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Pull cords can be purchased from your local hardware stores. If the handle just broke off, and the cord is fine, the handle itself can be replaced. If you are uncomfortable performing the work, just look for ‘small engine repair’ places in your yellow pages.

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Replacing a ripcord on your lawn mower is a quick and relatively straightforward job most homeowners can tackle. It takes less than an hour and you probably won`t spend more than $20 on parts if you have the basic tools you need to do the job.
Electric start (also known as key start or push button start) is a lawnmower feature found on petrol lawnmowers, which allows you to start the engine at the push of a button or the turn of a key instead of pulling a recoil starter rope.
Unfortunately, you also know the struggles that come with it. Your bathroom pull cord keeps breaking for 1 of 3 reasons. Either it`s had too much heavy-handed use, it was cheaply made, or you`ve got a loose wire somewhere.
Remove the old lawnmower pull cord from the handle, feed through the new cord and tie a simple knot. Make sure the knot is nice and tight. Pull it back through the handle to help tighten the knot.
The rope is 5mm in diameter and approximately 138cm long. The rope can be shortened if necessary.
Unbreakable Pull Cord

Our diamondcordâ„¢ is the world`s strongest and most durable pull start cord. Our unbreakable starter cord uses patented technology that is five times stronger than steel. The high-performance design allows smoother pulling for lawn mower pull cords and any other recoil starter rope applications.


A durable and long-lasting engine starter cord made from industrial quality Dacron Polyester. Designed as a high-end replacement for your lawnmower, snowblower, generator, and any other household appliances or power tools that require a reliable pull rope.

Power tool cords that get accidentally cut or hacked can be permanently repaired in minutes with heat shrinkable tubing and a soldering gun.

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Troy Bilt Lawn Mower pull Cord broken
ANSWER : There should be four bolts holding the cover on that houses the pull cord assembly take the bolts out look inside you should see the rest of the broken cord at the other end there is a spool that the cord rolls up in to pull the cord until it stops the other end of the cord is a not in the cord pull on the knot the broken peice should come out turn the spool 2 times in the direction that is against the pressre while holding the spool in place feed the new cord in through the whole that you pulled the broken cord out of then tie the cord in a knot wind the rest of the cord up then feed the other end of the cord through the new pull handle tie the cord in a knot put the housing back on

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Pull cord is difficult to pull after third pull becomes stuck but will turn if pull hard repeats every three to four pulls.
ANSWER : No response to clarification request.

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Pull rope repair
ANSWER : Try removing the housing. Many times it will just get jammed. If it goes back in then realign and try again. If not, the spring may be broken and need replaced.

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The pull cord will not recoil. what do i do? the spring behind the cord was just assembled and went to pull it and it wont recoil the pull cord.
ANSWER : It needs a pre-tension. At about 1 minute and 22 seconds it is explained clearly here:

Good Luck

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Starter cord pulled out of the housing, it
ANSWER : If it’s new take it back should have a one year warrenty on it if yo can’t get it done for free get back to me so I can help you you may have a damaged windind head.

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Weed eater is locked up. can not pull cord at all.
ANSWER : Try taking the cover off around the pull if you can. Likely the cord is not free to spin, or there is a rub on the fly wheel stopping it from moving.

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Trying to replace the pull cord , can’t get last housing off to get to coile up old cord , the shaft has a nut on the end that the auger screws into but i cannot get that piece off as there is no where to put a wrench to stop the turning of the engine shaft so i can torque the nut in the other direction to get it off , what do i do to get this pull cord replaced?
ANSWER : Use an impact wrench it will hit the nut so fast it will loosen it befroe the engine car turn over

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Broken pull cord
ANSWER : You have to take four allen screw out of the plastic that holds the engine on. There is also one by the spark plug that needs to come out. Once the engine is loose, you have to unplug one wire and unscrew the other. Then the engine should come off. Then loosen the two allen screws holding the pulley in and it will come out.

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