Chainsaw Throttle Trigger 012 O12 Chain Saw

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The throttle and lock safety feature prevents accidental throttle engagement. Both the throttle and and lock must be pressed in order for the chain to move.
The black lever above the saw handle is the trigger lock. It must not be possible to operate the trigger unless the trigger lock is pressed down. This prevents the throttle being opened when undergrowth or other obstructions catch on the trigger.
A throttle actuator control motor electronically controls drive-by-wire systems on cars that have the feature. The gas pedal has a sensor that signals the throttle actuator control motor to open or close the throttle plate on demand.
The throttle valve opens when the accelerator pedal is compressed. A throttle position sensor is used to measure how open the throttle valve is and therefore controls the amount of air which can flow into the engines intake manifold.
As indicated above, the job of the throttle return springs is to “return” the throttle to a closed position. When the spring is damaged, the throttle body will remain open until either the pedal is manually drawn back by a driver`s foot or gravity takes over and helps to close the throttle.
There are two primary types of Throttle Position Sensor (TPS): a potentiometer or a non-contact sensor Hall Effect sensor (magnetic device).
An electric device that holds the throttle plate in the hot-idle position and closes it when the ignition switch is turned off.
The throttle valve is a mechanical device whose function is to regulate and maintain the downstream pressure so that the inlet conditions for the expansion are constant. It does this by introducing a flow restriction, inducing a significant localized pressure drop in the fluid.
Most naturally aspirated gasoline engines have better responsiveness than supercharged or turbocharged engines for engines with similar peak power outputs. However, factors such as improper maintenance, fouled spark plugs or bad injectors can reduce throttle response.
Restricted Fuel Lines

The engine can be suffocated from gasoline when at peak demand for fuel if there is any slight restriction or debris in the fuel lines. The fuel line may be clogged from stale fuel deposits, more reasons to cause your chainsaw to cut out when applying throttle.

A throttle controller is basically a device that that is responsible for catching the signal between the accelerator pedal and the engine management. It is also known as a booster throttle controller.
Electronic throttle controllers are fly-by-wire mechanisms that improve a vehicle`s acceleration. It is a device used to improve the pedal response of an engine. It works by reading the amount of air entering the engine and then increasing or decreasing it, depending on how much the gas pedal is pushed down.
Electronic throttle controllers are fly-by-wire mechanisms that improve a vehicle`s acceleration. It is a device used to improve the pedal response of an engine. It works by reading the amount of air entering the engine and then increasing or decreasing it, depending on how much the gas pedal is pushed down.

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How do I replace the trigger on the Huskie 350? Does it just snap out, is there a pin to drive out or do I have to separate the case. If I have to separate the case, how?
ANSWER : To remove the the trigger there is a alloy pin that needs be be driven out. Before you can take the trigger out, you need to remove the trigger lock ( dead man ) to remove the trigger lock, gently pry the two halfs of the tank apart at the rear opening where the lock sits, this will allow the back end of the throttle lock to pop up, once up pull the throttle lock toward the rear of the saw and it will come away ( bayonet fitting in the tank ) the trigger will now come out with its spring once the pin is removed.

Once my Stihl MS310 saw warms up, it stops running when I release the throttle trigger. Sometimes I can “catch” it by gunning the throttle, but usually I fail to catch the stall fast enough and it quits. The dealer hasn’t been able to correct this.
ANSWER : I would richen the low speed jet and set the idle a little faster without having the clutch engage. just a few ideas

Troubleshooting chainsaw hit some dirt now wont cut and smokes at chain little oil to bar and chain
ANSWER : You need to clean the chainsaw areas where the dirt has gone with a water hose. You may have clogged up the oil thing that puts oil on the chain. Hope this helps! And yes, dirt will make a chain dull. You might have to replace the chain or have it sharpened.

Poulan pro chainsaw dies out when throttle is depressed, press throttle several times and it will rev up but holding full throttle the engine will bog down. have checked air filter dissasembled carb new gas / still same
ANSWER : Carb jets are probably rusted or clogged due to ethanol gas. I recomend replacing the carb. Will take adjustment once replaced, but a $25 dollar solution is cheaper than buying a new chainsaw!

Chainsaw runs fine than goes full throttle all by its self and cannot shut it off with switch.
ANSWER : Kill switch is broken or disconnected. Throttle linkage is broken or disconnected or idle is set way too high.

I have a spring missing off thr trottlebecause of this i can not get full throttle where doesthis spring go
ANSWER : There are typically two springs connected to the throttle linkage. One is on the carb, and one is in the handle. Those springs are meant to shut the throttle down when you let go of the trigger. The one that could cause the problem you are describing would most likely be the one in the handle. If that one becomes dislodged, is installed incorrectly, or is jammed by a piece of debris it could limit how far you are able to pull the trigger. If you are not able to press the trigger fully into the handle, then that is where I would check. If you are able to press the trigger all the way, then the problem is elsewhere.If you are saying the spring is missing because it is no longer inside the saw, please describe it the best you can, and I will do my best to give a more precise location for installing it.Wasn’t able to get Poulan’s online manuals to load for me, but perhaps you’ll have better luck.Here is the web site: Download ManualSelect Illustrated Parts List and enter the model number for your saw. (It looked like there may have been two or three different models called wild thing.)The Poulan manual will give you a detailed breakdown of every part in your saw, and where it goes.

McCullough chainsaw won't start – McCulloch Quality Mcc1435a 14" Gas 35cc 2 Cycle Chainsaw Full Warranty
ANSWER : If it’s a old saw..The seal goes out on the crank next to the clutch,it’s called a grease seal, it loses the suction needed to pull fuel in to the engine, can be a tricky one to replace, but will spark a old saw back to life. You may want to replace both crankshaft seals ..First try a few drops of gas down the carb, if it pops off you know it’s a fuel issue

How does the spring on the throttle trigger supposed to be placed to maintain tension for a working lever on an Echo 2100 grass trimmer? What is the trick to placing the spring correctly on the trigger mechanism? I have placed the spring on the plastic trigger mechanism, but there doesn’t seem to be any tension for the trigger to spring back. I placed the cable first in the slot of the trigger and then place the spring into position, but the trigger doesn’t spring back into the starting position. What am I doing wrong? There seems to be only one way to place the spring on the trigger mechanism. Can you please provide me with some sound advice or e-mail me a picture of how it is suppose to be assembled in case I’m doing something wrong? Thanks, Don