Parts Manual with Owners Manual for 041 Farm Boss Chainsaw

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8TEN 28 Inch Chainsaw Chain for Stihl 041 044 MS461 MS460 .
Manual says 25:1 mix but have heard modern oils allow 50:1.
16.9 oz. Note: STIHL recommends #3695 (23 RM3 74) OILOMATIC® saw chain and 18″ 3003 008 3317 Ematic™ guide bar combination.
The differences between 41 roller chain and 40 roller chain are the roller width and diameter, plate height and thickness, overall width, and tensile strength.
This is why STIHL recommends always using fresh fuel or specially formulated fuel mixes like STIHL MotoMix® in your equipment. STIHL MotoMix® is a high-grade, high-octane, ethanol-free premixed fuel containing STIHL HP Ultra synthetic oil.
72 ccm (4.4 cu.
Many STIHL hand-held power-tools use 2-stroke combustion engines but some chainsaws, hedge trimmers, grass trimmers and other tools use engines with 2-MIX technology – so what`s the difference and what does it mean for you when you are using the tools?
Most STIHL homeowner chainsaws have a chain with a pitch that is either ¼” P or 3/8” P. Make sure the pitch you choose is the same as your chainsaw`s guide bar and drive sprocket – if it`s different, it won`t fit on the guide bar properly.
STIHL recommends the use of 3/8″ sprockets in combina- tion with STIHL green-labeled, low-kickback saw chain and STIHL green-labeled, reduced-kickback guide bars whenever possible.

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How to replace a oiler on a stihl chainsaw ? – Stihl Service Manual for 031AV Chainsaw with Parts List
ANSWER : Remove the worm, sealing ring and washer, loosen the pan head screws on the oil pump and replace. Check if the gasket is re-usable.

Model number stihl rollomatic mini user manual
ANSWER : 855-456-4299 try this#

Starter coil on stihl 017 – Stihl 017 018 Ms170 Ms180 Chainsaw Starter Stbx759
ANSWER : If you are asking for the part number, it is 1130 400 1302 if you have two ground wires and one lead wire. If you only have one ground wire and one lead wire, the part number is 1130 400 1300.

Find a manual for a stihl 015l chainsaw – Stihl Service Manual for 015, 015L Chainsaw Model 1116
ANSWER : Http://

ANSWER : I’ll send you a link to the full ‘illustrated parts manual’ maintenance wise, i regularly oil up the inner shafts and brarings in the tube, also grease up the shaft that has the plastic sleve over it, Because it can become dry and start to grip within the case and vibrate.

How do I get a repair,parts manual for 056 stihl
ANSWER : Dealer only information
Unit Technical manual NLA
Unit parts becoming scarce

Manual i need it asap
ANSWER : Yes we all need it asap… but what is it we all need asap ?!?!?!

066 parts diagram
ANSWER : Just use the internet