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OK, I am going to guess your snowblower looks like this.

The nameplate is usually on the bottom right corner of the frame.
You can get parts from and I can’t give you the exact page without the model number.

Here is a page for a similar snowblower on:

It shows the bolts, but not the sizes. I would guess that the bolts are the same as your machine.

But you can also go to your local hardware store and get a selection of 5/16 inch bolts, washers and lock nuts. The lock nuts will keep everything from vibrating apart again.

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‚ÄčA shear pin (also known as a shear bolt) is a weak bolt that connects your auger to the auger shaft. That connection allows the augers to rotate, collect snow and send snow into the impeller fan where the snow is thrown from the chute.
There are three basic sizes of shear bolts, and it`s important to select the correct one for your snowblower to ensure it fits and works correctly. Brass 1/4″ shear bolts are most commonly used on smaller, entry-level snowblowers. Black 5/16″ shear bolts are for larger mid-grade snowblowers.
These shear bolts are classified as a grade 2 bolt, which are hard enough to maintain auger rotation, yet soft enough to shear if the auger is prevented from rotating.
It can use either electric power (line power or battery), or a gasoline or diesel engine to throw snow to another location or into a truck to be hauled away. This is in contrast with the action of snow plows, which push snow to the front or side. Typically, the snow is discharged to one side.
Using a snow blower means that clearing away large amounts of snow takes significantly less time than if you were to do it by hand with a shovel or scraper. This can be especially helpful if you have to clear large areas such as driveways or sidewalks.
A “snow thrower” refers to a single stage snow removal machine that picks up the snow in one motion and throws it out the chute with the continuation of that movement. The term “single stage” describes the fact that the snow is thrown in one single movement. A “snow blower” refers to a two stage snow removal machine.
cordless snow blower is engineered to remove snow quickly from patios, decks and driveways. With a powerful brushless motor this product is designed to provide consistent quiet power that efficiently discharges snow up to 25 ft.
There are several grades of bolts but the three common grades for SAE are 2, 5 and 8. The common class (grades) for metric are 5.8, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9. Each grade has a specific bolt strength. No matter the system used, the higher number means the stronger the bolt.
Shear bolts are designed to fail under a specific amount of force, whereas regular bolts are not. Shear bolts are typically made from a weaker material than regular bolts so that they will fail before the object they are holding together does.
Shear bolts (or snap-off bolts) are a premium 1-way permanent security solution, ideal where maintenance is not required. The hexagonal shaped section on top of the bolt snaps off when fully tightened, leaving a tamper-proof dome, countersunk or cap head.
Shear bolts are designed to fail under a specific amount of force, whereas regular bolts are not. Shear bolts are typically made from a weaker material than regular bolts so that they will fail before the object they are holding together does.
Shear bolts are used to protect equipment from sudden impact or excessive load. Think of a shear bolt that is designed to protect the gear box incase of overload, like a fuse protects the electrical circuit from a short or over load.

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Electric Maztang mt 968 auger wont run – Yard Machines 28" Two-Stage Snowthrower
ANSWER : The motor runs but the auger does not , if so the bolt snapped in half from hitting something that you should have not hit , this is a normal thing so as to not blow up the engine , it is a safety feature in all snow blowers , just get the right bolt or make one grind it down to where it will break easy but will work the auger , they sell them on ebay for a couple bucks but I make mine

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Will not start – Yard Machines 24" 208cc Two Stage Snow Thrower
ANSWER : If there is an adjusting screw on the carb turn it out a little bit at a time and see if that works before you do anything else. If that don’t work put the screw back where you started.
If that doesn’t work take the plug out and install a new one and while the plug is out put a table spoon of gas in the spark plug hole and reinstall the plug and put the plug wire back on. If the engine starts but stalls after the little bit of gas is used up. Take the bowl off the carb and clean it out as well as clean the fuel jet that is in the bolt that holds the bowl on. Put back together and see if that works. It is quite often dirty gas that is the problem. Especially if its been sitting. Oh yes put fresh gas in it as well.

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Craftsman snow blower #536.886261,wire connection coming off coil 4 inches long,what does it attache to?
ANSWER : Sears Parts Online has a pdf of this unit. Have you checked there yet?

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Snow blower threw oil everywhere and will not move. Engine starts but does not move forward.
ANSWER : The gearbox for the drive has sheared a tooth off the gear to make it leak and not propel the wheels. it has cut into the seal making it leak

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Snow blower gets bogged down in snow.
ANSWER : It sounds like your engine is running lean, see if you can adjust the high throttle mixture on the carburetor (if possible at all). If there is no adjustment possible, it may be the carb is clogged and needs some service. Try cleaning it or find a new replacement carb for it.

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What kind of oil do i use for this snowblower?
ANSWER : 100% refiined one.

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Have a 22 inch yard machine snow blower the belt that turns the blades broke what size belt does it take
ANSWER : MTD has made many 22″ machines over the years. Please repost your question indicating the model #

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Chute wanders Directional responds to crank but during use it swings to one side on its own
ANSWER : Sounds like the part that spins the auger is either broken or worn out. Check and see if the bolts are loose . Mine a piece of the plastic that holds every thing in place fell out and I hand made and fastened one in or you can go to a small engine place that sells blowers and order a part. You may have to let him see what is needed.

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