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Some ceiling fan light kits are truly Universal – they work with most ceiling fans. Some are not. Call a professional before you buy to be sure.
A simple way to make sure your ceiling fan complements the overall aesthetic of the space is to use a lightbulb with a similar wattage to the room`s other sources of light. To further support consistency, avoid mixing halogen and incandescent bulbs.
Switch Housing – Cup attached to the bottom of the motor that contains the key electrical systems and controls. Switch Housing Cover – Decorative bottom cap used on the fan to cover the wiring inside the switch housing when a light kit is not being used.
Many of the light kits that are sold separately are “universal,” meaning that they can be used on a number of different fan models. Similarly, most ceiling fans are light kit adaptable. However, there are many cases where compatibility is only between light kits and ceiling fans under the same brand.
Ceiling fan electrical boxes come in different sizes and types, such as ½-inch pancake items and standard two-inch versions. They`re typically round but can also be octagonal.
Some ceiling fans will not accommodate the addition of a light kit but quite a few will. Many times when a ceiling fan is designed, it can be built with an optional lighting assembly. This way a company can use the same parts for both a cheaper product, with no light, and a more expensive one, with lights.
Trying to pick the perfect finish for your ceiling fan? Try identifying the most used color of wood in the room, like the flooring, and pick a fan that uses blades of that color. Then pick out the most used color of the metal hardware in the room, like doorknobs, and get a fan that has that finish too!
There are several types of fan switches used in industry: Temperature Controlled, Time and Temperature Controlled, and Time Controlled.
Regular dimmer switches should not be used to control a ceiling fan motor. They are not compatible because the fan motor requires the current to be regulated and a normal dimmer switch only controls the voltage.
There`s really no problem in replacing an existing light fixture with a ceiling fan in terms of the electrical needs. But what you really have to be careful of is to make sure the electrical box that the light fixture is attached to will support the extra weight of the ceiling fan.
Not all ceiling light fixtures are universal, but most tube LED ceiling light fittings will work universally as long as you use the same length. The fitting process is also pretty standard throughout, so there`s no need to be worried. Switch off your power.

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I bought a light kit for Mainstays 52″ ceiling fan & the switch housings on both fan & light kit is same size therefore I can’t screw the light kit switch housing to fan switch housing

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Bought a Harbor Breeze light kit for 52″ Mainstays ceiling fan & switch housing is same size as the switch housing on fan

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Ive got a warning light on the dash it looks like
ANSWER : Tire pressure ,oil

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What size file for a 20 in. saw ? – Husqvarna Chain Saw 20" Bar
ANSWER : 3/8 chain uses a 7/32 file, and .325 chain uses a 3/16 file, unfortunatly both are available in 20″.

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What size file do i need to sharpen the chain on a poulan wid thing?
ANSWER : I have the same saw. It takes a 5/32 file.

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I have a Lutron Skylark SLV-600p and I want to connect it to control the ceiling fan with light fixture. The chain broke on the ceiling fan and its an old model which the device is inside the light box and sealed.. so I though of another way to control the fan and lighting is putting on a dimmer control.

The problem is that I do not know how to connect it the instructions are not clear as to what I current have…

I removed the light switch there are 3 black wires, 2 white that are connected together, 1 red and 1 copper wire.

On the Lutron there are 2 black and 1 green.

Please tell me which ones goes where on the dimmer… Im so confused….thanks in advance. jv

ANSWER : 1) It appears this dimmer is not for fan motor.Dimmer manual says:”… do not use to control receptacles, fluorescent lighting fixtures, or motor-driven appliances.” Call Lutron tech support directly:1-800-523-94663) You can replace the pull chain switch to the fan with a bit of dis-assembly and then purchase of new 3-way fan switch at home center. If you decide to do that, add a comment and we can talk details.4) In order to get a fan-light control to operate from your switch location, you need the following things:-Fan has to set on high, so unscrew brass part where chain attaches to fan and see if you can grab end of pull chain, and set fan to high.-Switch box has to be set up to control the light and fan separately. It sounds like your switch box has that capability with a black wire going to light and red wire to fan. -You need a Lutron combo control that is specifically for controlling ceiling fan, and light fixture.Call Lutron for best choice.Last option: 5) Replace fan with new one from home center.Add a comment if you order the Lutron combo control and I will help you test the wiring and get it hooked up.Add a comment for more free help.Also take advantage of fixya expert assistance live.For a price, expert works with you via while you work on fan or any do-it-yourself project.Fixya is always less expensive than a service call.

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I’m adding a second switch to a switch box and trying to take power from the existing end-of-the-run switch which gets its power from a light that it controls. In other words, there is no white (return) wire in the switch box, only the black into the switch box and out. I’ve already set up the loop from the new switch to the new light. What can I do about the white (return) wire in the new light fixture? The light won’t work without a closed circuit, of course.
ANSWER : Hello,

You have explained what you have done fairly well but still many posibilities here so please be patient as I’m filling in the blanks of many unknowns for me in your situation. I would grab the wire from the other light if possible. Is there an attic space above, if on the first floor and no attic which way does the floor just run, can you use a wire puller. The truth of the matter is your right you need that other wire from somewhere so you might have to make a few slots in the drywall in order to get the circuit to complete. You don’t have to tear the whole wall or ceiling apart to do this many times you can make just enough of a hole to accomplish your task and a patch job and fresh coat of paint is all is needed. Anyways I hope this gives you ideas so as you look at your project and see the things I cant see. Have a great week. Jeff

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Engine kills when engaging mower or clutch – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
There is a switch under your seat that senses if there is someone in the seat…that switch is bad and so it thinks that you are not in the seat and shuts down the motor…
find the switch, which will be underneath the seat and replace it….
Do not bypass it as it is a safety feature…


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