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Charles, John Deere Riding Mower L120 mulching blade kits, can be found at or ordered in for you at hardware, big box stores, and small engine repair shops.
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All MulchControl™ Kits from John Deere include mulching blades for best grass mulching results.
Mulching blades feature more curves and an increased cutting edge. The curved surface and increased cutting edge allows the blade to cut the grass and bring it into the deck where it is cut several more times before falling back onto the lawn in much smaller pieces.
Yes, you can put a mulching blade on almost any mower. To put a mulching blade on a mower, the blade needs to be able to fit the deck properly and be secured tightly. Not all mowers equipped with a mulching blade will do a good mulching job due to bad deck design, or low-powered engine.
People often ask if high-lift blades are good for mulching. The fact is, they`re not generally designed for this purpose. In cases where you would want to mulch your grass clippings, a mulching blade should be used.
Forestry mulchers can be paired with different operating machines, like tractors, excavators and mini excavators, skid steers, and special vehicles.
Mulching Equipment

Most mowers designed for homeowners have mulching blades, which mulch the grass but are also effective for leaf mulching. Make sure they are regularly sharpened and replace them when necessary.

A good rule of thumb for the average homeowner is to replace your mower blades annually.
Using a toothed blade solely for mulching purposes may not be ideal since some toothed blades do not have the extended cutting edge. For a lawn care professional looking to cover all the bases, toothed blades are the way to go.
You should sharpen a mulching blade when its cutting edge gets dull or giving ragged (uneven) cuts because ragged cuts can lead to diseases and brown casting on your grass.
Benefits for your lawn

✓ Mulching mowers are the machines that best help homeowners “grasscycle” (return clippings to the lawn). The fine bits of grass decompose quickly, releasing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients back into the soil. This means fewer fertilizer treatments for your lawn.

Unlike other mulching blades that push the grass down, the high lift on a gator blade draws the grass up which in turn gives you a clean, even cut. This high lift also makes using Gator Blades in bagging operations a great choice.
Most manufacturers of rotary mowers offer a conversion kit that enables you to turn your present mower into a mulcher by simply changing the blade. There are many advantages to using mulching blades. They cut grass so finely that clippings can be left right on the lawn.
Mulch-type blades not only cut the grass finely but also spread it over the grass as mulching material. On the other hand, the regular type of blades has the advantage that they can cut much taller grass as compared to the mulching and other types.
The John Deere MulchControl Kit is a feature for switching between discharging and mulching. It features a lever on top of the mower deck that opens and closes the side-discharge baffle. When the baffle is closed, the mower is set to mulch mode and will circulate the clippings, cutting them into finer pieces.
Harder on your mower – if you try to mulch when the yard is tall, your mower is working harder to chop up the clippings. Doesn`t work well for wet grass – when the grass is wet, you may run into some issues when trying to mulch.
As for blade height, you will want a mower that has a high cut setting (around 4” is great). This way, you can cut the leaves without cutting too much of the grass. You can also make sure that the mower doesn`t get bogged down by trying to mulch too much material at one time.
In general, the preferred choice would be to mulch the tree leaves when you mow the grass. Most deciduous tree leaves are around 2 percent nitrogen, which is the most important nutrient for plants. So, by mulching your tree leaves into your lawn, you are essentially getting a free fertilizer application of nitrogen.
The main difference between them lies in their design and blade shape. If you have a small lawn with grass that will grow better when mulched, then a mulching type of mower will suit you the best. For larger lawns and grass that grows tall frequently, a side discharge type of mower might be a better choice.
The metal flaps or teeth-edges or bevel should be up, and cutting edges should face the ground when you put a mulching blade on.
The John Deere MulchControl Kit is a feature for switching between discharging and mulching. It features a lever on top of the mower deck that opens and closes the side-discharge baffle. When the baffle is closed, the mower is set to mulch mode and will circulate the clippings, cutting them into finer pieces.
Dull mower blades can tear or “shred” grass tips, creating entryways for disease and give a brown dried-out appearance to your lawn. It`s a good idea to sharpen or replace blades at a minimum annually or every 100 hours.
The John Deere MulchControl Kit is a feature for switching between discharging and mulching. It features a lever on top of the mower deck that opens and closes the side-discharge baffle. When the baffle is closed, the mower is set to mulch mode and will circulate the clippings, cutting them into finer pieces.
Edge Cutting Deck with a Mulch Cover. This cover is constructed from an impact-resistant material for long-lasting use and allows the nutrients of yard waste to naturally fertilize your lawn instead of being thrown away.
The 17.5-HP, single cylinder, John Deere engine has plenty of power to handle tough mulching, mowing and bagging conditions (coverage up to one acre).

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I would like to replace the mulching blades on my Sears Craftsman riding mower with regular cutting blades. I can find plenty of sources for new mulching blades, but not cutting blades. My mower is a model 917.259541 tractor and the blades currently on it are part #134149. I want to make sure I get the right size to replace them. Also, is there a source for a bagging system for this mower, that won’t cost as much as one from Sears?
ANSWER : The straight blade for the 42 inch mower is 138971.They cut better and are easier to sharpen and you will need them if you use a gass catcher. If you do not want to use sears for parts you may be able to find good deals on ebay.

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How to change mower blades – Cub Cadet Riding Lawn Garden Tractor 25hp Kohler 50"
ANSWER : Fine a way to stop blade from turning, put a socket with long handle and turn countercock wise, some will need a wench on nut at top of shaft to stop blade from turning, torque to 60 # on most 50″ or lower width mowers

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I have two sets of blades with my husqvarna 48 in mower. Which blade is for mulching and which is for regular mowing. I can not figure out which one is which. One set has a very disinct raised uplift on it.
ANSWER : The mulching blades usually have serated lifts or a second sharp edge closer to the center of blade and is usually humped hope this helps

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I need to get the blade of the lawn mower sharpened.Any tips on how to disconnect the blade fropm the lawn mower?
ANSWER : There is a jig that you can buy that makes this job SO much eaiser. It is a universal jig that clamps onto the deck and keeps the blade from spinning so you can use a ratchet to remove the nut holding the blade on. One name brand is called a “Blade Hog”. You should be able to find one of these at one of the bog box hardware stores.

Hope this helps,

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What holds mulching blade to lawnmower? – Arnold Corporation Arnold 21-Inch Universal 3-In-1 Mulching Lawn Mower Blade #490-100-0054
ANSWER : A nut.Unplug the spark plug.Lift the mower.Under the mower you will see the blade.It is held on buy the nut in the center of the blade.Wear a leather glove(or something similar)to hold the blade and turn the wrench(socket&ratchet)with the other hand.

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Blades wont ingage on my craftsman lawn tractor #917.274811?
ANSWER : After hitting a tree root, blades will not cut when I press to engage

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Mower blades willnot engage
ANSWER : Make sure the battery is fully charged, check all electrical connections and clean them with vinegar and rinse well with demineralized water afterward.

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Electric blade switch when engaged does not operate blades
ANSWER : Does it do anything when you hit the switch?? Make noise,? spin? Tractors now days have a bunch of safety switches on them that prevent the mower from spinning if all isn’t right. You have a switch under your seat, you have to be in the seat for it to work, the clutch might have to be in, the brake may have to be on, lastly, the belt may be off. Just because it is an electric switch, it is still belt driven. Check it out.

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