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Check large rubber “O” ring under pump top and outlet hose. If that is OK then probably their is an internal leak in a hose. It can be fixed if you are handy with vacuum tube or fuel hose purchase from local auto supply house. The internal hoses are 1/4″ and 3/8″ or metric equivalent. The pump head comes apart by unscrewing Philips head screws and separating the housing halves. Take a photo with your digital camera before working inside unit so you will remeber how it fits back together.

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You can pump up the tank okay, but it won’t hold the pressure. Solution: Check the pump gasket at the top of the pump cylinder (tank); it may be cracked or damaged and not forming a seal with the tank cap. Replace the pump cylinder gasket and make sure that it fits tightly around the top of the pump cylinder.
If no pressure is felt then the sprayer isn`t getting pressure in the first place, so the most probable cause is a faulty, missing or dry plunger O-ring or leaking non return valve. Replace or lubricate as necessary.
Backpack Sprayer Lever Is Hard To “Pump”

The most common cause of plugs is chemical residue buildup inside the sprayer. Herbicides and pesticides can gum things up if not thoroughly rinsed. Clean out any gunk and rinse out the pump assembly. Also, ensure the check valves are opening and closing freely.

The pressure can reach up to 90 psi. The high pressure results in smaller droplets that can reach further. Piston pumps can be used with low abrasive and low viscosity spray liquids like insecticides and herbicides.
To calibrate your sprayer, you will need to find out how much water your sprayer takes to spray 100 m2 and add the label rate of the product to that quantity of water. To find out how much water your sprayer takes to spray 100m2, best to spray a 10m2 hard surface like concrete and multiply it by 10.
Most AI nozzles perform best at >4 bar (60 psi). Pressure can be used on-the-fly to make minor changes to flow rate while spraying. This is how rate-controllers work to compensate for changes in ground speed and maintain a constant overall rate per planted area.
Check for leaks

There could be small leaks, holes, or tears in your garden hose or high-pressure hose that are causing your pressure washer to lose pressure when you pull the trigger. If you find leaks, plug the holes or replace the hose, which should solve your pressure issues.

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Won't seal and hold pressure – Ace Hardware Acer Spray and Go Sprayer
ANSWER : Try smearing some Vaseline on the gasket that goes around the pump shaft at the top.

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Additional battery or charger
ANSWER : You can find extra batteries and chargers here:

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How do i get the battery off a black and decker grass hog
ANSWER : Look for a black button on the end, push down and the battery should pop out a little ways enough to grab a hold of.

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Power waher was working fine nad than preassure stopped and water is coming out of bottom no pressure in gun
ANSWER : Sounds like something busted or whether a part or a hose on the inside busted take apart and see what it might be if it is a part that can be replaced or jb weld it may still can be used or if recently bought return it

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How do you get the top off a Roundup 2 gal. sprayer?
ANSWER : Release the pressure, push the handle down andturn it to the left.

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Replacement cap I need to purchase a replacement cap for my black & decker grass hog. I can’t find themn any where. I need the black one. Can anyone help ?
ANSWER : Go to this web site , they have your parts .

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How do I remove the battery from my Black and Decker CMM1200 lawn mower?


ANSWER : I have an older model CMM625, but I suspect that the method is similar. There should be some screws that hold down the upper deck to the lower one. On mine the screws are in the back and there are tabs in the front that holds the upper deck to the lower. Once this is removed, you can see the battery and it’s connections and hold down bracketry.

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How do you refill?
ANSWER : Remove all pressure by keeping the hose open until no pressure is left. place pump handle down toward tank. Turn count counter clock wise to unscrew. Take assembly out of tank then fill tank. Reinstall in reverse order.

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