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Are they metal no problems can wire brush and stick thin wire through hole to clean out

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Boil clean. Soaking is a great way to clean carbs, and a lot of the time this is sped up by boiling them. Many people will simply use vinegar or even lemon water to boil clean their carbs.
A solution of pure lime juice or lemon juice turns out to work the best. Not only does it remove any remaining toilet cleaner residue, but it also leaves your jets smelling great. After the soak, dry the parts using compressed air.
The best way to achieve a clean carburetor is to soak it in a chemical solution to dissolve material buildup and remove gunk. Berryman Chem-Dip Carburetor Parts Cleaner and Pine-Sol are both effective products for this process.
With the cleaning mixture in the fuel tank, crank/prime/rope-pull the engine to draw the cleaning mix into the carburetor(s). 6. Allow engine to sit and soak – Overnight to 24 hours if possible, 48 to 72 hours when necessary.
Hot water cannot bond with any insoluble dirt, making it a better medium to clean than cold water. Therefore, hot water is more effective for cleaning purposes than cold water as it has higher kinetic energy, extra space between its molecules, and is more compatible with detergents.
Boiling water is a simple but effective way to purify water at home or in the wilderness, as the high heat can kill harmful bacteria. Specifically, water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas most microorganisms cannot survive in water above 160 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 30 minutes.
On the other hand, WD-40 is safe for your device and allows you to clean the carburettor, throttle body, as well as unpainted metal parts of the machine. The dual-action cleaning system of the liquid leaves no stone unturned to provide you with a clean carburettor.
Use carburetor cleaner to remove deposits, clogs & debris

Luckily, you can take care of many of these problems quickly and easily; often without even removing the carburetor from the engine.

Disadvantages of Boiling Water

Boiling water can only remove bacteria, meaning it will not remove harmful substances such as chlorine and heavy metals such as lead from tap water. Boiling tap water with lead actually concentrates this contaminant making it more dangerous than if left alone.

CDC recommends making water microbiologically safe to drink by bringing it to a rolling boil for one (1) minute.
Although, some bacterial spores not typically associated with water borne disease are capable of surviving boiling conditions (e.g. clostridium and bacillus spores), research shows that water borne pathogens are inactivated or killed at temperatures below boiling (212°F or 100°C).
No, they aren`t the same. Boiled water is simply water that has had the temperature increased until it reaches its boiling point. This kills a host of bacteria that can make a person sick. Distilled water is water that has been stripped of all impurities, including minerals and microorganisms.
Mixing Methyl Ethyl Ketone MEK with xylene or alcohol (90% isopropyl) will also make a decent carb cleaner that helps dissolve the gunk buildup on your motorcycle carburetor. WARNING: Most of the ingredients used in carb cleaners are dangerous chemicals.
Mixing Methyl Ethyl Ketone MEK with xylene or alcohol (90% isopropyl) will also make a decent carb cleaner that helps dissolve the gunk buildup on your motorcycle carburetor. WARNING: Most of the ingredients used in carb cleaners are dangerous chemicals.
Cleaning the carburetor while it`s running is best because it allows the cleaner to penetrate and clean the throat of the carburetor, removing deposits in the lower sections.

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Jacuzzi J-31, 2002 model. We inherited it, used. It has been plugged in with water for five years with little maintenance. We think we have narrowed the issue to the threaded cover plates, connecting over the jets with the moveable knob for water pressure placement. The cover plates are not connecting with the jets to allow the emission of water. The jets on the right (sitting inside the tub) will emit water,but not at the fullest pressure. Only the upper jets (neck) & the feet jets on the left side emit water with minimal pressure. When the threaded cover plates are removed, water freely flows from the hole in the tubwall, but when the cover plate is screwed back on, no water comes out of the directional jet. We bought this hot tub new but sold it with our previous residence. We know the high performance of this tub & were ecstatic at the opportunity to own it again. Please help!

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Culligan water filter is leaking – Culligan HF-365 Whole House Water Filter Housing
ANSWER : Turn off water
Remove filter and seal ring.
Look at mating surfaces.
Usually the cast metal has eroded away.
If it is the sealing ring , replace it. If it is the casting , replace the whole thing. Other brands may be an option.

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Water pump keeps on running my mastercraft jet pump keeps on ruunning/ will not shut off i have a mastecraft jet pump 3/4 hp aprox 5 years old/ pumps ok however not shut off, i must turn off from switch it sits @ 2 ft above water level, pumf fto aprx 50 ft tank is located aprox 40 ft away from pump, @ about 5 ft above pump. press siwtch is new, foot valve new, tank press set to proper specs [2 lbs below switch settings] can anyone help?? pls reply [email protected]
ANSWER : YOU NEED A FLOAT SWItch to have the pump work unattended. I have two new switches and no use for them, Where are you?

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Cleaned and drained, reapplied air pressure-now losing water pressure and was a lot of sand before water stopped. Any suggestion as to what to look at????
ANSWER : Hi,The check valve or foot valve which ever you have… has sand in it and it will not seal off and hold the water back….Install another check valve by the pump, but make sure you also have a way to still get the air out and get it primed…may have to pull all of the pipe to get it working…heatman101

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I have a 1/2 horse wayne shallow well pump. At times the water in the house slows to a trickel. This will happen for about 40-120 seconds then the pump seems to kick on and the pressure is restored. I have replaced the high low switch and the problem persists. Please let me know any thoughts on the problem. Thank You
ANSWER : Check air in your water tank should be less than you’re cut in pressure..

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Leakin water pump
ANSWER : The water pump on a car has a bearing that blocks a hole when working. When the pump goes, it pulls the bearing from the hole and leaks. This is very common, and it was made this way for pin-pointing the issue. The water pump should be replaced.

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How to adjust high and low speed carburetor jets
ANSWER : In usa call pat goss at his shop in md

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I need a carburetor diagram/schematic for Stihl FS85 trimmer
ANSWER : Call the company that you bought it from or the manufactor might have it yet so they can send it to you.

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