a oil filter, lost manual so cannot check, need to find a copy of manual for the sanli 4 stroke power mulch mower

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Black smoke is unburnt fuel. Whether it is poor spark, bad gas, etc. Also make sure your oil level is not over full as this can cause it to blow by the rings and foul the gas.

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If the plug is clean or you`ve replaced it and the mower still won`t start, the issue could be a lack of fuel. Either the carburetor is dirty and not able to mist the fuel to be mixed with incoming air, or no gas is getting to it to begin with.
Your lawn mower`s air filter guards the carburetor and engine from debris like grass clippings and dirt. When the air filter becomes clogged or too dirty, it can prevent the engine from starting. To keep this from happening, replace paper filters—or clean or replace foam filters—after every 25 hours of engine use.
Black smoke may indicate that the mower is “running rich,” or burning too much gasoline. Your lawn mower`s carburetor regulates the ratio of gasoline to air mixture. If the carburetor isn`t getting enough air, the mixture has a higher percentage of gasoline, which can create black exhaust smoke.
A dirty or fouled spark plug can cause your lawn mower to not start. It can also work itself loose, causing issues. If the spark plug appears to be seated correctly but the engine doesn`t start, a new one may be in order. For a few dollars, this easy fix can get your small engine working again.
Air. For combustion to take place, there needs to be a precise mixture of fuel and air. While it`s not incredibly common, a lack of air may be causing the engine not to start. This could be due to an overly clogged engine air filter, which can often be fixed simply by replacing it.
If the filter gets clogged, you will likely encounter issues with your lawnmower. This can be something as simple as an annoying sputter when you try to start the mower, difficulty getting it started, or it can cause the mower to idle unevenly.
Use Carburetor Cleaner

Fortunately, you can generally do this without even taking the carburetor out of the engine. Start by purchasing some commercial lawnmower carburetor cleanerOpens a new window, which comes in a simple spray can and will make it easy to clean the inside and outside of the carb.

Common signs include reduced engine performance, black smoke coming from the exhaust, backfiring, overheating, or hard starting.
The main jet is located inside carb then you have to replace a carburetor unit to eliminate this problem. If the black smoke only appears when the car is climbing or carrying heavy loads, then it is the result of a power system on the carburetor that will supply more gasoline thus making AFM richer.
No spark from ignition coil

Your engine may not start if an ignition coil isn`t firing up a spark plug. It could be a faulty coil, a poor connection to the ignition coil, or a control module that`s causing the problem.

Bad Spark Plugs

If the engine holds compression well, and the fuel system is working correctly, but it still won`t start, that tells us that your car`s spark plugs may not be working. The spark plugs ignite the air/fuel mixture inside the engine`s cylinders. It`s the resulting explosion that actually powers your car.

Common causes include a dirty air filter, spark plug, and carburetor. To fix these issues, replace the fuel filter, clean the carburetor and spark plug, and replace the fuel if it is old as illustrated below.

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My toro 6.5 hp push mower (2010), has no fire to the plug. I have not abused it. i have a small yard and it just gets normal use. Now it won’t fire. I first changed the fuel and cleaned the carb thinking it was that crappy ethanol again. but i grounded out the spark plug and cranked it…no spark. I think it has to do with the lever you pull back to start it . they have some stupid complicated safety contraption that rides along the fly wheel when you pull back on the handle for starting and shutting off the engine. …it looks worn out already…like a mini brake pad. any ideas?…do i really have to replace this garbage every year or am i on the wrong path here?
ANSWER : Unhook your wire from the coil that goes to shut off mechanism, and see if you have spark then. the wire may be grounded out, or your coil might have took a ****

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Mower trouble I have a yard man self prop 6.5 mower was running fine then just quit i replaced the spark plug and it cranks but doesnt have full power and shuts of im a chic and know nothing about mowers but i cant find the fuel filter to see if it is clogged up do you have any ideas
ANSWER : See www.smallengineadvisor.com for trouble shooting & repair.

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Will not start turns over has spark the engine was running and killed and will not restart
ANSWER : If you have good fuel to the plug and a good spark and it still does not start it could be a timing issue, check the flywheel key has not sheared.

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Poulan 21” self propelled mower – new spark plug but still won’t start. Receiving no spark nor any kind of indication mower wants to start. Fresh gas and oil. All filters clean. Sworn at multiple x still won’t start. Mower is 2 years old. No previous problems of any type with this mower.
ANSWER : Try putting a SMALL amount of gas in the carb and see if it will start, if it does, it is a fuel problem, if it does not it is probably an electrical one

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Spark plug it’s dry in not getting fuel to that
ANSWER : Clean your carb real good you will be amazed!!!!!!!!

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What type of spark plug and the gap size – Tecumseh Lawn Boy Push Mowers Insight Silver Powered Series – Sens – A – Speed Walk Behind Mower – 10685
ANSWER : The Tecumseh Push mowers, most or all of the Tecumseh brands uses a Champion J8c, and the gap at .020.

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I have a toro weedeater. What is the spark plug gap?
ANSWER : .030 to .035

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550 Had difficulty starting. Once started it ran very sluggish and then stopped. Checked plug, wired brushed it, cleaned filter, still nothing.

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