Mower starts up just fine, but during use will bellow blue smoke from the exhaust. Is this oil in the fuel? The smoke isn’t extreme, but it is an annoyance to me and my neighbors.

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Blue smoke can often look like grey smoke at first. But if you notice a distinctive bluish tint, it may signal that the engine is burning lots of oil. This could be due to worn engine components like piston rings, valve seals, or PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valves.
Get a new turbocharger for your car!

When these seals fail, the oil being fed to the turbo can make its way into the engine via the intake. The burning of this oil leads to blue smoke from the exhaust. Fixing a turbo requires it to be rebuilt or replaced.

Blue smoke from a car exhaust is generally a bad sign, and the cause of it will need to be repaired as soon as possible. It`s either a problem to do with the oil, or internal engine components.
Blue or white smoke coming from your engine usually indicates burning oil, which can be caused by: Overfilling the crankcase with oil. Incorrect oil grades. Operating engine at greater than a 15 degree angle.
Light or Thin White Exhaust Smoke

It is considered normal when the exhaust coming from your vehicle is light or thin white. This type of smoke is usually just water vapor. You will notice it when you first start your vehicle, especially on cold days.

A blown head gasket is the most apparent reason for blue exhaust smoke. Tell-tale signs of a blown head gasket include coolant fluid under the car, engine overheating, milk-colored engine oil, and poor performance.
The possible sources of blue smoke are: Worn valves or guide seals. Failure to change your oil or oil filter regularly enough. Damage or wear to pistons.
Blue Smoke:

The presence of blue smoke is an indication of burning oil. Blue smoke should not be ignored but is common when starting an engine in a cold weather. The oil thins out when it is cold and some could escape into the cylinder and be burnt.

Blue smoke is often evident at cold start, which can reflect reduced oil control due to carbon fouling deposits around the piston rings and/or cylinder glaze, which is actually carbon deposited in the machined cylinder crosshatching.
Older or ill-maintained turbo systems may leak oil internally due to worn out shaft seals. If this is the case, the turbocharger compressor wheel essentially vacuums the oil past the seals and creates blue smoke.
Blue exhaust smoke in a diesel vehicle could still mean oil is being burned, but it could also mean the engine oil is being atomized. This could be caused by: High engine oil levels. Worn out piston rings.
Hi! A leaking turbo will usually present itself through white smoke exiting the exhaust. Usually the white smoke will result from the turbo leaking oil internally but will occasionally result from internal coolant leakage.
In general, thin white exhaust smoke (similar to water vapor) could be nothing to worry about. Depending on the outside temperature, condensation will build up inside of your car`s exhaust system and the heat heading through the pipes will create steam.
Your exhaust, generally, should be white in color. If it seems that your car is producing more exhaust than usual, you may have some normal condensation in your exhaust system.
Visible emissions are almost always a sign that there`s a problem within the engine. While this is a negative thing, there is one positive: different problems will produce different colors of smoke, making it easier to diagnose. No matter what color the smoke is, it`s important to stop driving when it`s safe to do so.

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White smoke from p1500 trimmer
ANSWER : Too much oil in the gas or water in the gas
Drain the gas, refill with fresh clean oil/gas mixture

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White smoke lots of it coming out of exhaust – Craftsman 17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model
ANSWER : Too much oil or fuel

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Blue and white smoke coming out of engine while using water pressure gun
ANSWER : That means the engine is burning oil. Unfortunately that means that the piston seals are bad and need to be replaced. Its not terribly hard to do, but you will have to tear apart the engine. Unless you are comfortable doing this I recommend taking it to a small engine repair shop.

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White smoke. when it won’t start, raw gas comes out of the exhaust GS190 honda Karcher 3000 PSI
ANSWER : Sounds like it’s flooded. Close the throttle and open the choke if equipped. Pull it through a few times and then open the throttle a bit.

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Lots of smoke coming out of Cub Cadet 2146 muffler
ANSWER : Check the dip stick to see if you over filled it.. You shouldn’t have oil above the top line… If you did over fill it remove the dip stick and tilt the mower to the exhaust side to drain on the excess oil out of the dip stick tube…

If it’s not over filled with oil the engine more then likely shot and it’s time for a new mower..

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21 hp B@S engine exhausting blue smoke
ANSWER : Sounds like blown head gasket.
does it have a fuel pump, if so is there oil around it (by the brass colored screen)
if so then you have blown head gasket

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What Spark Plug do I use for my Blue Max 2200 Power Washer.
ANSWER : Spark plugs: BPR6ES (NGK), W20EPR-U (DENSO). You cna cross ref any other equivalent with a spark plug cross ref book.

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Continues blowing out white smoke after I start the lawn mower
ANSWER : Hik marie carten…
Normally white smoke coming out of the exaust will me one of two things.
You have overfilled the crankcase with too much oil and it is making the smoke, in which case you can drain the excess oil out and that should elimanate the white smoke.
Or, you have a worn out engine and oil is getting by the rings of the piston and being burnt in the combustion chamber of the engine.Which means engine overhaul, or buy a new mower.
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