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Both the 3400 and 3400XL models have a sealed constant velocity transmission and are available with two engine configurations: a 40-horsepower (570 cc) gas engine or a 24-horsepower (1120 cc) diesel engine.
The two UTV brands do in fact have a corporate relationship. However, Bobcat is not technically owned by Polaris. They are not the same manufacturer, but Bobcat isn`t exactly a stand-alone entity.
Bobcat utility vehicles offer a much greater load capacity than ATVs, as well as a large rear cargo area. They also have a higher commercial rating than ATVs – and you can use the cargo box to carry more supplies, tools and materials.
The gas-powered 3400 and 3400XL feature a 40-hp engine, while the new diesel-powered UV34 and UV34XL have a 23.5-hp engine. Bobcat 3400 and 3400XL utility vehicles offer a top speed of 40 mph when combined with an optional speed kit. The UV34 and UV34XL have a top travel speed of 35 mph.
Reach speeds up to 40 mph on the 3400 and 3400XL models. When conditions at your site change, your vehicle can be speed limited to increments of 25, 30, or 35 mph, depending on Bobcat UTV model.
From the moment you step into a Bobcat® UTV, you`ll find uncomplicated controls placed exactly where you expect them. Standard features like power steering make operating utility vehicles similar to an automobile.
West Fargo, North Dakota, U.S. The company sells skid steer loaders, compact excavators, side-by-sides, compact tractors, and other small hydraulic equipment under the Bobcat brand name. It is one of the few major manufacturing companies operating in North Dakota.
Engine and Transmission

Bobcat first used Kubota engines before switching to Tier IV Doosan engines in 2015. The Doosan diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) engine tends to run hotter and burn more fuel. Kubota`s diesel particulate filter (DPF) design allows you to throttle up and get to work 60-90 seconds quicker.

Bobcat Skid Steer Loader Hydraulic Drive Motors

REMAN Rexroth Radial Piston Hydraulic Motors for Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders.”

Leading in the industry with the design and manufacturing of equipment for construction, landscaping and industry, Bobcat is a renowned name in the industry. Bobcat excavators are often fitted with an Isuzu diesel engine.
Count on easy starts, smoother operation and less noise thanks to the 2.4L Tier 4 diesel engine and ultra-efficient fuel system.

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Bobcat 773 wont restart after dying out where do i start?
ANSWER : If the bobcat starts and then runs for a short time then dies the first place to look is the fuel system.fuel filters are the most common problems that i see replace those first.i have also found some junk inside the pickup tube inside the tank.there is probably a ball type hand pump to prime the fuel system.give that a squeeze and see if its hard.if thats the case there shoud be a small screw on top of the fuel filter.loosen that screw and see if fuel comes out when you sqeeze the ball.if your changing fuel filters this is also where you blead air from the system,keep pumping untill there is only fuel and no air.if you still get air after pumping for a long time then your sucking air into the system between the tank and pump.after you get fuel there close the screw,loosen the injector lines going to the injectors,crank the engine,and tighten when fuel comes out (keep clear because that is high pressure fuel).after you get fuel at all injectors and they are all tightened it should start.

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Have 763 bobcat loader keeps locking up with the sencers disengaging have notice the voltage guage going up to 18 volts at same time where should i start looking to fix this
ANSWER : Hello I have a 763 highflow bobcat all gauges read good I lock down the bar and go and it locks up about like the park brake is on but its off I can 10 to 15 foot and bam it locks up if someone has a idea id sure try whatever thanks.

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How do I change the alternator on a 773 Bobcat diesel?
ANSWER : Steve, read my other answer.

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I added diesel to the hydraulic tank in my bobcat and never an it. I drained the tank, refilled it, and now the hydraulic system wont work.
ANSWER : You should use hydraulic oil, not diesel, drain it, refill it and if necessary bleed all the air from the system (some are self bleeding) Dependant on the type of hydraulic system you may have damaged the seals by using diesel oil, that, unfortunately is expensive.

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How do i replace the glow plugs on my 773 bobcat
ANSWER : There a small plug with wire on it right a round injectors. Take 5/16 socket ( i think) screw it out

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Strimmer wont start plug very dry when i remove it?
ANSWER : Sounds like the gas is not getting to the cylinder—remove carb and disassemble–make sure all jets are clear and the float valve moves freely.

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Toro clear won't start – Toro Power Clear 621 R
ANSWER : Bad gas , plug ,air filter , no spark ck all need all 3 to start

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Does not run, will start with starting fluid – Mantis 2-Cycle Tiller
ANSWER : You should never use starting fluid on this model.

Add a couple of ounces of 100% acetone (available at Walmart) to some fresh fuel. Attempt to start for several pulls. Let sit for several minutes and repeat until it sounds like it wants to run.

Then watch this video and do it:

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