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On panels with “Warm” and “Cool” buttons, to display the set temperature, press “Warm” or “Cool” once. To change the set temperature, press a temperature button again before the display stops flashing. Each press of “Warm” or “Cool” will adjust the set temperature.
High Range can be set between 26.5°C to 40°C. Low Range can be set between 10°C to 36°C. To change the range press the temp/warm button followed by the light button, then press temp/warm button again. To exit, press the light button or wait for 10 seconds to go back to the Main Screen.
All Balboa hot tubs have energy saving modes (standard, economy and sleep) or ready & rest mode for the BP Series. Each mode has its benefits and at least 2 of the modes need to be used to give efficiency. The temperature of the hot tub will be reach & maintained when in standard mode.
The problem could be due to a dirty spa filter. Remove the spa cartridge, clean the filters, and check the flow rate or pressure. Other causes could be a broken valve, clogged spa jets or pipes, or a broken pump impeller.
Some larger hot tubs may have up to three jet buttons on the control panel that allow you to adjust the speed and strength of your jets. In most cases, pushing the button the first time will turn them on a low setting and pushing it again will increase the speed.
The control system, or spa pack, is the brain of the hot tub. This nerve center controls the functions and equipment in the spa, like the jet pumps, filtration time, and heater. There are two types of control systems used in hot tubs: electronic, digital type systems and older-style mechanical air controls.
Spas using Balboa control systems

To unlock the panel, while holding down the “Temperature” button (or the “Up” button if you do not have the “Temperature” button), gently press and release the “Light” button twice.

STANDARD MODE (St): This is the default mode when you receive your hot tub. It maintains your desired temperature 24/7 by conducting an hourly water sampling check and heating when needed.
Most spas have three modes: standard, economy, and rest (although their names vary across different models).
Typically, water heats up by five to ten degrees Fahrenheit in an hour. Heating your hot tub to the desired temperature in the 100 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit range can take three to eight hours.
If your spa heater won`t heat, remove and clean the filter(s) to rule out a pressure or flow rate problem. Low water level, a clogged pump impeller, closed valves, clogged pipes, or blocked spa drain covers can also cause flow issues.
To test hot tub heating elements for integrity, use an ohm meter on its lowest setting. With the meter`s test leads, measure the resistance between the two element terminals. The acceptable resistance range for most heaters is between 9-12Ω (ohms), some may be as high as 20Ω.

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I have a balboa spa that is six months old and has been working fine. Went out to check it and it was cold and no readout on the display. Flipped the breaker and it went through its cycle and shut off again. After turning the breaker on and off a few times I just get alot of clicks coming from the control box and can see the display coming on and off. Allready replaced the heater, has the circut board gone bad?
ANSWER : It is possible that the board is bad. A loose connection orlow voltage issue may also cause this problem to occur. If the voltages arewithin the acceptable rand and all connection are tight then remove any accessoryequipment and restart the unit to see if the problem continues. If it does thena new board will probably resolve the issue.

You can find answers to common spa problems online at http://www.balboadirect.com/support.aspxHope that helps!

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I have a balboa 8 man spa. We shut it off to drain and clean. When we were done it would not turn back on. Tub was working fine, but now it keeps tripping the gfi. After some trouble shooting. I got it to turn on but had to disconnect one of the 220 volt copper terminals on the heater. The tub powered up and all the jets worked. Am I right to thinks that the heater needs replaced? if so how do they come apart. Where can I get instruction on the heater removal.
ANSWER : YES it is the heater that is at fault.
you have 2 white water pipes that attach to heater that will need to be unscrewed (best to do with spa empty) and it depends on what control system you as to advise on heater removal. some heaters have pressure switches and others have 2x sensors or they may have both. also your heater will be held into place by brackets that are normally 8mm

Adam Mill, Canadian Spa Company, UK

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I have a catalina spa with BALBOA CONTROL PANEL
ANSWER : Where are you from?

If you live in the UK give me a call/email as I have worked on lots of Catalina Spas over the years.


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I have a 1999 Emerald spa that uses the Balboa controls. I recently took my 2 pumps to a motor specialist to rebuild them. I have installed them and now it seems like they do not work on the high speed. Also, I cannot get my lights to turn on.- I have fiber optic lights as well as the regular spa light. I press the light button on the top controller and the indicator light turns on, but the lights don’t turn on. Any ideas?
ANSWER : Understand that this information isbeing provided as-is and without warranty or guarantee. As with allelectrical components and devices, all work should be performed by a licensedspa or pool technician. Serious injury or death can occur if a component isimproperly repaired or installed.
This soundslike it could be an issue with the board but there is some testing that needsto be done to determine the actual cause. A spa technician will be required tocome out and verify the wiring to the pump and then typically start testingvoltages off of the board as the unit switches between the relays that controlthe speeds on the pump.
You can find answers to common spa orbath problems online at http://www.balboadirect.com/support.aspx
Hope that helps!

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We recently purchased a Balboa hot tub from our neighbour. It is one year old. It was running fine for the first week or so but now we notice that once the jets kick off the pump is running constantly. Can you please tell us why this is happening and how to fix it?

Thanks so much!!

ANSWER : This is probably just a programing issue. You should see if your neighbors still have a book for the tub. If not you can probably get one on line. You will need to try Balboa with the year and model #. You will also need to check your control box in case it comes from another manufacture. Make sure that you use all the numbers and dates on the box as they can change things a couple of times. Mine is a five year old sundance and for the model I have they had three books for that year and two styles for one and two motor models.
When you get one go to how to clear memory then start from scratch. It may seem like a pain now but when you get hot bubbles at the push of a button you forget all the trouble.

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Upper control panel flickers and will not allow me to control temo
ANSWER : How old is spa?
if new then circuit board maybe set on a mode setting that is used when being tested in the factory, locate dipswitch block on circuit board and move dip switch for MODE, should have a layout of dip switches on reverse of lid to control box
if older then you may need a new control panel (top side)

Adam Miller, Canadian Spa Company, UK

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When I change the temp. setting it keeps heating at original temp
ANSWER : The keypad appears to working correctly.

When you alter the set temperature via the keypad the display will flash the temperature thats to be acheived, once it stops flashing the keypad will revert back to the current temperature of the water.

Hope that helps,

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Error code “OHH” displayed when
ANSWER : OHH code means “Overheat” conditionThe spa has shut down -one of the sensors has detected 118 ° at the heater. Check it and replace it if go to bad.Hope helps.

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