Polaris 280 Vac Sweep Complete with 240v 50 Hz Pump for…

The hose of my polaris will not fit into the universal wall adaptor. The end piece of the hose is too big for the hole of the wall adaptor.Is there a tool I can use to remove the “inside” of the adaptor or should I try to remove the end piece of the hose?

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Our most popular pressure pool cleaner, the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280 pressure-side pool cleaner works in all in-ground pools and requires a booster pump.
If your robotic cleaner is struggling to climb walls and flips over, remove the filter canister and test the cleaner again. Does the cleaner run properly without the canister? If so, you`ve found your issue. Sometimes the filter mesh in the canister can become clogged with fine debris like algae, silt and salt.

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How do i change the axle of a polaris 280 pool cleaner. I am trying to change the axle on my polaris 280 pool cleaner. I can’t seem to get the top off so that I can reach the screws to change it out. Any ideas?
ANSWER : Here is copy of the users manual for these pool cleaners. It has a detailed diagram of all of the parts that is pretty easy to follow. Find the section that you need to change and you should be able to see how to access it. Hope that helps. http://www.backyardcitypools.com/images/Polaris/Polaris-280-manual.pdf

Hose will not stay connected to pool fitting
ANSWER : If this is the big wall fitting 1-1/2″ as opposed to the 3/4″ wich I want to think it is. It slips in with a quater turn and fit’s on two little pegs one of these is probly broken off so it feels tight as you put it in but the pressure tends to tork it out of the wall. these should come as a package set but are sold seperetly. Replace Both pieces, the wall fitting and the wall adaptor. The wall fitting will give you a hard time comming out and you may need to break it to get it out. Just be careful when doing this so you don’t break anything else. Usually a small saw cut on the inside of the wall fitting will help a lot. Good luck.

Does not do back and forth
ANSWER : The unit does not actually go backwards, it has a backup valve in line that will tow it out of corners, stajrs or loveseats that it may get hung up in. Thisis a small football shaped thing about eighteen inches from the wall in the hose. If yours dosen’t have one and you think it need’s one. (Did not come with all models) One can be added between the wall hose and the first floating hose. This can be done by your store if you bring the hose into them.

My pool pump makes a buzzing noise but there is no water circulating into the pool and no suction what-soever. What could be the problem?
ANSWER : First, Check your voltage at the terminal with a voltmeter. If it is within 10% of what is stated on the name plate, try the following suggestions. If is is more than 10% off, call an electrician. Common problems that cause this humming with no suction in these pool pumps are:-Take the pump apart and look for rubbing that could be causing your pump to tighten up. -Check for a seized motor. If the motor has seized up, you will have to have it repaired or replaced.-It could be a winding switch or capacitor problem. Again, a pro will have to service it.

Why is my sand pump filter not cycling pool water; the intake line along pool wall seems to be clogged.
ANSWER : I had this issue on a hayward. Bottom line, look at the secondary filter on the intake. I had a huge amount of leaves in there. When you open it up clean the basket and let the water flow for a minute. Also, back wash your filter.

What direction should the ceramic portion of the bearing be facing, the impeller or the motor?
ANSWER : Impeller to protect the motor and stop the lube coming out.

ANSWER : Your users manual will walk you through step by step instructions for getting these pool filters running properly. In addition to the filter, you will need to make sure that you have the proper chemicals and a powerful automatic vacuum for your pool.


Why is my intex sand filter barely pushing water back into the pool if any at all?
ANSWER : Have you Backwashed and Rinsed recently?

If not, try that.