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Sometimes when a belt is wore out it will let the tall grass stop the blades from spinning. put on a new belt and should be good.

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You might have contaminated gas in the mower. Drain out the old gas. Change the fuel filter. Get new gas, non-ethanol if possible.
You should sharpen your bush hog blades whenever you notice the bush hog is not cutting properly, or becoming heavily clogged with torn debris. A dull blade will pull tough stalks instead of cutting them, and they could wrap around the output shaft of the gearbox and ruin the seal in the gearbox.
Loose, Dirty or Disconnected Spark Plug in Your Lawn Mower: Check it out, clean off debris, re-connect and tighten. Dirty Air Filter: Clean or replace. Fuel Not Reaching the Engine: Tap the side of the carburetor to help the flow of gas. If this doesn`t work, you might need a new fuel filter.
A: The first thing I would check is your air filter. It is common this time of year for air filters to become clogged with dust particles thus preventing appropriate air flow. This can gradually make your lawn mower sluggish and difficult to start.
You want to be between 1200 and 1600 RPM`s when turning the PTO on.
Place the blade bolt into the centre hole and then tighten it to a torque of 30-35Ft/Lb or 45–55Ft/Lb, depending on your mower type. It is important to check bolt specifications for your individual mower`s torque settings to ensure it is not over or under torqued.
While a traditional lawn mower can only cut relatively short grass – usually no more than 4 inches tall – a brush mower can cut grass over 6 feet high. Perfect for meadows and lawn areas that have become overgrown with tall fescues.
In fact, an edge that is that sharp has the tendency to roll over, which can cause blades to get nicked and chipped. Additionally, lawn mower blades that are too sharp get duller, faster resulting in the need to sharpen more frequently and a shorter blade life.
As a general rule, your lawn should never look worse after you mow it, then it did before you mowed it. If it does look worse after mowing, like the left side of the picture below, chances are you`re either cutting too much off at once, or mowing with a dull blade. Mowing properly can help your lawn look terrific.
Being Overworked. One of the most common reasons that a lawn mower might stall while it is cutting grass is that it is being overworked. This is a mechanism that is intentionally incorporated into the mower to prevent the motor from being blown.
Simply change the filter to give your mower more thrust. Finding the air filter should be easy as it is located on the left side of the mower`s engine. You can have it cleaned or you can opt to buy a new one. Treat your lawn mower`s engine the same way you treat you car`s engine.
Loose, Dirty or Disconnected Spark Plug in Your Lawn Mower: Check it out, clean off debris, re-connect and tighten. Dirty Air Filter: Clean or replace. Fuel Not Reaching the Engine: Tap the side of the carburetor to help the flow of gas. If this doesn`t work, you might need a new fuel filter.
With any rotary mower, it is desirable to set the front slightly lower (¼ to ½ inch on a 4 to 6 foot rotary cutter) so that the blade cuts at the front, and the rear of the blade does not recut the grass or drag on the grass.
Designed with the unique requirements of tractors with 40 PTO HP and under in mind, these implements may be smaller in size, but they have a big heart. Whether you`re an experienced veteran or a hobby farmer, these products won`t quit until you do.
Once you`ve completed bush hogging, you`ll have between two months to a year before you need to go again to keep the land clear.
Bush Hog® Gear-Drive Rotary Tillers

In ground cover conditions, a reverse till model works best because the flow of material tends to cover the chopped groundcover for quicker decomposition.

Unfortunately, you can overtighten your mower`s blade if you aren`t careful. This can damage the blade itself in some cases – the blade can even break after hitting a hard object if it`s overly tight. Apart from that, the bolt that`s holding the blade in place can also get damaged (this is often the case).
For the last mowing or two of fall, simply lower your blades one notch, or set the blades at the lowest mowing height recommended for your grass type. In spring, leave your mower blades at the lower setting for the first couple of mowings, then return the blades to the higher setting for the summer.
The Basics of Bush Hogging

Also known as brush hogging, bush hogging is a landscaping practice that involves the use of a special rotary-cutting deck attachment to eliminate brush. The rotary cutting deck is the bush hog. It`s attached to the back end of a tractor where it`s able to chop down bushes.

A flail mower offers a cleaner cut than a brush hog and doesn`t stick out as far from the tractor. They come set up with either grass blades or hammer blades which are designed to cut through thicker materials.
3308 and 3308SH Series. The 3308 models are designed to cut grass, weeds, and up to 3-inches diameter brush.
Unlike digging or dozing, bush hogging cuts growth, promoting regrowth and enriches the soil, rather than destroying all vegetation. It also cuts down invasive weeds at the root, preventing them from regrowing.
Bush Hog® Flex Wing Rotary Cutters are available in cutting widths from 10 to 20 feet with cutting height from 2-14 inches.
To keep things in simple terms, a grass trimmer is suited to trimming edges, hard to reach lawn areas, and providing finishing touches to lawns. On the other hand, brushcutters are designed to take on dense weeds, fibrous grass and areas of thick vegetation that a grass trimmer would struggle to cut.

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I have the Gh1000 Grass Hog and when using it, the cutting trimmer line went away. Help!
ANSWER : Replace the line….It is a consumable part. It that your question??

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We have the Black & Decker Grass Hog xp 7.2 Amp 14″AFS. I lost the manual for it and need to know how to thread the spool.
ANSWER : You should be able to download a new manual at the following link. I hope this helps.


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I just got a grass hog trimmer that used to belong to my sister. The line is not feeding and I don’t know how to restring.
ANSWER : The cap on the bottom pops off, and there is a spool in there. Sometimes the line melts to itself in spots and you just have to free it and if you feel you need to then you can cut some off.I hope this helps you out.

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How to rewind spool – Black & Decker 14" Grass Hog Xp Trimmer/Edger
ANSWER : Please see instructions and diagrams on page 2 (paragraph OPTION 2) in your manual:,GH1000.pdf

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String problem I am having a problem with my B&D Grass Hog weedeater and edger. The string will not advance. Please give suggestions on how to fix this problem. Just to inform you, I am woman, so your instructions may need to be made rather simply. LOL Thank you in advance for your assistance and I look forward to your answer as the grass is getting rather deep. Donna
ANSWER : Donna, take the spool that holds the string off. Look to see which wat the string is supposed to be wound onto the spool. If the string in on correctly, check to see if one or more of the turns of the string is overlaying itself. If there is overlap, clear it out by unwinding enough to unlap it. If the string is going the wrong way when you check it, remove and save the string from the spool, rewind it in the correct direction, put it back onto the machine and see if that corrects the problem. Woman or not, you are smart enough to ask, you are smart enough…Good luck…Lee

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How to respool the line on grasshog electric grass trimmer
ANSWER : The empty spool can be refilled with 30′ of size .065″ nylon line. Make sure you run the line in the direction of the arrow embossed on the spool.

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Have a cst2000 but do not have the charger – Black & Decker Cst2000 12 – Volt Cordless Grass Hog 12" Trimmer/Edger with Auto Feed Spool Afs
ANSWER : The charger for the CST2000 is part #243248-00, but it is obsolete now. You could maybe find a used one for sale on eBay or craigslist, though.Good luck!

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My grass hog xp starts but the spool won’t spin
ANSWER : This unit is supposedly the same as the GH700 drive system. There is a 5:1 plastic reduction gear inside the housing driven by a steel gear from the motor. It easily strips, melts, or simply breaks. The part is difficult to find. I have not found one yet for my situation.

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