String Trimmer Cordless 12″ 18V

The cap that holds the string reel in place

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[ ST4500 Spool Specification ]: ST4500 replacement spool for Black&Decker string trimmer spools, 20ft 0.065 inches–each spool is pre-wound with a 20-foot, 0.065-inch diameter, high-strength, durable nylon thread.

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I have an Electric grass hog dual string trimmer. One side uses the string in a couple of seconds the other side does fine. i do not have an instruction manual.
ANSWER : Wind the strings in the direction of the arrow on the spool.

I have a Ryobi 137 trimmer and the whipper head has lost its spinning speed therefore it won’t cut the grass. Any ideas where the problem lies?
ANSWER : You may have too much string out. Try cutting off some if your machine auto cutting blade is gone or really dull

How do i adjust the homelite carburetor , the trimmer starts and continue working but has no power to cut the grass
ANSWER : If you have had this trimmer for a wile you might check the little muffler to see if it is cloged up with carbon i had on and adjusted the thing till i was blue in the face and pulled the sreen of the muffler cleaned it now it runs great

How to respool the line on grasshog electric grass trimmer
ANSWER : The empty spool can be refilled with 30′ of size .065″ nylon line. Make sure you run the line in the direction of the arrow embossed on the spool.

The metal teeth that cut the line fell out on my grass hog trimmer. Can I replace them?
ANSWER : You will more than likely have to purchase a new guard.

Auto feed doesn’t work
ANSWER : Take the end apart and make sure the line is not getting bound up or is not over filled to where it can not move freely

My trimmer slows down when applied to material to cut; on its own it runs fine. its electric & feels like its going to stall when you’re cutting. what gives?
ANSWER : Take it apart and clean the slip rings and brushes

I just got a grass hog trimmer that used to belong to my sister. The line is not feeding and I don’t know how to restring.
ANSWER : The cap on the bottom pops off, and there is a spool in there. Sometimes the line melts to itself in spots and you just have to free it and if you feel you need to then you can cut some off.I hope this helps you out.