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Every time i tried they started to leak

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Yes! We have modified our engine oil recommendations to state that you may now use a synthetic 5W30 or 15W50 oil in all temperature ranges. We recommend the use of Briggs & Stratton Synthetic Oil.
Use Briggs & Stratton SAE 30W Oil above 40°F (4°C) for all of our engines. Check oil level regularly. Air-cooled engines burn about an ounce of oil per cylinder, per hour.
10W30 is a common motor oil grade suitable for many lawn mowers. Your owner`s manual will tell you the exact grade required, but in almost all cases 10W30 is the right stuff for a four-stroke engines. Any brand of oil that`s suitable for cars or trucks will work fine in your mower.
What Type Of Oil For a Lawn Mower? While automotive engine oil, such as 10W-30 or 10W-40, can be used in a lawn mower engine, it is generally recommended that SAE 30 motor oil be used.
It protects better, performs better, and lasts longer, and it`s no longer made with a chemical compound that could hurt older vehicles.
In the end, your small engine will run with any oil for a period of time, so you can feel comfortable using pretty much any oil in a pinch. However, we wholeheartedly recommend using exactly the oil that your owners` manual recommends for long periods of time.
You can and it will increase the life of the engine, as it will lubricate better while the engine warms up. It will also make the engine easier to start but the difference may not be noticeable.
Can I Use 5W-30 Instead Of SAE 30? Both oils have a “30” hot viscosity rating. This means SAE 5W-30 oil has the same flow rate as SAE 30 at operating temp. So, technically it`s fine to use SAE 5W-30 oil in place of SAE 30.
The 10W30 designation on engine oil means that the viscosity of the oil is rated at 10W when an engine is cold, and 30 when the engine is hot. This is different than an oil labelled 5W30, which has a thinner viscosity when the engine is cold at 5W.
SAE 30 the most common, and is is typically used in warmer climates. SAE 10W-30 is best for varying temperature ranges and is best for starting in cold climates. The trade off here is the potential for higher oil consumption. Synthetic oil is also an option for your riding lawn mower.
Can I use synthetic oil in my Honda engine? Honda engines are developed, tested and certified with petroleum based motor oils as a lubricant. Synthetic oils may be used; however, any motor oil used in our engines must meet all oil requirements as stated in the owner`s manual.
Car oil is similar to lawn mower oil, and you can use it in lawn mowers with four-stroke engines. However, car oil has a high concentration of additives and can damage smaller engines. It`s also important to match base oils; otherwise, you risk damaging your lawn mower`s motor.
Better For Older Engines

This being said, however, it is still not recommended to use synthetic oil in engines that have experienced significant actions – specifically, those that have reached around 75,000 miles on the odometer.

A few disadvantages of synthetic oil to be aware of include: Probably the most glaring downside of synthetic oil is the cost. The price of synthetic oil is around two to four times the price of conventional oil. Synthetics may be more prone to additives precipitation during cold storage conditions.
It won`t harm it in any way. In fact, it`s a far better alternative than conventional oil. Synthetic oil will provide your Kubota engine with better lubrication and longevity and improve the overall quality of operations.
SAE 30 is the most common type of oil for small engines and is best suited for work under warmer temperatures. SAE 10W-30 has a much wider temperature range than SAE 30 and can improve cold-weather starting, though that may lead to a greater consumption of oil.
Yes. 5w30 and 10w30 are both 30 weight oils and the exact same thickness in your engine when it is at operating temperature.
Yes. Some engines require the use of synthetic oil, but most do not. However, synthetic motor oil can be used in place of conventional oil even if the vehicle manufacturer does not require it.
The short answer is yes, you can use 20w50 oil in a lawnmower but results may vary.
There`s not much difference between 10W-30 and 10W-40 motor oil. What sets them apart has more to do with temperature fluctuations and engine load. For moderate weather, either engine oil grades should work fine. Your choices will become more critical when you start getting into high-heat situations.
Yes, car oil can be used for lawnmowers with a four-stroke engine type. We are talking about premium-quality car oils such as SAE-30 or 10W-30 here. As for the older mowers with two-stroke engines, you cannot use car oil and rely on specialized natural or synthetic mower oil.
I would use either Mobil 1™ 10W-30 or Mobil 1™ Extended Performance 10W-30. Either product will provide great protection for your lawn mower.
A lawn mower is generally air cooled, so the oil also helps with cooling. Regular oil is high quality and quite capable of working just fine, but will break down sooner in air cooled engines. You can (should) also use higher viscosity oil than your car may take. Don`t put 0w20 in a push mower!
Motorcraft® SAE 5W-30 Full Synthetic Motor Oil is manufactured with high-viscosity index, premium-quality, synthetic base oils that provide good high temperature and low temperature performance.

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Can you put synthetic oil in a briggs and stratton motors
ANSWER : Every time i tried they started to leak

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Oil quanity I have 20 hp craftsman briggs and stratton twin how much oil when you change out oil
ANSWER : Usually 1 qt

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How do I remove and clean air filter? – Briggs & Stratton Lawn-Boy 10640 20-Inch 6.5 HP Gas Powered Lawn Mower
ANSWER : There should be a square of plastic on the side of the engine which is opposite of the muffler. It has a small hex head with a slot cut in it. Remove this plastic cover and the air cleaner should be inside of it.

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Have a 10.5 briggs that is pushing gas and oil out the blow by pipe.what can i do
ANSWER : The oil level is to high or air filter pluged.

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Oil leaking from under the exhaust mower has been
ANSWER : Souds like the carb needs cleand out it has stuck open and let the gas run in to the moter

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I have a lawn mover that has the Briggs@Stratton engine. The model number is 28R707 Type 1120-E1.

Recently, I notice the engine oil level rises; and when I start the engine, oil spits out from the vent that is located in the carburetor housing. I like to know how does it do that? Your answer is really appreciated.

ANSWER : Your float has stuck in your carb,and that is why your oil level is rising need to buy a new needle and seat ,change you oil.

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Where is drain plug for engine oil – Briggs & Stratton Gas Pressure Washer 20244
ANSWER : If you are refering to the engine, the drain plug is on the underside above the pump. Sometimes it’s located on both sides at the very bottom where the engine is bolted to the frame. It may have both of these drains, but the one on the side you can’t get to due to the frame being in the way so this is why they put them in two different spots. I hope this helps.

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What kind of oil does this machine take? – Briggs & Stratton Lawn-Boy Insight Series 21-Inch 190cc 650 Series Gas Powered Engine Variable Speed Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
ANSWER : Hi, sae 30 mineral oil. Regards Phil.

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