Need instuction on were to connect the draw tube for the cemicals to be mixed with the water have tried a couple of different things with no luck.

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No Oil Changes

The automotive-style paper air cleaner element and the improved oil fill tube protect the engines from debris, keeping the oil clean, eliminating the need for an oil change.

Adjusting the Handle Height

Push the knobs until they are loose. Move the handle to the upper or lower height position. Pull the knobs until the square edges of each carriage bolt fits into its related square hole. Tighten the handle knobs as tight as you can.

For many homeowners the side discharge works just fine, and since it is the default for most mowers, most simply use this method. Best of all, cutting tall grass is not a problem. Using the side discharge is easily the fastest method to use. Mowing tall or wet grass is best done with a side discharge.
Can I Use Motor Oil in My Lawn Mower? If the engine manufacturer`s operator manual recommends 10W-30 or 10W-40, the same motor oil types used in vehicles, then these can also be used in your lawn mower.
Over time, oil itself breaks down and needs replacing in order to effectively fulfill its role. If you ignore an oil change too long, your vehicle`s engine can seize up or experience some other serious problem. Should this happen, you may need to rebuild the engine, replace the engine, or buy a new car.
Overfilling a lawn mower oil tank will negatively affect engine performance and possibly prevent the mower from starting. Too much oil in a lawn mower can easily clog the air filter, foul spark plugs, and potentially cause a hydro-lock, which could bend the connection rods in a multi-cylinder mower.
Side discharge mowers direct the grass to the side, and using a bag attachment directs the grass clippings into the bag. Among these three types of mowers, only the mulching mower leaves you with finely cut grass cuttings, which provide fertilizer and shade for the soil.
A side discharge mower is great for mowing lawns that are large in size. This mower will do the work much faster if you allow the cut grass to blow in various directions. This mower is much faster because it does not have to spend time converting cut grass into mulch.

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Toro recycler will start until primed gas is consumed.
ANSWER : I had similar problem and cleaned the spark plug and that seemed to have worked, but I think that may be a temporary fix because the engine still seems to be running unevenly. I feel that it must be a larger problem with the carb. If anyone can help this novice to adjust the carb or clean both carb and filter, or offer other solutions I would appreciate your assistance.

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Will not start toro model143.026706
ANSWER : If it stopped running after hitting something with the blade check the key on the flywheel where it meets the crank

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Recycler manual oil 20450
ANSWER : It is the spark plug

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Lawn Mower With Toro Power Tools: I have a toro recycler that I bought last year. I…
ANSWER : Did you leave gas in it over the winter? If so did you add fuel stabilizer? Did you make sure the spark plug wire is connected to the spark plug?

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Toro electric start won’t start manually
ANSWER : If it doesnt start manually,you have another issue to deal with. Whether it has electric start or not you should be able to manually pull start it. You can also get the model and serial number off the engine and contact your nearest toro dealer to have charger and key ordered. As far as a push button,it can be done,just a matter of finding someone to install one for you.

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Toro Personal Pace self propel problem.
ANSWER : Your self-propel is probably belt driven. Belts can make an awfully lot of noise when unhappy. Possible it has rolled over and is running on the wrong side of the belt or is worn and just needs replaced. Hope this helps.,

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Toro 6.5 GTS does not self propel – Toro Lawn Mower With Toro Power Tools
ANSWER : The self propel part does not work on my Toro 6.5 GTS. How to fix?

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I have a toro gts 6.5hp model 20017. The enginer is overreving a lot. I had changed the carburetor and believe i put the linkages correctly, however i noticed the governor arm is rotated slightly right because the governor link appears to be too long for the arm to be vertical. Is this the source of the problem or is it something else?
ANSWER : The way i set the govenor is, slacken the screw on the engine govenor arm, push the arm fully over to open the throttle wide open, now turn the actual govenor shaft within the arm in the same direction, fully retighten the govenor arm screw,

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