17.5 hp 42 in. Deck Lawn Tractor – CA Model

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Set the mower deck to the lowest setting, as the grease fittings are located on top of the deck and this will make them easier to access.
To prevent grass buildup from sticking to your mower, spray the deck with non-stick cooking spray, silicone lubricant, or a rust protectant. Mow regularly at high throttle when your grass is dry to reduce buildup. Switch to high-lift blades if your mower is compatible.

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What size belt is required for my 19.5 hp craftsman LT1000 42″ mower deck
ANSWER : Deck Belt Part #144959. Thet belt is 1/2 wide by 11/32 thick by 95.25 long. Sears Parts Direct lists it for $34.99 + Shipping..

Looking for a side discharge cover for the craftsman lt1000 model 971271813
ANSWER : Searspartsdirect.com

I need replacement blades for a Craftsman LT1000
ANSWER : Get part # or model# from owners manual and go to sears.com and order or stop into a local sears with the numbers and theyll set you up!

Do they make a wheel kit for the deck on a LT1000?
ANSWER : These mowers are all made by just one or two companies. If you go to Lowe’s, and root around in the mower area; you will find they have two sets of generic wheel kits which seem to fit most all decks. You can pay more at a dealer or small engine shop.

Craftsman LT1000 tractor not moving
ANSWER : Hello otto i would check the belt that runs to the rearend but the brakes could be also froze up i would try to jack it up & see if it will move then go from there

How do i set the gov. on a craftsman LT1000 riding mower the motor model is 917-271652 ?
ANSWER : If there is a governor, it is most likely part of the engine. You will need the engine model number to look that up.

Lawn Tractor won’t start
ANSWER : Try replacing the relay in the middle of the ignition and starter.

I have a craftsman LT1000 and it will run for about 20 min and die like it isn’t getting gas,but it start right back up and die in 1 or 2 min.i changed coil,air filter fuel filter and seat switch,and solenoid.
ANSWER : Try cleaning your gas cap vent. It sounds like it may be partially plugged. If it is plugged, the engine will eventually stall.
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