor out of the engine. Start by purchasing some commercial lawnmower carburetor cleanerOpens a new window, which comes in a simple spray can and will make it easy to clean the inside and outside of the carb.

If the choke does not close, then either the linkage is gummed up, the air horn is warped, or the spring tension is too loose or the choke spring has experienced a failure such as an internal break.
The symptoms that indicate a bad solenoid on a riding mower are difficulty starting the engine, engine stalls or shuts off suddenly, reduced engine power and performance. Moreover, it would also go through a decrease in fuel efficiency, and an unsteadiness in idling, lastly, the engine cranks but doesn`t start.
Touch the metal shaft of a screwdriver to both of the large terminals at the same time. If the engine turns over and starts, the solenoid is bad and should be replaced. If the starter motor does not run, the motor itself is probably defective.
If your tractor cranks, but won`t start, you`ll want to look at a few different engine components. Is the fuel making it to the cylinder? Check the fuel level, the shutoff valve, and the fuel filter. If those components look ok, air might not be making it to the cylinder.
Even if the person does not lose consciousness, strokes and permanent brain damage, including cognitive impairment, can result from a chokehold. People with cardiovascular disease are especially susceptible to brain injury as a result of neck compression. In a paper published in 2020 in JAMA Neurology, Dr.
What happens if choke stays closed? If the choke stays closed, the engine may not receive enough air to start or run properly. This can cause the engine to run rich, meaning that there is too much fuel in the mixture, which can lead to poor performance, stalling, and/or difficulty starting.
If the choke does not close, then either the linkage is gummed up, the air horn is warped, or the spring tension is too loose or the choke spring has experienced a failure such as an internal break.
By pulling the choke you increase the amount of fuel to the engine.. So.. while starting the vehicle on a cold day, the engine needs more amount of fuel to heat up the engine for normal performance of the vehicle… It is not recommended to put the choke on and drive the bike..

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Choke stuck After adding gas, tried to restart (Series 2000 CC Lawn tractor) but choke will not pull out, and tractor will not start. Lubrication did not help. Hope you can help!
ANSWER : You may have to replace the choke cable assembly. Sometimes they rust to outer sleeve

JD180 lawn tractor turns over but will not start. fuel pump is working fuel filter is new. if i put gas in air filter it will start but then stops.

I can’t start it because the pull cord is stuck and it happened after I installed a new blade.
ANSWER : If the recoil assembly has three screws holding it in place, remove them, lift the recoil assembly off and see if it works off the mower. If it does, reassemble.

My tractor stalls like it is starved for gas although the gas tank is full. I,ve changed the fuel filter and the gas cap. I’ve cleaned out the gas tank, gas lines, and the carburetor bowl. The problem seems more acute when the gas tank is full or near full. At this time to alleviate the problem, I blow through the gas cap and the fuel filter fills with gas and it runs good again. But as soon as the fuel filter has no more gas, of course, it stalls until I blow on the gas cap. As the tank gets down to about 1/3 full, the engine runs OK. What else could cause this condition?
ANSWER : I had a similar problem with a sears tractor. close to the carbarator is a rectangle box with a rubber hose going to the engine block – remove the hose and spray carb cleaner in the hose wait a few mins and try again – its a vacuum for the carb

Blowing a bunch of smoke then stalls. – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : Normally this would mean that you are not getting the proper mixture of air with the gasoline…that is…you have a very rich mixture and it will cause burning smoke as indicated. I suspect that your carburetor float is stuck in the open position allowing excessive gas to enter the engine…or … it can also be that the choke is closed or not in the correct position…in any event, it is in all likeyhood caused by too much gasoline getting in the engine or the choke is stuck. Remove the carburetor bowl and clean it out and also remove the needle and clean it and the seat. If the problem persists then you might need to install a carburetor kit.

2000 white lawn tractor battery runs dead when mower deck is running
ANSWER : Has to be your stater or magneto going bad or had rust on it…

What to do when craftsman mower pull cord won’t recoil?
ANSWER : Sounds like the spring inside the recoil has either broken or let go so it won’t recoil. If you are lucky it could be the wheel that the cord goes on is seized or stuck. You can take the recoil off most mowers by taking out two or three screws and lifting it off the engine. They can be repaired but it takes time having to be careful the spring won’t spin and hurt you. I have even taken a recoil off another engine and if the holes for the little screws don’t line up just drill little holes beside the old ones and reinstall the little screws.
I even used a 18 volt cordless drill to crank the engine using the bolt on the fly wheel and the right size socket. Leaving the recoil off You have an electric start that way.

How do I replace broken pull start cord? – RTO Toro Lawn Boy 21in Insight Series Steel Deck Mower
ANSWER : There are screws holding the top of the mower on, you should be able to remove those and lift them to get access to the cord. From there it is easy. just put new cord back the opposite of the way you removed it, making sure that you get it wrapped the correct direction. you can get a cord anywhere they sell mowers.