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Hi rcpurdue, I will try to help you out with your problem. With the oil level getting higher, the only thing that could be causing this is fuel somehow getting in the crankcase. The usual cause of this is with the carburetor, specifically the float has a leak in it which makes it not keep the fuel at the right level. The inlet needle that is controlled by the float could be sticking, letting in too much fuel therefore leaking in the engine past the rings and valves. I am pretty sure it is the float itself causing this problem. You will have to remove the carb from the engine and replace the float. Make sure you remember the exact way the small wire clip attaching the inlet needle to the float is positioned. This is very important for the system to operate properly. Make sure you change your oil but I think you know that already, but I just thought I would mention it anyway. (check the float by wiping it dry and looking for a wet spot) All the best and good luck.

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Usually the problem is in the float bowl. The float needle and seat need replacing. When it`s faulty, gas doesn`t stop flooding the carburetor and gets into the cylinder and mixes with the oil. You must also change the oil when this happens as your oil is now ruined.
This is an obvious sign that gasoline has leaked into your oil pan, especially if you take this test a step further to see how fast the oil falls off the dipstick. If it drips off rather easily, then you have gas mixed with your oil.
Any damage in the piston rings will leak a substantial amount of fuel into the oil pan, making oil smells like gas. You can do a leak down test or a compression test to detect if there is any problem with the rings. The rings don`t get damaged so easily, but when they do, the repair is difficult.
What causes fuel to leak into my engine oil? The fuel shut-off valve isn`t closed properly. Fuel float in the carburetor being stuck in the open position due to gumming (caused by stale fuel) or debris.
Laundry detergent and baking soda: One way you can start to cover the smell is by sprinkling powdered laundry detergent or baking soda on the affected area. As with kitty litter and sawdust, this will keep the oil from spreading and will absorb some of the oil.
If there`s a noticeable thick burning oil smell coming from your car, it may mean that your oil is leaking. Oil can drip out onto the hot engine parts, creating this acrid smell. If your oil is leaking, it could also mean that your vehicle is overheating.
When the oil level in your vehicle gets too low or the oil gets old, you might start to smell burnt engine oil in one of its many forms while behind the wheel. These smells indicate that your car needs an oil change and that it`s time to schedule an appointment with your local maintenance center.
One of the easiest ways to tell if fuel is contaminating your engine oil is by smell, as you noticed! You may smell gasoline in the drain pan after changing your oil, or catch a strong whiff while you`re driving. Another way to tell is if you notice white smoke clouds coming from your tailpipe when you`re driving.
Motor oil typically has a fairly neutral smell that also may vary depending on the type (synthetic blends will smell a bit different than standard oils). If if it smells burnt or strongly like gasoline, then it could be the sign that there is a problem or it`s due for an oil/filter change.
You Start to Smell Burning Oil

A pretty common issue that occurs with engines that are running low on oil is a strong burning oil smell. If you`re driving and you start to smell an oily odor coming from somewhere, that`s usually a pretty good sign your vehicle is due for an oil change.

If carburetor problems are causing fuel to mix with your oil in the crankcase, you should perform a thorough cleaning. Find out how to clean your small engine carburetor.
If you don`t see it there, check the owner`s manual. How Do I Mix Oil and Gas? Never mix the oil and gas directly in the fuel tank. Always mix in a separate, leak-proof container that`s slightly larger than the volume of gas and oil required, and make sure the container is free of dirt or any other materials.
1. Recent Refilling Of The Fuel Oil Tank. After you have the heating oil delivered, you will smell the fuel for a while in the atmosphere. After a few days, the scent will naturally dissipate.
Baking soda, coffee grounds, laundry powder, vinegar, and cat litter are effective for gas odor removal. Don`t mix cleaners. And if all else fails, try a commercial odor removal product.
A few bowls of vinegar left out or several opened bags of charcoal will usually absorb most smells. Cover the affected portion of the floor with laundry detergent if the spill is on a concrete floor. This will help break down lingering traces of oil that are the source of the odor.
Hello, You likely have a small oil leak on the valve cover, or another place that is leaking on the exhaust. Also, if the smell is sweet, like antifeeze, you may have a small coolant leak as well. Lastly, check smell the wheels to see if the brakes are the source of the smell.
If you notice a burning rubber smell from cars, it is often a sign that you have overheated the brakes or tires. Overheating usually occurs when your car`s clutch is slipping or not working properly. If you experience this smell and were using your clutch at the time, let the car cool down, and try again.
One way to remove the gas is to use either a hose to siphon off the gas or a baster/pipette to remove the gas from the lawn mower gas tank to a gas can. Alternatively, the fuel line connecting the fuel tank to the carburetor can be disconnected at the carburetor and fuel emptied into a gas can.
An engine that`s getting gas and not starting probably has a flooded carburetor or cylinder soaked with gasoline. Often your nose can make the diagnosis: Flooded engines reek of unburned fuel. Park the mower on level ground, and wait about 15 minutes for the gas to evaporate.
Gas is less dense than both and will float to the top. Petroleum produced by source rocks will migrate into a “reservoir” rock.

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Need gas mix solution – Craftsman 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Blower/Vac
ANSWER : Check age of gas. Cannot be more than 30 days old.

Make sure to use fresh gas w/synthetic 2-cycle oil @ 40:1 ratio
(1 gal.) Gas to 3.2 oz. Oil).Do not use old or stale oil/gas mixture. Always
use the proper oil/gas mix. If you do not, your engine will suffer rapid,
permanent damage.

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Need gas mix – Craftsman 25cc 2-Cycle Gas Blower/Vac
ANSWER : Check age of gas. Cannot be more than 30 days old.

Make sure to use fresh gas w/synthetic 2-cycle oil @ 40:1 ratio
(1 gal.) Gas to 3.2 oz. Oil). Do not use old or stale oil/gas mixture. Always
use the proper oil/gas mix. If you do not, your engine will suffer rapid,
permanent damage.

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Do I need gas and oil mix – Poulan Super 250a Chainsaw Plate
ANSWER : I think Poulan uses a 40:1 ratio to one gallon of gas, however I have always used 50:1 the same as my sthl saws with no issue. I would rather have more oil mix that to little.

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Do you mix gas and oil in this trimmer – Ryobi 30 Cubic Centimeter Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : Yes. Verifythe ratio, either 40:1 or 50:1

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What is ratio of oil in gas – Hitachi RB24EAP 23.9cc 2 Stroke 170 MPH Gas Powered Handheld Blower
ANSWER : Anywhere between 25:1 and 50:1

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Gas to oil mixture for a RY 26540 – Ryobi 30 Cubic Centimeter Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : 50:1 don’t use outboard motor mix

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What oil gas ratio do i need – Troy Bilt Tb70ss Gas Trimmer
ANSWER : Hello rvan. the ratio is 50:1. the easiest way to achieve this is to buy a 2 gallon plastic gas can and a few of the 2 cycle engine oil bottles that are made especially to add to either one or two gallons of gas. Joe

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I need the gas mix oil ratio for the Poluan Pro 42…
ANSWER : 40:1 gas to oil ratio.

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