I have a 21cc craftsman gas line trimmer part number

I have a 21cc craftsman weedwacker part number 358799 210. Question 1. How deep into the fuel tank do the fuel lines go and does anything connect to the bottom of the primer line.2. The screw that holds the needlevalve down in the carb, is this screw tightened all the way or is it an adustment screw.3.Which way is the carb secured to the engine, with the butterfly plate closest to the engine or furthest away.4.At the bottom of the carb there are two brass ports one of which is slightly longer then the other,which one connects to the primer bulb and which one goes to the fuel tank
5.How shoul

– 25cc Gas Line Trimmer

I do not know what model my Husquarna XP chainsaw is. Decal on R.H. side is only half there. Others are o.k. but do not state the model. Only…

i do not know what model my husquarna xp chainsaw is decal on rh side is only half there others are ok but do not state the model only numbered tag is below the bar oil fill but there is just 1 number not numerous ones like stated that number is 4462832 on a silver tag saw is all orange in color with a 20 bar nice to know the model date of manufacture etc for future reference thanks

Does my pto mower engage/disengage clutch need replaced or adjusted?

Everything works as advertised until I shut the mower down, then the clutch assembly spins and rips the wire ends off the clutch. I replaced the wire connector with spade wire ends and tried again. The mower starts up just fine and then I pushed the button to disengage the mower and it did it again the clutch spun and ripped the new spaid wire ends completely off. I had already mowed for around an hour and had the blades on and off several times. It was acting as it is supposed to all day then for no reason it just did it! Meaning it wasn’t acting funny at all when I used it the other times.

– Snapper