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Hi,If the unit will only pump to 40 psi. then here are a few things I would check…Check the air filter to make sure it is clean so air can be pulled in easily…Check the relief valve to make sure that it has not gone bad and is releasing the air pressure or leaking at 40 psi…Make sure the any hoses or nozzles are tight and not leaking…If all of this checks out then the compressor has an internal problem such as bad rings or valves that will keep it from pumping to a higher pressure…The pump will need to be torn apart to find the exact cause of the problem… and many times the correct replacement parts will not be available to rebuild those compressors..heatman101

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Compressor Fails to Stop

The compressor should stop once the tank pressure drops to the cutoff point. If this fails to occur, the problem will generally be down to one of two issues: Faulty pressure release valve: If the valve fails to release pressure, the tank will be too pressurized for the motor to stop running.

Take a Look at The Compressor Valves.

A failed air intake valve can make your air compressor fail to build pressure. Whether the air is leaking from the drain valves or the inlet valve isn`t fully opening, pressure valve issues may be the cause of your air compressor problem.

You will want to have the unit examined to look for signs of a blown fuse, a tripped circuit breaker, a broken thermostat, or dirty air filters. Dirty or clogged filters commonly make AC compressors stop working.
If the compressor won`t restart after it fills the air tank, the check valve is likely stuck open. The check valve prevents tank air from back flowing to the pump. The stuck-open check valve causes high pump head pressure, preventing the compressor from restarting.
Overheating. Overheating is one common cause of air compressor failure. Kaishan uses oil cooling systems to remove the heat of compression, preventing heat buildup in our rotary screw air compressors. But overheating is still a risk when the air in the work area is too hot and humid.
An air compressor will start (Kick On) when the pressure (PSI) in the air tank drops to a pre-set PSI (example 90 PSI). The air compressor will continue to run until the pressure (PSI) in the air tank reaches the Max PSI (that is pre-set) and Kick Off (shut off) (example Max 120 PSI).

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How do you bypass the cut off switch – Dewalt 3800 PSI Pressure Washer
ANSWER : Connect the white and black wire together

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Starts great and sprays great, but will not continue to run when [ stop spraying. It locks up until I release the pressure from the there a pressure by-pass adjustment I can make?
ANSWER : Tune up motor, replace air filter/spark plug and oil.

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The motor will only run when i pour gas into the carb
ANSWER : Clean the carburetor

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Kobalt air compressor 80 gallon. I run this compressor to drive a CNC plasma cutting torch. I use a 1/2 inch pvc air line for about 40 feet. A gage at the cnc computer system will show 125 lbs (set by pressure gage) and is fed 150 lbs from the compressor. While cutting the plasma fails due to low air. The gage at this time shows about 60 lbs of pressure. The compressor still pushing 125 to 150 lbs of air. When the torch stops air flow (cooling) the needle very slowly moves back up to 125 lbs. This indicating the air may not be delivered from the compressor. No regulator at compressor. Using a brass shut off valve before the regulator at plasma torch. What can possibly keep the air of 150 lbs at compressor from reaching the regulator quickly. Is a vapor lock of some sort possible? I disconnect the hose which connects compressor from the pvc and allow it to depressurize completely and when I hook it back up it does fine for 10 minutes or so. When the low air starst, it stops after every cut.

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What kind of soap do I need to use? – Honda Black Max 2600 PSI Pressure Washer
ANSWER : I suppose that would be dependent upon what you would be cleaning eh?If moss on white siding use a bleach solutionOtherwise for general cleaning I prefer “simple green” — you may cut it up to ten times with water….Best regardsCk

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I have a pressure washer that sputer when i pull the trigger. The moter sounds fine but i have pressure then nothing and i have pressure. Thank you Stu
ANSWER : How do i unclog the end of my pressure sprayer it works on low pressure but when i put it on high pressure nothing comes no water comes out.

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My soap will not come out of the hose. What do i
ANSWER : Several things to check, soap only works with low pressure tip installed, are you using correct tip? second issue is on bottom of soap tanks some have a small valve , is it open? is the tube blocked with dry soap or contamination, flusk it with water to be sure.

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What oil do i use – Dewalt 3800 PSI Pressure Washer
ANSWER : DP70, for the pump.. hope this helps

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