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Yes, of course you can. This used to be the only way people had fresh tomatoes year round in cold climates. You may have to heat the green house and or its floors, depending on its construction and how far south you are. Or you may want to add grow lights or misting to supplement the sunshine and lack of humidity. Try lettuce and cool weather plants first. See how you do. Talk to people in plant nurseries near by and see what kind of green houses they have. Ask them what works best for where you live.
Winter Gardening Greenhouse

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The best way to heat a greenhouse for free is to store solar energy in thermal mass inside the greenhouse. While this may sound complicated, the process is relatively simple. Use large black water butts filled with water inside the greenhouse to hold heat collected by the sun.
Yes, plastic greenhouses can protect from frost but it all depends on that particular greenhouse as not all products are designed or built the same.
So, if you are trying to determine whether greenhouses stay warm in winter, the answer is yes. And they can keep your plants warm if you know how to follow some important steps or techniques. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can make this happen and keep your plants safe during cold winter nights and days.
You can put seedlings in an unheated garden greenhouse when they are still tiny, such as when they are in their seed starting trays or pots. Generally speaking seedlings can be transplanted when they have just two sets of leaves upwards. The time frame for this is usually when they are 2-4 weeks old.
Heating a greenhouse with gas is the least expensive option. The cost of heating a greenhouse with gas is the main advantage of gas heating and is the main reason people choose gas heating over other options. Beware of open flame heaters for greenhouse applications.
Expect an average eight degrees warmer than the outside temperature, unless you add supplemental heating.
When cool air is introduced into the greenhouse, it must be introduced at a slow rate and must be mixed with warm air before contacting the growing crops. Natural airflow can meet this ventilation requirement, or growers can use a low-speed fan to pull cooler air into the greenhouse environment.
Optimal Greenhouse Temperature – Why 18°C (64°F)?

Most common greenhouse crops require a temperature range of around 18º-24ºC (64ºF – 75ºF). These temperatures are considered optimal for most common crops, which is why we find them in most greenhouses around the world.

Steps to Heating your Greenhouse with Water Barrels-

Multiply the square footage of the greenhouse by 2.5 to determine the number of gallons you will need to heat the greenhouse. Once you determine what size and how many barrels you need, paint them black or cover them with black trash bags.

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I have just bought a greenhouse and wpuld like to plumb water to it. The greenhouse is located 50 feet from my residence. I want to bury a line to the greenhouse but im not sure what kind of pipe i should use. I need something that will exspand during our cold winter. I live apprx,. 30 miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and our winters can be very cold.How far beneath the ground should this line be buried?
ANSWER : The simplest installation would be CPVC pipe. PVC would be okay for cold water only, but don’t believe you can buy PVC faucets, etc. (only CPVC).

The depth should be below the frost line for your region — I looked for that, but it wasn’t easily found. My guess is it’s in the range of 4-5 feet.
But you should verify that, maybe thru the local building inspection agency.

No pipe (expandable or not) is going to be immune to freezing/bursting unless it’s below the frost line.

If you drain/blowout the entire leg during the winter, it doesn’t matter how deep you bury it. If there’s no water in the line, it won’t burst.

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Grow lights don’t come on
ANSWER : Check out the power to the timer

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How do I winterize a Briggs and Stratton pressure washer
ANSWER : Change engine oil, add fresh stabilized fuel,start and run to circulate new fuel. Use a section of hose and pump som RV antifreeze (the pink stuff) through your pump and hose if you are leaving your hose and wand hooked up.

Hope this helped

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I have kukuyu grass growing around my vegetable patch and I want to kill a patch of grass 30cm around the veg patch. What proportion of roundup should I use per litre and will it affect the vegetables?
ANSWER : Using the standard 10ml of Roundup per litre of water you can kill the grass without harming your vegetables. I would spray only on a nice calm day and use a piece of cardboard to block any over spray from reaching your veggies. Roundup works through absorption by leaves so transfer by groundwater is not a concern. Also remember more is not better with Roundup, too much just kills the leaves before they can absorb the toxin and kill the root.

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One of my two hps bulbs is brighter than the other one the bulbs and one of the ballast are new the other ballast is a year old
ANSWER : Hi .. it could be the ballast .. an easy thing to do to troubleshoot this would be to swap the lamps. If the problem follows the lamp. then that is the problem. If the pronblem stays with the fixture, then I would replace the ballast in that fixture.

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I have fragment shards inside my grow light can i still use it or is it unsafe which im guessing it is ?
ANSWER : Yes it is most likely unsafe. It depends on which glass is broken, HID lamps often continue to operate when cracked or broken, resulting in emissions of harmful levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation

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Dill & basil not growing
ANSWER : Hi kadoolittle, some pods do not sprout but can be return for a replacement.

Check out the Dill article on the Aerogardeners Wiki for more info on growing it in the Aerogarden.

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Winterize How do you winterize the triton 2 sand filter. Where are the drain plugs?
ANSWER : On the bottom there is a thumb screw drain turn it pull out the plug it will drain.

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