It is 110 volts in the states uk is 230/240 if i get a power converter will this work if so which converter should i get you see im new to aerogrowing and dont know the 1st thing about it many thanks dave1693 oh it will cost me $209.00 and $70.00 shipping do you know of anywere cheaper
Experienced gardeners share their insights in answering this question :
Any converter should will work as long as it produces at least a 75 watt output, it really only takes around 50 watts at peak but better to have to much power than not enough. As for someplace cheaper I would suggest you try they are one of my sources for grow equipment and have the best prices. not much you can do about the shipping charge, sorry. Good luck and happy gardening.


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Manufactured in Boulder, Colorado, the AeroGarden 6 is made of high quality light weight plastic, which makes it easy to set up and handle.
Yes. AeroGarden`s Harvest Elite is a great hydroponic garden that stands up to its claims. I had a blast testing it and watching the plants grow, and my daughter did, too. It is easy to use and easy to clean, despite small inconveniences like super bright LED grow lights and a useless water level indicator.
The company is headquartered in Boulder, CO and operates through online sales and retail store operations across the United States.
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Our gardens are designed in Boulder, Colorado and manufactured in China. Please reach out to our Customer Service Team with any further questions or concerns.

What is the disadvantage of AeroGardens? AeroGardens require a significant upfront investment compared to just buying indoor growing lights or growing things yourself outside. The standard AeroGarden Harvest model only holds room for 6 AeroGarden pods which doesn`t allow you to grow much either.
How long does the Aerogarden last? It takes about five to 15 days for Aerogarden seeds to germinate. Depending on what you`re growing, you can have weeks of, say, herbs or lettuce once it`s ready. Buy new pods and you can keep the growing going year-round.
We guarantee germination for 1 year from the date of purchase of the seed pod kit. However, typically the seeds remain viable for 2 years if stored properly.
Aerogarden`s competitors include LettUs Grow, Indoor Harvest, AmplifiedAg, CleanGreens. Aerogarden ranks 84th among 84 competitors.
Mike Sullivan – Owner – | LinkedIn.
“I wanted to create a kitchen garden that anyone could use to easily grow and harvest fresh vegetables at their peak of nutrition and flavor,” said inventor Michael Bissonnette, who founded AeroGrow in 2002.
Mike Sullivan – Owner – | LinkedIn.

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Buy new saw
ANSWER : What exactly is the problem? There should be a rubber “O” ring between the cap and tank. If you are using ethanol blended fuel, it may have dissolved, or turned to mush . In which case you should also check your fuel pick up line in the tank.

Motor starting capacitor where to buy – Jet Equipment Chain Hoist 2TON 10 Ft Lift #211000
ANSWER : I bought it from amazon,my fan works in $3.57.but remote is not working.

The belt that comes from the engine to mower deck keeps breaking. I’ve owned the mower for years and I have to buy atleast 12 belts per year. The problen is really bad now. A belt per cutting. I’ve raised the deck, tightened and loosened the tention, sharpened blades, changed to B v-bets to A, nothing seems to work. Changing the sise to a smaller width helped for a while. I had a service man come out my first month. He said the mower is fine. Claimed cutting to deep has to be the problem and left. I used a Ford 12 hp mower since high school 25 years ago……….no problems with it. Thought I should buy a new one because the old one looked rusty…. big mistake buying Craftsman.
ANSWER : I own a Craftsman rider, DTY 4000, 25 HP Kohler, 48″ cut, 137 Hrs. It eats a belt about every mowing or two. Did all the stuff you did. Good luck from Sears. Had cousin who is owns a lawn & garden repair business look at it today. Says the prob. is this – The drive belt pulley (elec clutch) has too a narrow “V” and the angle of wear between it and the deck when the deck is in the lowered (mowing) position is too severe. If you notice with the deck in the fully raised position the pulleys line up perfectly. Then drop your deck and see how tightly bent the belt is downward and it makes sense as to why(my) belt would first roll over then break in a few minutes. The elec clutch pulley is sold as one unit PT No. 179334 $250.00, but I’m sure it would come with the same narrow V pulley. Waiting for word from my cousin. My last Sears Mower. Cannot even sell it in good faith.

I need to buy some Termite/Carp ant killer. How much will it cost me?
ANSWER : Sentricon for Termites
The Best way to Control Termites is to call a professional. In Westchester County NY Subterranean Termites are a real problem. We have found That the Sentricon Always Active System is the absolute best thing to use. The system should be installed by a professional. HOME Suburban Pest Control

Can you fix the Worx WA3152 battery instead of buying a new one?

I want to buy and download Microsoft word 2013
ANSWER : Go to and type in search boxmicrosoft word 2013you can also use the search engines, and yahoo.comyou can also go to and type in microsoftword 2013 in the search box

I want to buy yarkworks snow blower wheel parts for replacement. where can I buy it?
ANSWER : Try this link or ebay.

What size of o-ring do I need for the Husky part close to the garden hose input where there are multiple o-rings. My washer tank is leaking and I have determined one of the o-rings is shot. I don’t know what size to buy or where to buy it.